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The Enlightened capture #Interitus 05

Summary of Anomaly Conditions (updated June 9):

Santiago - R:676 - E:1622
San Jose - R:19 - E:518
San Juan - R:260 - E:120.5
Cincinnati - R:803 - E:1788
Asheville - R:247.5 - E:104.75
Birmingham - R:328.5 - E:42

Total for #Interitus 05 - R:2334 - E:4195.25

Leveraging support in Cells around the globe, executing a massive linking operation to Cross Plains, Texas to successfully save +Hank Johnson's memories, and maintaining a competitive performance on the ground at the Anomaly Sites, the Enlightened capture #Interitus 05 by 1861.25.

Cross Plains Links:

E - Praying Hands Sculpture > REH documented at:
E - Spicewood Springs Library > REH documented at:
E - Christ Community Church > REH documented at:
E - Arboretum Cows  > REH documented at:
E - Sannidhi Prabhudev Hosur Memorial > REH documented at:
E - Jolly Cemetery > REH documented at:
E - North by Northwest > REH documented at:
E - Black and White Onyx > REH documented at:
E - Iron Cactus Fountain > REH documented at:
E - BJ's Brewhouse - Distill Mural > REH documented at:
E - BJ's Brewhouse - wheat Mural > REH documented at:
E - Sam's Boat Lookout Tower > REH documented at:
E - Mural at Google > REH documented at:
E - Momo Korean Cuisine and Sushi > REH documented at:
E - Abacus Art and Neon Gallery > REH documented at:
E - Baby Acapulco's Palm Tree > REH documented at:
E - Anderson Mills Park Sign (1 of 4 with the same name) > REH documented at:
E - Capitol of Texas Memorial > REH documented at:
E - Pillow Playground Park > REH documented at:
E - Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park > REH documented at:
E - Alamo Lakeline Ape > REH documented at:
E - Surreal Spot > REH documented at:
E - Lakeline Mall > REH documented at:
E - Wonko's > REH documented at:
E - North Park Sign > REH documented at:
E - Jamrz Cafe > REH documented at:
E - Springwoods Park Crazy Birdhouse > REH documented at:
E - All Around Austin Exotic Pets Mural > REH documented at:
E - Oakview Park Entrance > REH documented at:
E - Thundercloud Subs N. Burnet > REH documented at:
E - Cupprimo > REH documented at:
E - Sarah and Patrick Murphy Trees > REH documented at:
E - Texas Rib King Pig > REH documented at:
E - wooten park > REH documented at:
E - Anderson Mill Post Office > REH documented at:
E - White Horse Statue #2 > REH documented at:
E - Bancvue Mural > REH documented at:
E - Triumphant Love Church > REH documented at:
E - GameFellas > REH documented at:
E - Grace Covenant Church > REH documented at:
E - The Cheesecake Factory Dome > REH documented at:
E - Streaming Fountain > REH documented at:
E - Northwest Fellowship > REH documented at:
E - Kerby Lane on Research Boulevard > REH documented at:
E - Springwoods Park > REH documented at:
E - Pink Gorilla > REH documented at:
E - The Avalon I > REH documented at:
E - Gazebo Oak Knoll Park > REH documented at:
E - Arboretum Time Capsule > REH documented at:
E - Wildflower Planting at Arboretum > REH documented at:
E - Grace Covenant Church Cornerstone > REH documented at:
E - Crossroads Community Church > REH documented at:
E - Jollyville Post Office > REH documented at:
E - One Eared Cow > REH documented at:
E - Austin Homebrew Supply > REH documented at:

Additional Cross Plains Links (note the following Link creation times are in CDT and not EDT):

12:22PM Springwoods Park Dragon > REH
12:23PM Mural of the Deep Beasts > REH
12:25PM Potter House Church > REH
12:25PM Red Barn Faux Water Tower > REH
12:25PM Walking Trail Exit > REH
12:27PM Atomic Tattoo Mural > REH
12:28PM Amys and Phils > REH
12:30PM Anderson Mill Baptist Church > REH
12:30PM Austin Aquarium > REH
12:30PM Oak View Park > REH
12:31PM Cook Walden Chapel of the Hills > REH
12:31PM Pond Springs Church of Christ > REH
12:32PM The Avallon V > REH
12:32PM Avalon II Sculpture Garden > REH
12:32PM Rhodes Cemetery > REH
12:32PM Cat Hospital of Austin > REH
12:33PM World Wind Kites > REH
12:34PM The Avalon I Sculpture > REH
12:38PM Great Hills Baptist Church > REH
12:40PM Globe and Bible at Great Hills Baptist Church > REH
12:41PM Vandry Jiu-Jitsu > REH
12:45PM Jamba Juice Arboretum > REH
12:48PM Jollyville Gorilla > REH
12:54PM Arbor Girl > REH
12:54PM White Horse Statue > REH
12:54PM BB Rovers Cafe & Pub > REH
1:08PM Arboretum Gazebo > REH
1:16PM Aboretum Fountain > REH
1:20PM Aboretum Pond > REH
1:32PM Austin Beer Works > REH
1:35PM Oat Willie's - North > REH
1:37PM Skate > REH
1:37PM Toy Kid > REH
1:44PM Cow and Chicken > REH
1:45PM Submarine Force Emblem > REH
1:46PM Pinballz Arcade > REH
1:48PM Austin Public Library: North V > REH
1:56PM Gethsemen Lutheran Church Children's Ministry Austin Texas > REH
1:57PM Mister Tramps > REH
2:57PM The Park at Lakeline Oaks > REH
3:35PM Celebration Church > REH
3:35PM The Dig Pub > REH
3:36PM Old Stage Park > REH
3:36PM Hamricks > REH
3:37PM Vision Source Fountain > REH
3:37PM Deerbrook Park Plaque > REH

