Reminder: If you've already submitted a new Portal for review (and it's still in the review process), you DO NOT need to submit it again with this new submission flow that's in the app. We still have all your previous submissions and our staff is reviewing those as fast as they can. If we get a bunch of duplicates it will just slow us down some. Thanks!
A new updated version of the Ingress technology has been pushed to the Play Store. #Ingress agents should be seeing this update on their phones soon.

What's new in v1.21.3:

* Portal Discovery - players can take photos of cool new Portal locations and submit them via the Ingress app to be reviewed and added to the game.
 * Portal Editing - players can submit a new photo for an existing Portal, and/or submit suggested improvements to the Portal name, description, or location data.
 * Embedded Video Player for story media.
 * Improved player GPS location acquisition - more stable, less jumpy.
 * Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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