We have completed the selection process for the 13Magnus Reawakens Portal Luminance Project. Due to the size of some of the teams, there are open slots available at various campsites. We are opening registration on a first come first served basis for anyone who wishes to attend.

You will be assigned a campsite at check-in but are not required to participate in any teams portal projects occurring at the campsite. Although, if you ask I am sure extra help would be welcome. Please speak to the portal project's team captain onsite if you want to participate.

If you want to attend with a group, please appoint a group leader and have them register a group name. There is a field in the ticket during checkout that will allow you to specify a group or family name you will be camping with if you are registering individually.

Registrants will be assigned campsites at check-in.

Please check out the Complete FAQ and Safety Guide at the registration website:

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