2018/11/17 (Sat.)
from Team DATE-MARU @HongKong

During the Recursion Prime Hong Kong, we planned for a short interview with Mr. P. A. Chapeau (aka Henry Richard Loeb). The first time we meet him in this universe. P.A.C. (or I like to call him Henry) answered us several questions which we are really interested, he is generous, talkative and willing to tell us all he got. The experience was pretty awesome and the conversation was smooth under the nice weather in fabulous Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. We hope to see him again soon and wish this video capable to help all the investigators who watch it.

Interview Video Link: https://youtu.be/hPCdcPHptTc

For further subtitles and translation into English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, please wait for further information.

Interview group:
Video: +Lysine Liu

Create question list & subtitles (translating)
+Gerald Wolf
+Adam Kao
+Ariel Diana
+Catalina Reyes
+Tobias Hengst

Interviewer: +Bamboo

We are a team consisting of XF members of Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Chile, Germany, USA (There's a possibility that more members will be added when translating).
We belong to the lore survey communities of ESSEX and Project LYCAEUM.
※Our team name has become DATE-MARU since this season. It is the name of a Japanese ship that explored and exchanged cultures around the world.

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#Ingress #Interview
#PAChapeau #Niantic

Special thanks
+Fumi Yamazaki +Hilda Leung
+Ingress +H. Richard Loeb

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