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Reminder: If you've already submitted a new Portal for review (and it's still in the review process), you DO NOT need to submit it again with this new submission flow that's in the app. We still have all your previous submissions and our staff is reviewing those as fast as they can. If we get a bunch of duplicates it will just slow us down some. Thanks!
A new updated version of the Ingress technology has been pushed to the Play Store. #Ingress agents should be seeing this update on their phones soon.

What's new in v1.21.3:

* Portal Discovery - players can take photos of cool new Portal locations and submit them via the Ingress app to be reviewed and added to the game.
 * Portal Editing - players can submit a new photo for an existing Portal, and/or submit suggested improvements to the Portal name, description, or location data.
 * Embedded Video Player for story media.
 * Improved player GPS location acquisition - more stable, less jumpy.
 * Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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Nat Burt
I really wish they would add a landscape view for devices that are always rotated like my in dash tablet.
o.O  I can see it now.  Portal: Big Rock, Angry Shoe, Ugly Car... I see no art in '1033 N dobson rd.  Mesa, Az.'  as I am sure that the half dozen cars from portal  "Back to the Future" are probably gone.
I shouldn't have to download an app. But Ill look into it.
Sweet! I have one portal local that is in the wrong place and I was thinking that we really should be able to from in the APP. 
Great Job Guys!
Surprise surprise the compass still isn't fixed - what gives? - why? Why put loads of work into an update like this and not fix that which needs fixing? 
I know it might sound like I'm complaining - I'm not - I'm just baffled...
+Jamie Spruce What's wrong with the compass? I haven't noticed anything, but I'm pretty unobservant at times. 
There are many instances of multiple portals representing the same object. Would we just report "Wrong Location" for each erroneous copy?
+Jeff Geoghegan: What's wrong with the compass is using it in a car kit. It's often pointing in completely the wrong direction, and flicks round randomly at times. IMHO we need something that will switch to a movement based orientation (what pretty much all GPS apps use, navigate is a good example) when moving at any speed significantly above walking pace.
Let local mods approve the submissions and you wouldn't get so many resubmits, which are mostly due to frustration at how slow portal approval is. 
Not convinced that's the right place for the submit portal button. You fire all the time, target fairly often, but submit portals relatively little.
+James Moody Just tap on the compass pointer in the top left corner and the map wil rotate as you do.
Except in a car mount, where it will spin around at random and at high speed. 
+Jeff Geoghegan - this is WITH that. It spins round randomly, jitters from side to side, and often points at 90 degrees to reality. It's something to do with being in a car kit, as it's fine when outside on foot. Could be stray magnetic fields, transmitted vibration -- who knows. What I do know is that every mapping app and GPS app get it right, apart from Ingress, which fails at it miserably.
+James Moody I have seen exactly the same thing. I think it's because my kit holds it beyond vertical but haven't tested the theory yet. 
+James Moody Ahh I see.  I don't have a car kit, so have never experienced that myself.  Hope Google includes a fix for you in the next update (although that may be difficult given just about every car manufacturer has their own operating system in place)
+Ingress Everytime I check a Portal using its key, and try to submit a name review for it, the app crashes. Just reporting.
+Jeff Geoghegan: no connection to the car other than being physically mounted on it.
+Craig Wallace: my car kit doesn't hold the phone beyond vertical, so while that obviously wouldn't help the situation, it's not a required part of causing the problems.

I would love to get an invite from you guys I'm in Houston Texas
+Craig Wallace +Ingress I get the multiple submissions but I would think that the "review" process would eliminate duplicate portals or ridiculously placed ones. At Disneyland, there are three right next to each other... (Indiana Jones) - (Carthay Circle) - (Indiana Jones) and Carthay isn't even in the same park. :-\ 
Awesome to hear about the portal editing. I just discovered one the other day that is in COMPLETELY the wrong location (like 5 blocks too far north). Add to the fact that it's a big building (a church) and it just sticks out like a sore thumb.
+Ingress  to be honest: I have some submissions on a wait state. That's not the problem and I can wait, but you should correct the 2-3 weeks which are written on the faq site of ingress... the submissions are waiting since end of January ;)

I hope, that the other players aren't resending their old portal ideas...
While attacking an enemy portal today, several of my bursters failed with an error something like "Failed to deploy - XMP burster non-existent".. or something like that. Is this a bug in this new release? 
I'm not sure if my phone had updated to 1.21.3 at the time, I didn't notice..

Ah, nope my phone was still on the previous rev of ingress when the bursters misfired.. (just saw the time of day on the update..) 
I've seen that before. That happens when the phone thinks you've still got bursters at a specific level, but the server thinks you are out. In the Ops menu, go to 'Device' and then 'Force Sync'. That will fix it.
That would explain it. It did seem laggy while this was going on.. 
I am still unable to send invites. Any ideas as to why?
I tried out the new feature for submitting a portal, but never moved the submission to the correct location. Is there a way to 'cancel' that submission?
why the new version can't see the number of keys when link to other portal? +Ingress 
Please Please Please can you filter your work load to places with the lowest portal density. There are places that get huge numbers and others that have so few it is very hard to play.

Many Thanks
I have multiple portal submissions that I'd like to cancel now because others had submitted the same and have since gone live.  I'd love to reduce your workload by cancelling these.  Would it be of any use if I replied to the submission emails to have them canceled?

Either way it seems the long turnaround time is causing extra workload for duplicates, and this perpetuates the long turnaround time.  If players had a way to cancel their portal submissions, then it could help the turnaround time in the long run.

Also I couldn't agree more with +Craig Wallace about letting local faction leaders pre-approve/deny portal submissions.  We're very familiar with our areas and have a vested interest in getting quality local portals accepted while weeding out the bad ones & duplicates.
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