Summary of #Interitus XM Anomaly Series:

Interitus 01: R: 1442 - E: 1189
Interitus 02: R: 2774 - E: 1848
Interitus 03: R: 1994.5 - E: 2488.25
Interitus 04: R: 3212 - E: 1614.25
Interitus 05: R: 2334 - E: 4195.25

Current total for the #Interitus Series - R: 11756.5 - E: 11334.75. The Resistance currently lead by 421.75. 

#Interitus 05: Cincinnati - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 1436 to 386.
The Enlightened captured this Primary Site, outperforming the Resistance by 985.

Portals Owned - RES: 13 - ENL: 8 - [Value: 2 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 2 - ENL: 3 - [Value: 20 each]
Links Created - RES: 2 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 5 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: +25%, (0)]

The Resistance captured the struggle for Global MU. [Value: 50]
The Enlightened controlled AM02-KILO-00 (Primary) [Value: 70]
The Enlightened controlled AM02-KILO-12 (Satellite) [Value: 60]
The Resistance controlled AM03-JULIET-04 (Satellite) [Value: 60]
The Enlightened controlled AF13-CHARLIE-10 (Volatile) [Value: 80]
The Enlightened controlled NR13-ROMEO-10 (Volatile) [Value: 80]
The Enlightened controlled NR01-HOTEL-03 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Resistance controlled AF11-SIERRA-07 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Resistance controlled PA01-ALPHA-12 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Resistance controlled AM02-DELTA-12 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Resistance controlled AM02-ECHO-01 (Additional) [Value: 50]

Cross Plains Link-Chains: R: 0 (Value: 0), E: 102 (Value 1020)

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 386 - Enlightened - 1436

Total for this Primary Site:
Resistance - 803 - Enlightened - 1788

Portal Ownership Details
Resistance - Virtues Mural
Resistance - The Vision of Samuel Hannaford
Resistance - St. Francis Seraph
Resistance - Rhinegeist Brewery
Resistance - Mosaic Tile Bench
Resistance - Lady Justice Mural 
Resistance - H.W. Building
Resistance - First English Lutheran Church 
Resistance - Findlay Playground
Resistance - Drop Inn Center Pig
Resistance - Cincinnati Public Markets / Th
Resistance - Anti German Hysteria
Resistance - American Classical Music Hall
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - St. Xavier Church 
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Gaines High School / Peter H. 
Neutral - Washington Park Fountains
Neutral - McCook Bust
Neutral - Cincinnati Music Hall
Enlightened - Rookwood Mural
Enlightened - Robert L McCook Monument
Enlightened - OTR Recreation Area
Enlightened - Lion and Lamb Mural
Enlightened - Hecker Bust
Enlightened - Findlay Market
Enlightened - Farragut Fleet Cannon
Enlightened - Art Work
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - The Athenaeum
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Sterling Pig
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Cincinnati Venus

#Interitus 05: Santiago - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 1380 to 405.
The Enlightened captured this Primary Site, outperforming the Resistance by 946.

Portals Owned - RES: 5 - ENL: 10 - [Value: 2 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 3 - ENL: 1 - [Value: 20 each]
Links Created - RES: 1 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 5 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: +25%, (0)]

The Resistance captured the struggle for Global MU. [Value: 50]
The Enlightened controlled AM15-MIKE-01 (Primary) [Value: 70]
The Enlightened controlled AM05-NOVEMBER-01 (Satellite) [Value: 60]
The Enlightened controlled AM07-KILO-00 (Satellite) [Value: 60]
The Enlightened controlled NR02-JULIET-03 (Volatile) [Value: 80]
The Resistance controlled AM03-GOLF-07 (Volatile) [Value: 80]
The Resistance controlled NR01-FOXTROT-06 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Enlightened controlled AS09-LIMA-13 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Resistance controlled AM05-FOXTROT-04 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Resistance controlled NR12-ROMEO-08 (Additional) [Value: 50]
The Resistance controlled NR09-SIERRA-09 (Additional) [Value: 50]

