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New Project from Niantic Labs revealed: James Frey’s ENDGAME 

Hello all, 

In 2014 we plan an exciting new step in mobile gaming. ENDGAME is coming. ENDGAME is a new series of books from bestselling author James Frey (A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard, and Bright Shiny Morning) and HarperCollins and a film by 20th Century Fox. Niantic Labs will be creating a mobile augmented reality game that will bring ENDGAME to life in the real world. 

Stay tuned for more info on ENDGAME in the coming months. 

- Niantic Labs
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Mo Lunat
Consider me signed up for the beta!
Reading the basic synopsis of the book, it looks kinda like a worldwide hunger games type thing. Seriously cool!
With your experience from Ingress please
1. Plan the story ahead PROPERLY.
2. Start collecting stats from the beginning. 
Oh no... When Ingress dropped it put my life on hold until I reached L8. I can only imagine going through that again. My wife will not be happy...
Congrats, Niantic!! This is most excellent and exciting news.  Keep up the great work everyone is doing there.
I am wondering if they are taking support away from Ingress. No resent word about more levels, missions and it takes two months to get portals approved.
So this is what Niantic meant when they announced that Ingress will have an endgame.
I think we're all "beta testing" right now. Even though it's "out of beta", I'm betting Ingress is the unrelated prequel to test the backbone of the new ENDGAME series.
Volunteer for beta test here!
Sound interesting, +Niantic Project. However, please dont forget about +Ingress while you're busy, theres still stuff to add and fix here (especiall your response times for portal and faction change inputs, I know of a smurf who has been waiting for 7 weeks now to become enlightened...)
Excellent news! I hope you guys can make a little money off this as well to be able to recruit employees and increase your infrastructure
Beta Tester here too! 🙋🙋🙋🙋
Ive had a few pictures and portals approved with in a few days of submitting not to bad considering the amount of submissions im sure they get
Here is a beta tester too!
If you need people to invite, here I am am ;)

Although Ingress had better still get attention :P
And the question has been answered "How will Niantic make money off Ingress?"
Yeah... So The Hunger Games is the New augmented reality game Niantic is working on? 
Is Oprah gonna pimp this out too or is she done dealing with James Frey?
+Brandon Badger Can you clarify if you are ramping down Ingress, or if this is a different team? Don't want to lose Ingress. Way too much fun. 

I'd beta test it, though! 
Not excited at all. I love Ingress and you better spent time to fix it and make it better. 
Does anyone really have time for a second game? I guess I should assume this means Ingress had reached its ENDGAME.
No need to panic folks! Ingress is the backbone these other games will run on top of. I expect we'll be beta testing things for other games for a long time.
Ingress beta testers should receive invites post haste. 
So is it a game or is it a book? People keep saying they want to beta test it but I don't think they read past the first sentence. 
If it is done well as an ARG, we won't even know for sure when the game begins, let alone do any 'beta' testing. 
Cool. I left iPhone for reasons like this - more than happy to Beta. 
Well, we should all have learned something so far. Starting with a real story might be a good idea. I wouldn't mind doing some beta testing. 
I want to be a beta tester too! 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 
Sign me up for beta test
Hmm ingress is awesome wonder what this is like!!! Ill give it a go overall they did an awesome job with ingress.
Let me in, please !!!!!
Staggeringly idiotic. Frey is a derivative hack without an ounce of actual talent. Luckily for him the public is barely literate.
No removable battery or SD card? FAIL 
I wish I could get a chance to beta test! I want more information! 
G Lee
+1 for beta
...thinks Ingress was/is the beta already for ENDGAME.
You're gonna need to buy the books in order to play.
Seems ENDGAME is about making money...
From what I read it sounds like there won't be a beta test.  It's going to launch with the book, kind of hard to "test" the actual game without revealing what's going to be IN the book ahead of time.  I would imagine their testing will have to be a close, closed group who are under NDA.
waaaaaaaaaaa kieroooooo XD
Ed Jimz
That's good news. Sign me up to beta test. ;-) 
It is funny how noone knows where the ingress story is headed... With no end in sight.... And this game is titled endgame.... 
Billy H
Why does Ingress have to die, just so they can make something new?
I'm pretty sure that last Ingress in top apps action was a simple platform stress testing... By the way - test followed by blackout ;)
I want to beta test. Where do I sign in?
Save! I'm @ Resistance eliasocp Level14 , game since December 2012 
The Brazil / SP . (AM14-SIERRA-07) and willing to test.
Count me in as a beta tester too! Looking forward tot thuis one. 
there is this place that you can sign up for, it seems to have something to do with endgame, i emailed them and got a reply! so excited!!
Ready for another great game from Niantic. Please include me in the Beta!
is the book going to be available in Singapore? how bout the game?? 
please give more details!!
looking forward to a beta invite if there is one! :)
Enjoyed beta testing ingress would love to test this also
Is the beta running yet ?? 
I'm so down for the Beta, if Niantic can be this amazing with Ingress, I can only imagine what's in store for the Endgame... 
I wanna to be invited to beta with my Ingress friends.
/sub I'm in for beta 
Is this for sure cancelled or are they still going to come out with this?
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