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Where do I live in Taiwan? II
¡ Hola! ¡Cuánto
tiempo! Han pasado muchísimos meses desde mi última entrada. Bueno, la verdad
es que mi antiguo ordenador había dejado de funcionar adecuadamente y tenía que
tener mucho cuidado para que no muriera del todo. Por fin, tengo ordenador
nuevo. C...

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Where did i live in Taiwan? I
¡Hi! I arrived to Taiwan at the end of june, so until now I have tried different places to live and had different experiences, this post is specially dedied to people who want to come live in Taiwan, so you can have an idea how normal flats looks like or do...

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Check the charlie brown cafe with me!

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Charlie Brown Cafe
¡Hello! I think I have always been a terrible blogger, It's hard to keep the doing new post everyweek....Anyways I was terrible sick lately, gosh virus in Taiwan are so strong. Well, talking about more possitive things long time ago I had the opportunity to...

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Taiwan cute things vol.I ㄇㄚˊ幾
Hello! Cuando llegué a Taiwán no me imaginaba la cantidad de ilustradores que existen en este País, muchos rincones están decorados con cosas monas, cosa que me encanta para qué mentir. Hoy quiero presentarles a mi personaje favorito, los que me conocen sab...

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Where I have been all this time?
Hello, Hello! Lately, I haven't sent any letter... My life had a lot of changes, I moved, changed of school and burocracy will make me crazy. Well, the important thing is that I'm back and I'm completly fine, haha. In the future, I will share with you some ...

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Tsum Tsum exhibition
Hello! How was your christmas and new year?,  I'm really busy lately, so I cannot visit many places, but anyways I stll have pictures to share with you, as you may notice I'm a big fan of "kawaii" stuffs, so one day I saw a big statue in a shopping mall and...

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Cinamon Roll Cafe in Tokyo
Hi  This month i did a quick travel to Japan, althought this is my 4th time in Tokyo and i really didnt visit many places (because i'm poor)   i had the opportunity to meet an special friend and visit Cinamon Roll Cafe. It was fun, since we could visit it o...

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MOVING.... MUDANZA As you can see I haven't post in this blog since last year.o(╥﹏╥)o My life have been changing a lot◔̯◔ , so i decided to stop blogging for a while. But I came back to blogger and i moved to a new blog. Com...
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