Cross Plains Link-Chains: R: 0 (Value: 0), E: 102 (Value 1020)

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 405 - Enlightened - 1380

Total for this Primary Site:
Resistance - 676 - Enlightened - 1622

Portal Ownership Details
Resistance - Nebulosa de Viento
Resistance - La Pensadora
Resistance - Fuente Cruz Del Sur
Resistance - El Mozo 
Resistance - Banco De Color 9
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Vasijas de Versalles
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Guzman Monument
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Ataturk Foutain
Neutral - Sopa De Letras
Neutral - Pórtico
Neutral - Pluma de Gabriela Mistral
Neutral - Luz y Ceniza Obra 1
Neutral - Knobby Sculpture
Neutral - El Mundo De Jaula
Neutral - Cubo Isidora
Neutral - Ciento Cuarenta
Neutral - Banco De Color 11
Neutral - Banco De Color 1
Neutral - Banco De Color 
Neutral - Banca Otoño
Neutral - Banca Maraca 
Neutral - Banca Los Gallos
Neutral - Banca Loicas
Neutral - Banca 18K Gold
Neutral - Arbol Cosmico
Neutral - (VOLATILE) - El Beso
Enlightened - Piedra Colgante Obra 2
Enlightened - Palacio Danubio Azul
Enlightened - Iván Daiber
Enlightened - Herramienta
Enlightened - Ensemble
Enlightened - Durmiendo En La Banca
Enlightened - Dino 
Enlightened - Corazon En Banca
Enlightened - Banca Mallas
Enlightened - Banca Contraste
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Hermanas Trewhela

#Interitus 05: Asheville - Measurement 4 Report

The Resistance captured this Measurement, 82 to 22.
The Resistance captured this Secondary Site, outperforming the Enlightened by 142.75.

Portals Owned - RES: 6 - ENL: 12 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 4 - ENL: 1 - [Value: 10 each]
Links Created - RES: 18 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 2 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: +25%, (0)]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 82 - Enlightened - 22

Total for this Secondary Site:
Resistance - 247.5 - Enlightened - 104.75

Portal Ownership Details
Resistance - To Honor the Revolutionary Sol
Resistance - Lillian Exum Clement Stafford
Resistance - Interchange Building Historic Marker
Resistance - Hopkins Chapel AME Zion Church
Resistance - First Congregational Church
Resistance - Buncombe County Parking Sculpture
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Tod's Tasties
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Rainbow Trout
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Hazel Robinson Ampitheatre
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Eclectic Mantra
Neutral - Wolfe's Neighborhood Monument
Neutral - Thomas Wolfe's Birthplace
Neutral - Mural on Walnut Street
Enlightened - Thomas Wolfe House / Dixieland
Enlightened - Thomas Wolfe
Enlightened - St. James AME Church
Enlightened - Spinning Sculpture
Enlightened - Murals Under the Bridge II
Enlightened - Flower Bouquet Mural
Enlightened - Civic Pride
Enlightened - Black Mountain College Museum
Enlightened - Asheville YMCA
Enlightened - Asheville Scottish Rite
Enlightened - Asheville First Baptist Church
Enlightened - Asheville Community Theater Sculptures
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Crosspoint Community Church

#Interitus 05: Birmingham - Measurement 4 Report

The Resistance captured this Measurement, 84 to 4.
The Resistance captured this Secondary Site, outperforming the Enlightened by 286.5.

Portals Owned - RES: 26 - ENL: 4 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 5 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 10 each]
Links Created - RES: 4 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 2 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: +25%, (0)]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 84 - Enlightened - 4

Total for this Secondary Site:
Resistance - 328.5 - Enlightened - 42

Portal Ownership Details
Resistance - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Resistance - UAB Stone Monument
Resistance - UAB Spiral Wooden Steps 
Resistance - UAB Spiral Metal Box
Resistance - UAB Plate Tower
Resistance - UAB National Alumni Society
Resistance - UAB Metal Dragon
Resistance - UAB Mervyn H. Sterne Library
Resistance - UAB Infinite Triangles
Resistance - UAB Holobox
Resistance - Twisted Sculpture
Resistance - Trippy Cube
Resistance - The Wheel in Birmingham
Resistance - The Tree of Hippocrates
Resistance - The Three Graces
Resistance - The Reader
Resistance - Spiral Spire
Resistance - Samuel Richardson Hill
Resistance - Samuel Booth Barker
Resistance - Metal Sculpture
Resistance - Historic St. Andrew's Church
Resistance - High Achievement Installation
Resistance - Education Building 
Resistance - Department of Chemistry 
Resistance - Bird and Wheel
Resistance - Alys Stephens Center
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - St. Elias Maronite Church
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Glen Iris Park
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - George Ward Park 
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Dreamland BBQ
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Bessie Estell Park
Neutral - UAB In Memory of MLK, Jr.
Neutral - UAB Building Blocks
Neutral - The Crossing
Neutral - Charles A. "Scotty" McCallum
Neutral - business school
Neutral - Alys Stephens Center
Enlightened - Tau Beta Pi
Enlightened - Steel Semicircular Statue 
Enlightened - Spencer Honors House
Enlightened - Joseph F. Volker

