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Who's your best friend not yet playing Ingress?

All L6-L8 Ingress agents should now have 1 invite in their account that they can use to invite a friend into Ingress. Use the Intel Map ( to send your invitation.
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So the screenshot shows 9 invites... Seems like everyone is getting 1 invite. Is there a way to earn more?
Sent my invite already and they've downloaded and started training
Sic...still waiting for my code...
V1.20.0, got no GPS drift but I diden't get my invites ether :-( 
Yep waiting for a Invite too.. I thought i could save the world but then there was this devilish Beta Key System I could not hack so i´ve decided to create more and more hacks, to claim the Invites of the Mails, that where meant to send Invites to those weak WORLD SAVERS! But those keys have not worked for me. (There must be some security gizmo).  Now I´ve realized that saving the world is not my thing, I want to claim more and more might but to do this I need a single Beta key to claim those portals and become the biggest threat in this so called "game"!
Keep applying as no available code yet, sigh... 
How to increase the number of invitation?
Can we get a vote up for people begging/spamming not getting any code?
I no longer have best friends. I have ADA. Oh and some local agents, but they're already playing. 
By the way, assuming that the percentage of high-level agents among both factions is more or less the same, both factions are about to grow proportionally to their current sizes.
In layman's terms, the larger faction grows faster.

I'm glad to get the invites, but these ones certainly aren't going to help us turn the tide in our town...
I still need your invite, please.
White black green red yellow brown the colors of what

Can you still play this without getting out of the house? 
I can has invite plz? Surrender now, all your base are belong to me!
+Ingress I already request the Activition code
But didn't send it to my email
Your mom know yeah I love that I had it I over a good looks so if it's a stupid because of that ass
Please can I get an invite. Looks a great game.
Cool thanks +Ingress I've given my invite out! Now... how do I get 9 invites like in this pic???
need an invite! :) sounds amazing
I need an invite too. I have been waiting for one since christmas (25 dec 2012). Could you send one to me at ?
Wer noch eine Einladung hat, bitte an mich denken :-) - invite please... :-)
Translate invite please... einladen bitte
If someone has an invite free, I would be happy to receive it.
I would be happy to receive an invite thanks!
What's the deal with all the " can I get an invite" posts? I mean, there's info all over to help out, there are clues on what to do. I guess it's just all the casual gamers who just want in cuz it's the fashionable thing to do now. But those are the same ones who will be gone in a week, cuz,
"it's too much work to go all over the place". I guess what I'm saying is, if you really are interested in "playing" then you will naturally seek out and find the activation code you desire. That is all, carry on, nothing to see here.
PLS, i really need an invitation. It looks so awesome.
Colin W
Yes how do you get to play Ingress? 
Please people, before you post here for begging, please do everyone a favor, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! There are plenty of clues out there and plenty of people to notice those who show the right skills. So, exit this app and figure it out. There's an activation code at the end of that rainbow.
been waiting for ages for an invite.any one wanna give me one? been waiting since November :-( 
+Tejas Nadkarni Recruitment codes will be given to Agents who reach L6 going forward, but may not happen immediately upon reaching L6.
Please for the love of God... Send me an in invite. I'll I start a Liverpool faction lol
+Lawson Makaneole and +john williams
Ingress is an augmented reality, massively multiplayer online video game created by NianticLabs@Google, released for Android devices.

Players of the game belong to one of two factions, “Enlightened” (represented in green) and “Resistance” (blue). The game-play allows players to enclose regions of territory on the surface of the earth with virtual links between virtual portals, which are visible in the game software. The top-level goal of the game is for one’s faction to control large numbers of “Mind Units”, the estimated number of humans within the regions of territory controlled by the faction....

Read more here
Please invite me so I can join the resistance and keep my town from being taken over
I could be someones best friend :) Anyone?
Have you searched what is ingress
I've read a lot about this game.. If someone has a code left, I'd be happy to receive it! :-) 
Could I get an invite plz?

I feel bad for everyone commenting that can't play because I got an invite and stopped playing like 3 days in
Its seems to be impossible having an invite or an activation code.....waiting since december..... +Ingress what did you expect from me ???? ...........
Can someone Pls send me an invite please thanks 
stick ur invite in ur port hole
An invite would be awesome
+Mark Stein
I just sent mine out about 15 minutes ago and my friend hasn't gotten it yet. how long did it take from when you sent it til they got the email?
I'm still waiting on my invite
I can't level in this game, been the same level since I started 3 months ago :-(
Frank, most of us are. It's because they dont give a shit about you unless you live in a city they can monetize.
Hey I'm willing to ally with anyone willing to give me an invite.
+Sean Brockest I agree it's a problem, but I'm not sure it's about money. I live in an area that should be easily monetized (lots of chain businesses to partner with, lots of shopping areas) and the only commercial portals we have are Jamba Juice and Zip Car. Everything else is random fountains and sculptures, largely in residential or nature areas. Kind of seems like they either just don't care, period, or are too busy to implement more ways for new players to advance. 
This I gritting ridiculous/funny, why don't you just google, "how to get an ingress invite" and do some reading, and if you can't get an invite in 24 hours, you don't really have what it takes to play. It's sorta how they weed out the folks who really aren't interested.
I posted this several times, y'all are just too lazy to do some reading!
@shyju. So have you googled it and read about all the steps to take to get the required people to notice you?
What about people who don't have freinds? Or hate everyone like i do?
hi! I've been waiting for weeks now for an invite but still haven't receive one yet. I would really appreciate it if someone send me an invite. here's my email: 
Any one in the Peoria IL area need an invite?
Southeast Michigan needs me. And I need an invite... 
Invite needed if anyone can help out, Springfield, IL.
Invite recieved :) Thanks <3
aww man can anyone help me out?
Rob C
Would like an invite here in Va.
Invite needed please! 
Looking for more Peoria IL resistance. Hit me up for invite...
is there anyone can send me a invite? really want to try this game.
invite me

forget the number above and plz some one send me a invite ;)
Im going crazy,give me a code plz.
Может на местном уровне подобное сотворить что нибудь? Поддержки больше будет.
I have been searching high and low for an invite. None of my friends are in. I think this is as hard as getting into the CIA. 
Дайте пожалуйста приглашение, очень хочу поиграть так как много путешествую.
Give please invite really want to play because I travel a lot.
Дайте будь ласка інвайт дуже хочу пограти так як багато подорожую.
Dare prega di invitare molta voglia di giocare perché viaggio molto.
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