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Create. New. Future.

APR 12 

APR 26 
Colorado Springs
Salt Lake City 

MAY 10 
Santa Fe 

MAY 17 
Kansas City 
Sioux Falls 

San Jose 
San Juan 

JUNE 21 
St Petersburg 
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That's a he'll of a series. Sadly I doubt I'll be making any. Previous commitments at the only ones remotely near.
That's going to make an awesome badge & patch! Here's hoping I can make it to a primary site this time around.
+Ingress +Brian Rose you're aware this is a global game, can you put at least the state the event is and preferably the country? San Jose can be many different places, and we have to click on the event then click on the map, it would be nice to have it as part of the event's title and ideally whenever referenced in a post like this.
Gettysburg will be the biggest clash of Resistance and Enlightened yet. I will be there on the front lines! 
And still none within reasonable travel distance. Next time, maybe. 
Any chance we could have some live video coverage of ANY of these events?  You know.. so those of us who can't make it because we don't have anything NIA-sponsored going on in our country can enjoy at least something more than pictures and hangout chatter.
1 Jarvis
2 Factions
3 Corporations
5 Elites
8 Resonators (Level 8)
13 Magnus
21 Recursion sites
33 Interitus sites

Isn't it 34, +Brian Rose ?
+Yik Sheng Lee fibonnaci numbers? 34 is the next after 21.. not 33.   Maybe there's a secret event being planned that we don't yet know about to make it 34?
Is this this official design of patch? 
Still waiting smth to come to my city;)
Aucklands at the opposite end of the country from me - I am taking two plane flights just to get there.  You bet ya I will be there :)
Logo looks like The Things face from The Fantastic Four. :-D 
+Ingress come on! Why discriminate italy? :-( we do want our event also! Please seriously consider to introduce an italian anomaly too. Thanks
Looks like they don't like the fact we took #Recursion in Spokane Washington. Nothing in the Northwest? Let's get something out here. Portland Oregon would be nice.
+Karen Brown who were the Elite V anyway.. Haven't seen any official report - or forgot it?
I know the Australasian anomalies are a result of threefootsevens input.....and I'm glad we in New Zealand get to take part as well. As a result of our isolation we don't get to take part in much internationally. So this is very cool :)
+andy ferber what bot scourge is that?
+james freeman Consider yourself fortunate it hasn't affected your area yet. Presently it's destroying the game in Toronto where I live but I've seen similar reports from Prague, Sydney, Tokyo, etc.
And Western Australia misses out.
4 mod slots, 6 mod types, 7 days in Cycle, 17 artifacts, 
I know that include all world is too difficult, but Buenos Aires is so fracking ready to a new battle. 
+Andy Ferber Bots will seriously skew the numbers, especially in the satellite cities like Toronto. 
+Tony Benson There are at least 6 active level 8 bots at the moment, two others were permabanned yesterday, but their replacements are blatantly running amok making the drive to 8.  All belonging to one faction, I should add.  Several others are known to exist, but are in hibernation.   All of them have been reported multiple times, no action taken.  
They run a hacked version of broot, which is why Niantic occasionally bans people using it.  As far as fighting back, there are some strategies to slow them down, but other than Niantic fully deleting them quickly, so they can't rebuild as quickly, there's no real solution.
Texas has the closest anomaly scores every time and you didnt come back:( hope that changes in the future.
+Barry Goldlist bots have completely ruined Ingress here in Memphis, TN as well. 
+Tony Benson Their latest trick (since they can teleport, of course) is the have just finished an all-bot 37 portal P8 farm on a barely accessible set of islands in Toronto harbour. Now, of course, they run amok until they run out of ordnance, then just zap back and tool up again. Each P8 has 1 VR multihack and 3 VR shields. Even when any were banned, their resonators remain so the next crop still have the farm undamaged.

As +Barry Goldlist says, we are losing agents daily to this blatant cheating. And by blatant, I mean when called on it in open comms, the response is "So what. Yeah, I know. It upsets you. That amuses me."

+NIA Ops do nothing, and as +Andy Ferber says, any anomaly results must be considered suspect unless something is done, done permanently and done FAST.

I do hope +Joe Philley, +Brandon Badger and +NIA Ops read this and other comments; they have a great game, which has led to great communities and they are about to lose it all. Which would be a shame.
So, what does satelite site mean? Will the struggle happen in Krakow also, or it's what?
Oh man, finally in my country, close enough to come~! 
Until an army of 100 bots from each faction shows up at the anomaly event and causes Moyer to announce the event ended in a scoreless draw. They will do nothing. 
+Mack Lamb we won the Portland anomoly were you not there? I would love for one to be in Vancouver, I haven't Ingressed in Canada yet.
San Jose, almost got me for CA
Central America not Cali :<
There are not any near me!¡!¡!!¡!
Southern Oregon needs something...
Aaron S
Add something cool to Michigan it's too hard to be enlightened in lansing blue just takes everything back right away. And I would love some incentives to continue being enlightened.

+Aaron S don't switch sides! My admittedly limited research leads me to believe resistance outnumbers enlightened 3 to 1 or more worldwide. Too many mistakenly think the revolutionary they are is colonial not communist. 
Please update Krakow and St.Petersburg ;)
Update in Malaysia or at least on any South East Asia country please. We have lots of players here trying our very best to keep up with the games.
Wishing there were more canadian spots :(
Ndi yo kok durung ono pemasukan ki piye?
No more Taiwan? (>﹏<) 
No Finland.... next year I guess I will have to go to Stockholm to play at an event. 
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