#Interitus 05: San Jose - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 109 to 8.
The Enlightened captured this Secondary Site, outperforming the Resistance by 499.

Portals Owned - RES: 4 - ENL: 5 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 0 - ENL: 5 - [Value: 10 each]
Links Created - RES: 2 - ENL: 27 - [Value: 2 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: +25%, (0)]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 8 - Enlightened - 109

Total for this Secondary Site:
Resistance - 19 - Enlightened - 518

Portal Ownership Details
Resistance - Sphere 1
Resistance - Parada Buses TURRIALBA 
Resistance - Nuestra Tierra Rest
Resistance - Escultura Plaza de las Artes
Neutral - Teatro Moliere
Neutral - Poder Judicial - Estatua Ricardo Jiménez
Neutral - Pirámide de la Corte
Neutral - Monumento Arbol de los Valores
Neutral - Memorial UCR
Neutral - La Soledad
Neutral - Entrada a barrio Chino
Neutral - Edificio Este de la Corte
Neutral - Dragon del Barrio Chino
Neutral - Busto Carlos Gardel
Neutral - Alberto Brenes Cordoba
Enlightened - Plaza Artigas
Enlightened - Mural El Lobo Estepario
Enlightened - Memorial
Enlightened - Escultura Procuraduría Area Penal
Enlightened - casa del tornillo
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Monumento José De San Martín
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Luis Ruiz Statue
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Cristoforo Colombo
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Confusio - Barrio Chino 
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Compañia Nacional De Fuerza

#Interitus 05: San Juan - Measurement 4 Report

The Resistance captured this Measurement, 62 to 22.
The Resistance captured this Secondary Site, outperforming the Enlightened by 139.5.

Portals Owned - RES: 10 - ENL: 2 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 3 - ENL: 2 - [Value: 10 each]
Links Created - RES: 11 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 2 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: +25%, (0)]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 62 - Enlightened - 22

Total for this Secondary Site:
Resistance - 260 - Enlightened - 120.5

Portal Ownership Details
Resistance - San Juan Pina Colada Plaque
Resistance - Parque De Las Palomas
Resistance - One Cool Cat
Resistance - Old Harbor Brewery
Resistance - Fortaleza 
Resistance - Felisa Ricon De Gautier
Resistance - Father's Might
Resistance - Eugenio Maria De Hostos
Resistance - El Kiosko De Juana
Resistance - Bastion De La Derecha De San Justo Y Pastor
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Museum Instituto Cultura
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Museo de las Américas
Resistance - (VOLATILE) - Infante D Enrique 
Neutral - Triana
Neutral - The Five Muses
Neutral - Stone Cat Chairs
Neutral - Sculpture 2
Neutral - San Juan 1854 Clock Building
Neutral - Plaza De Los Picos
Neutral - Parroquia De Santa Ana
Neutral - La Casa Del Libro
Neutral - House of Worship
Neutral - El Christo
Neutral - Crecimiento
Neutral - Biercade
Neutral - Bastión de Las Palmas de San José
Neutral - Al Inmigrante
Enlightened - Luis Muñoz Marin Birth House
Enlightened - Fuente Raíces
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - San Juan-Ballajá Fountain
Enlightened - (VOLATILE) - Monument Plazo Quinto Centenar

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 2:58 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: DXqsffiFRMazStahjTeTO 2:58 DIUTQRYCm
MD5 of Padded String: 8409e125d30cce87f3c49b70fa0c01ad

Photo by Agent +Jeff Singleton.
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+Ingress you seem to have an error in M4 Cincinnati results. You say that a Enlightened field covered the Active Cluster, but if you look closely you'll see that the area of the cluster at the intersection of Henry st and Colby Alley is strictly inside the yellow cluster borders but outside the Enlightened field.

As you stated in the beginning of #Interitus , and I directly quote, "A Field over the active Cluster needs to cover the Cluster boundary (marked in yellow)."

Please correct the scores so that they match the very clearly written Interitus rules.

We understand that sometimes you realize an error in the rules as you stated them. That's inevitable. The way to do that is to announce changes ahead of the events that are affected by the rule changes, not while scoring the event that has already been played.

