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30% Off Glider Gloves!

Show your faction pride with a pair of #Ingress Glider Gloves. The thermally insulated layers will keep your hands warm and the anti-slip grip on the palm helps keep your scanner safe. Starting today until November 30th you can get 30% off a pair:
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Is XL a new size ?
I tried the biggest size they had in Milan but it was too small for me, I don't remember if it was L or XL.
I can confirm the snug warmth of these, and the grip. I'm a little less glowing about the touch threading on the finger tips, as glyphing is downright impossible, and simple button pushes can take some twisting of fingers.
Lol. At 30% of there still overpriced. $10 is more like the value of these. 
They work fine, but are definately not warm if temperature is getting below zero and you don't move.
Can you still glyph in them.... 😀
shipping for 10$ about 7-11 days, i look on it at this time 34,45 $sud about 33€fdpin
I have a pair. Used in Via Noir Chicago. Yes, I glyphed with them, and simple button pushes are no problem. You don't get as much haptic feedback when glyphing, but I can get 5 for 5 with them.
Shame they last about a week before the touchscreen part stops working. Great gloves, utterly rubbish for the marketed purpose.
+Andrew glyphing works fine. They are perfect for autumn temperatures. But not for winter & snow.
+Christoph H. There's still a "winter style" they sell (unbranded) which covers those environments and are much thicker.
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