Ingress Situation Report: May 12, 2013

While Agent +Brennen Chua and the +Ingress Enlightened Philippines enjoy well-deserved downtime and work on their SITREP, here's what we know from currently disclosable information: Operation: Encapsulation nets 102 million Mind Units for the Enlightened, shattering records by creating overlapping fields. ENL- PH Boracay Pre Ops included chartering a boat to collect necessary Portal keys for the operation. The Global Control balance has now tipped 84% E to 16% R. (Very kind of the Resistance to leave these fields standing for Mother's Day.) Brilliant work, ENL-PH Agents. We look forward to hearing more about Op: Encapsulation.

Quick Screenshot - Operation: Encapsulation
Enlightened: 133.5 MU (Global); 102 MU (Ph contribution)
Massive layers
check out intel close up in Manila, roads are almost invisible...  ^_^

we make do with our limited land area... :D

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