Failing to do so causes the entire player base to distrust everything you say in the most basic levels, and further promotes the notion that you guys take the results and mash them up as you wish to assist the side you favor.
+Ingress So what does this mean for Hank's memories specifically? Did we save all of them, or just those related to his time at the sucessful link origin locations? +Niantic Project 
+Jesse Spangenberger The post says "Leveraging support in Cells around the globe, executing a massive linking operation to Cross Plains, Texas to successfully save +Hank Johnson's memories".
I'm asking for specifics.

#CountOurLinks +Ingress the rules didn't say that they had to be individually documented.
Any one else see the guy on the left of the picture with the backpack battery pack.
Nice, it was worth it coming from Mexico to support the awesome team in Costa Rica.

@nubenauta, @luis070597 and myself @kekeleke

It was so much fun.

Take that resistance :P
+Ingress the RES understanding on that field is clearly correct, we don't get that field but also the ENL understanding on the links. Nowhere was it said each link had to be hand documented individually to count. Count all of our links! There were 116 NOT 56. You're going to screw us out of the final anomaly sum score.
+Brian Rose
Also, thanks to the team that was guiding us during the entire anomaly, without you guys this wouldn't be such a success.
+Mar Romero +Perro Wii +Enrique López Callejas @señorsobrero (jajajaja) who by the way should work in a radio station...awesome voice.

If I am forgetting someone please forgive me.... still...awesome team Mexico & Costa Rica
+Jennifer Barry as a Res playing you you guys today on the fringe in blocking links, guys made me gleeful to have worthy opponents today! -zeussaxis
You're missing 50+ links from us. Brian Rose told us to post those links in an album because we literally couldn't post them fast enough, then they decided they didn't count. 

Moral: Never trust Niantic. I've made that mistake too many times. :\
Ton of work went into Cross Plains for only half the work to be counted. Great event everyone. Both teams played with class in CP.
Jenn B
+Zach Wright Thank you! We couldn't compile the screenshots fast enough. The team actually made 116 links total, but Niantic only counted 57. 
Res wins, right?! Game over
Well played both sides, and congratulations to the ENL and the Chilean ENL in particular!
It appears that +Hulong Transglobal has obstructed any links that were not publicly documented to prevent tampering.  Check the intel comms.  No fewer than 116 links were created from Austin to Cross Plains.  We have preserved Hank's memories, but thanks to this result there is still no guarantee we can implant them to preserve Hank's continuity of mind/soul.  ENL still has it's work cut out for it.
By the way, +Ingress, a few of the links you posted to verify the cross plain links have been deleted already, shouldn't they be reshared immediately by you so that even if the original poster deletes it, the verification stays up?
Worked 40 hours at my job this week... Glad I don't work for Niantic... Might have only paid me for 20! :-\ 
+Brent Hollett I'm not making this sentence up, it was posted by +Ingress in #Interitus  Amsterdam event page:

"A Field over the active Cluster needs to cover the Cluster boundary (marked in yellow)."
Jenn B
+Matt Weasel only if you didn't account for every minute of those 40 hours by hand and post each of them individually, with links, by 5pm on Friday. 
+Tzafrir Rehan Yeah I deleted my comment till I could check that.  In previous series it has always been 'All portals in the cluster" but the wording was changed for Interitus (for some g'damn unknown reason).
Good job everyone, I hope everyone had fun! Congratulations Enlightened on your win.
Well done, ENL. You pulled out all the stops for this weekend. Hopefully all of your links documented per the rules will get counted.
This was the final Interitus event right?
+Brent Hollett you're correct, it was "All portals in the cluster" previously.

We took note of the change, we took note of the explicit mention of 'Inside the yellow border", we changed how we plan fields, and we changed how we decide whether to block/takedown a field.

+Ingress please explain why you're not scoring according to the rules you previously gave players
Only way for people on the ground would require a mapping program to know for sure. We are willing to cede the 19 if iitc is allowed to be used by the local players and Intel.
We got all the portals. The nitpic of a poorly constructed rule is a bit much....I mean.... You lost the event, 19 points notwithstanding
Thanks +Brent Hollett I thought this was the last, thus the reason for the whole Cross Plains link bullshit.
+Tzafrir Rehan Found the line on the Amsterdam thread.  (So many pictures to go back through.)  But given the way that Niantic changes the rules, and the fact that the 25% change was made after, there's no saying that that declaration (which differed from everything previous) didn't just apply to the single Amsterdam event.  They've chosen to accept this field on the scoring, so unless they say differently, we'd have to assume that we're back under the old rules.

If only you could draw the cluster boundaries onto the Intel Map it'd give operators/dispatch a better idea that the field they're planning will cross all of the imaginary and not visible lines that were declared. (*cough draw tools for Intel cough*)
+Ingress please take note of the hard work by players on both sides for this Anomaly. Please amend the final score for this anomaly to count the Res field in Cincinnati AND all links in Cross Plains. It's the only fair thing to do. 
+Marwan Sbitani They're in the screenshots posted, Niantic never said that the links had to be documented individually, just that they had to be documented, and documented they were.
felicidades verdes en chile !!!!
+Anthony Castanza, there is no mention of the links needing documentation at all, only the portals involved. For reference, the rules stated the following:

"The Link-Chains must be made and documented during the Anomaly Measurement window (12:00:00 to 17:00:00 EDT/CLT) by posting a screenshot of the Intel Map showing the Link-Chain on Google+ with the hashtag #SaveHank and tagging +Ingress. Each individual Portal used in the Link-Chain must be documented within the post, and a link to the Intel Map showing the Link-Chain must be included as well. Posts that do not meet this criteria cannot be validated."
That was a really, really crappy move +Brian Rose.  Keep alienating your key players, I'm sure it will lead to success.
+Marwan Sbitani Well if thats the case, then we went above and beyond and there is absolutely no reason to not give us the rest of our points. What the heck +Ingress ? This matters for the margin going into the finale, you're recording total score (it was in the weekly intel burst email). This matters!
So, since it looks like there were scoring errors both crediting the ENL with a field, but not crediting them with links that would have more than offset the field points, why are folks complaining? The result would be the same. Unless I'm mistaken, there is no running total for this anomaly like there was for Cassandra.
+Paul Fritschle There is a running total, it was sent out to all agents in the last several weekly intel emails! The points really do matter, and there is a big enough discrepancy here that it needs to be fixed.
+Tzafrir Rehan This was my decision after discussing this with our team. The Field covered all Anomaly Portals in the Cluster being measured, not including the Volatiles. The yellow line is meant to indicate what Portals are active or in-play, and it's the Portals that are important, not the yellow line. I'll make sure we clarify in the next rules doc that a single Field over all Anomaly Portals in the Cluster being measured is what we're looking for.
+Paul Fritschle, the difference if both corrections are made is 571 points. That's a lot. And yes, the running total determines who wins the series.
Works for me, thanks for getting back to us +Brian Rose.
Its a pretty big scoring difference and we just want to make sure everything is above board. I think we've all made our cases, there's time before the finale to work it out and that's when it will matter. Take the night off.
+Brian Rose That is great that you guys will make sure to make that ambiguous definition unambiguous in the next anomaly. Making the rules more clear will help prevent issues like this from even happening.

But are you really going to change the intent of the anomaly's rules after the fact? How can it be expected of us to follow the letter of the rules only to find out that the rules' intent was not stated.

Accidents & mistakes happen. I can understand that. But this isn't the first time that something like this has happened. How can we continue to operate like this? Especially when Niantic won't own up to their mistakes and score as per the rules. 
Congratulations. All discrepancies aside, we achieved our goal. Even if the anomaly series is lost, take heart in the fact that we saved +Hank Johnson's memories. We will find a way to implant them into the new simulacrum. Good job.
What a hard battle today! Zero inventory left. All worth it. I am so glad the Enlightenment prevailed for +Hank Johnson. Made it all worth. Thank you all that helped us with the link chains and the anomalies!!! :D
+Nikolas Moore I am referring to the field issue. It used to refer to both, but as soon I refreshed I saw Brian's comment. 

They are not owning up to their mistake on the field issue. Hopefully they will. Normally I wouldn't use such aggressive wording, but these types of issues are getting old. Real old.
+Tzafrir Rehan 'As you stated in the beginning of #Interitus , and I directly quote, "A Field over the active Cluster needs to cover the Cluster boundary (marked in yellow)."' -- Not sure when they said this, but the rules for this one clearly state over the active cluster without mention of the yellow boundary. #cavinball  =P
Jenn B
+Anthony Castanza While the rules didn't specify that we had to include a link in our posts, when one of our operators did not include one Ingress asked for it. I agree that the rules didn't track exactly with what Niantic wanted for the posts. Obviously I would love to see us get credit for every one of the 116 (confirmed so far) links that were made, and it is disappointing that the menial, time consuming task of sifting through screenshots and matching up to links is the only reason we didn't get half the points our team earned.

 +Brian Rose has heard our complaints, and even if we don't get credited our points, I hope that the concerns will be taken into consideration going forward. :) 
+Brian Rose Please review the calculation errors that accumulated from April 26 and May 17.

April 26

Interitus 02A: RES 1382-861
Interitus 02B: RES 1392-987
Interitus 02 Total: RES 2774-1848

May 17

Interitus 04A: ENL 1335.25-1143
Interitus 04B RES 2078-355.25
Interitus 04 Total: RES 3221-1690.5

If corrected in its current form, the Resistance leads 11765.5-10530.
+Sonny Lee If you're going to claim that there are other scoring errors, you're going to need to provide direct evidence. Considering your proven track record of erroneously of claiming bias against the Resistance and ignoring when things fall incorrectly in your favor, there is a pretty high burden of proof for your claims.
+Nikolas Moore btw, I would agree that it should be clear on both ends but what's in the published docs should be used unless for some very specific reason they change something. Not every agent may know they said that some time in the past when not present in the doc. #nianticfail  
Congrats to you all who brought home enough to take interitus 5
If this stands, congratulations to the Enlightened Team for the victory.  This was a hard fought game of attrition and I personally love every minute of it.

+Brian Rose  I am really unhappy with the way this was scored,  with rules changes it marred a hard fought battle regardless of the outcome.  I play this game for fitness, the storyline and the people who I have met over the past six months; so wins and losses are an honest irrelevancy to me.

Please straighten these rules out as it creates unnecessary bad blood between the two factions.  I will continue to play this game for the love of the game.

Thank you for your time, and again if it stands congratulations to the Enlightened for a hard fought victory.
+Sonny Lee I suggest manually adding up all the posted scores from each measurement to determine which score was correct. (My apologies if this has already been done.)

The information you've provided is consistent with a scoring discrepancy but which score is incorrect isn't clear. That drop could be due to Niantic making a fully legitimate correction before posting the final values.

If there are in fact points missing from the Resistance score, you of course have my support for getting them properly recorded.
+Ingress there appears to be a missing portal in your list. The Pig "King" is not listed for the Cincinnati Primary Site.
Indeed. while I desperately wanted to see the Resistance prevail, I'm also happy that it looks like Hank's memories will be preserved and I'm cheered by the outpouring of brotherly love the ENL showed for +Hank Johnson today. Well done. Truly well done. From one truthseeker to another, congratulations +Hank Johnson.
+Tzafrir Rehan what are these yellow lines being referred to? Only place I can recall seeing yellow lines around scoring regions are on IITC. Surely they don't mean them? :)
Ah I see. Including that one that looked like a phallus? :) Cheers.
I was wondering why res had 0 links, and why we 'lost' in Santiago, Chile. Now I know why...
At least we did all we could do, and scored more points here in clusters/volatiles than the enl, even when we were in number disaventage.

GG, it was fun! Waiting for the next one!
The Enlightened controlled NR02-JULIET-03 (Volatile) [Value: 80], great job agents. 
Heres an idea....lets stop changing the rules before and after every anomaly and define a standardized rules for each anomaly grouping from now on. One for #Recursion , one for #Interitus and whatevers coming next. Take a line from the Lord of the Rings:

One Ruleset to rule them all, One ruleset to find them; One ruleset to bring them all and in #Calvinball bind them.
+Brian Rose +Brandon Downey +Anthony Castanza +Nikolas Moore 
I have reviewed all the scanner screenshots uploaded thus far by EN agents.
There were 122 unique portals verified (by scanner screenshot) as being linked to REH during the anomaly window. Additionally there were 5 that were eyeballed on the Intel map but were did not have screencaps (and possibly some that were neither screencapped, nor observed on Intel).

In my opinion, all 122 links should be counted toward the score, as long as evidence could be produced in a reasonable time (sometimes this takes a while to collate), because as far as game lore is concerned, the important thing to +Hank Johnson is the number links that were made, not the number of G+ posts made.

However, the rules were explicit in their mention of a end time, so I wouldn't be too put out if links documented after the final hour were excluded.
But if the rules are going to be interpreted strictly regarding the timing of documentation, then the rules must also be interpreted strictly regarding the presentation of the documentation. The rules do not explicitly prohibit the use of a single post for documenting multiple links, nor do they demand portal hyperlinks, only a hyperlink to a view of the link.

Thus, if strictly following the rules, a post documenting a group of links in list/album should be allowed. There were 95 unique portal links documented when including list/album submissions (all of which were backed by scanner screenshot evidence), so the scores for Interitus 5 should be updated to reflect EN creating 95 documented links, rather than 57.
Jenn B
Thank you +Kris Habraken for compiling all this information! For reference the albums in question are here: (44 screen shots - posted @ 1:54 PM Pacific Time) (4 screen shots, total 5 links - posted @ 1:50 PM Pacific Time) (3 screen shots - posted @ 1:43 PM Pacific Time)

On the two smaller albums I listed all portal information including links. On the larger album I was compiling in a separate window, but based on +Ingress 's comments on the smaller albums went back to trying to get a few more single screen shots posted. 

+Brian Rose 
+Brian Rose clarifying for the future is the way to go, but this anomaly was played under existing rules that say "covers the active cluster".

And you clarified during Interitus that covering the active cluster means "A Field over the active Cluster needs to cover the Cluster boundary (marked in yellow).".

These are your words, can you not recognize them???

"A Field over the active Cluster needs to cover the Cluster boundary (marked in yellow)."

How do you expect any player to believe a single word you say when you back off your own words when convenient?

How do you expect any sort of trust?

"A Field over the active Cluster needs to cover the Cluster boundary (marked in yellow)."

There's a word for a person that says one thing then does another thing. Please don't justify players using that word about Niantic personnel.
+Marwan Sbitani it's not about the points, it's about retaining the ability to trust what Niantic says. It's about being able to tell players "do this hard thing and we'll gain because these are the rules" and not have them shrug and say "but Niantic will change the rules arbitrarily without notice so why bother"
Ok, my temper has cooled a little bit after driving three hours back from Cross Plains to Austin. 

Two things bad here: 

(i) The scoring system was such that links made in the last few minutes of the anomaly would never be scored. So why not just end the link contest sooner, and give a buffer for submitting?

(Ii) A niantic rep told me to post them in an album because we were running out of time. We lost points because we did so, and had I known I would have sharded to even more people (we had n=10 in a room doing this). 

Since my post about Interitus victory conditions seems to have been one of the proximate causes of this mess, let me suggest a simple solution.

We had a lot of links today. Probably enough to push us into the lead in the series. But the reason I suggested defining victory conditions was to keep Interitus a horse race.

So, if Niantic has any thought about honoring these links, let's just keep it simple: 

Honor just enough to leave the two factions even in Interitus.

That's right: Both sides go into the finale with the same number of points. 

 It's less links than we got, but it works:

(a) It gives some credit for what is a messed up situation
(b) It leaves both sides unscrewed. Both sides have accomplished amazing things in Interitus (fielding dominance in Flagstaff. Fielding dominance in Australia, crazy 4 day link op planned for Austin, cool tactics and strategy on both sides in the ground games for both anomalies)

c. This is the big one:

It makes the Interitus finale a horse race. If we set both scores even, it would heighten the drama of the final event, and give both sides amazing incentive to do amazing things for a win.

That's it. Niantic, please do the right thing on the scoring. :) 
Had a blast yesterday at the San Juan event. I hope another one happens here sometime!
Loads of fun in Cincinnati yesterday. Thank you Niantic for the organization, effort and implementation. Thanks to all the awesome agents on both sides. 
I can't believe that people are actually surprised about the score tabulations, or the rules interpretations. It's not the first time it's happened, and it surely won't be the last. The entire Cross Plains event was a useless #calvinball thrown at us at the last minute, the rules changed several times in the short amount of time that we would have had to prepare, and basically caused us to not even want to bother with it. The stupid rule changes midstream have sapped a lot of excitement from the player base, and disillusioned many of us who don't get the same enjoyment from the game as we used to before all the dumb gimmicks were introduced. If you want a legitimate anomaly series, then play it straight and let the same rules apply for the entire series. As it stands now, Interitus is a complete joke, regardless of who wins the final scoring in two weeks. 

+Ingress +Brian Rose +Joe Philley +NIA Ops

The score has now been updated to reflect no ENL Field in Measurement 4 over Cincinnati. Although the ENL Field covered all Anomaly Portals in the Cluster being measured, it did not cover the corner of the yellow line boundary.

Of the 122 Links to Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, 102 were uploaded and shared prior to the 5:00:00PM EDT deadline.

Finally, I ran an audit of the Anomaly totals and found accounting errors in Interitus 02 and Interitus 04. The individual city scores shared on Google+ are correct, but the summary totals were not. The scores in this post should be correct.

ENL capture Interitus 05 and save Hank's memories. RES continue to lead the overall Interitus Series, currently by a margin of 421.75.
+Brian Rose - thank you for owning up to the errors and being honorable. You are certainly a credit to Niantic and the Ingress community as a whole.

Copying here for posterity: For Interitus 06, a Field over the Anomaly Portals in the Cluster being measured (minus Volatiles) is what is needed, the yellow line is only used to indicate what Portals are active in each Cluster. I'll make sure this is noted by Hulong.
+Brian Rose thank you for these corrections! This is very important for building trust and is very appreciated.
And the whole time reading this thread all I can think of is, my wife and I are in that picture. Woohooo. #Asheville
+Ingress I just saw the new report raw feed jun 12 in youtube and in the San Juan satellite graffic (after 5:00 minutes in the video) the points differ from the #interitus 05 results. please explain
Enlightened wins. Resistance loses. Please stop with the smurf tears.
I am enlightened and participated in the san juan anomally and apperantly we lost in this report but won in the report jun 12? Its confusing
Remember: some things are fixed to move the storyline forward ;p
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