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#Ingress v1.28.1 has leaked to Google Play. Early intel indicates the following updates:

Vector to nearest Portal: When no Portals are in your field of view, your Scanner will help you target the closest Portal.

Updated Portal dialog: Select a Portal Key and Recharge directly from this view. Recycling Portal Keys requires Agent confirmation.

Support for 5 additional Portal Mods rumored in INGRESS REPORT | 5 New Mods Revealed - EP11: Heat Sink; Multi-Hack; Force Amp; Link Amp; and Turret.

Also, visual indications have been added to the RECRUIT tab to remind you to grow your local cell and enlist new recruits. OPS now includes an option to toggle vibration on incoming notifications.

Download from Request your activation code from or
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Ross A
This is better than I have ever hoped! 
Reminder: If you aren't yet seeing the v1.28.1 update, it takes time to roll out. Stay tuned.
This is great, but please remember that we still want sort options in Keys, and Key rings if possible.
Looks great! Changes I'd still kill for:
1) Allow us to select whether or not to see notifications for different topics. (Ex: Portal takes less than 5% damage, no. Name mentioned in comm, yes).
2) A no-frills view. Something almost similar to the /intel web view with no fluffy visual effects. Just the data. Call it a "low graphics" mode. 
Thanks for all the hard work!
Are drops for mods started as well or wait like last time
Great, no fear of accidental recycling anymore! 
"Recycling Portal Keys requires Agent confirmation." i needed that a month ago, lost 2 critical keys for portals i control 200 miles from me to keep them charged and link to them :/
Agreed my phone has a hard enough time running the game without extra things on the screen. 
Will Foss
Option for simplified graphics to improve actual playability?  Inventory count?  No, of course not, those aren't allowed...  why would anybody possibly want to have basic tools found in any other MMO game ever in creation??

The beatings will continue until morale improve.
+Bill DeWitt just select "portal keys" and you have your key-ring and see only your keys
Interesting ideas, keep your suggestions coming. We appreciate your taking the time to share your requests, Agents.
+Marcus K. Key Rings is for organizing your keys by "folders", but since they're keys we call them "rings" :-)

Looking forward to seeing changes.

Is the confirmation only for keys?  Can we also have confirmation for recycling a power cube and virus? :-P
+Ingress We do keep the suggestions coming, and when proof-of-concept is offered, it is met with a generic C&D for ToS violation without any positive feedback.
Ah, about the portal search option, it would be nice if we could start a second portal search of abdoned, forgotten or lost portals - it would work like this version but shows only uncaptured portals and don't disapear until you are in range of an uncaptured portal - because sometimes is a lonely portal in a forest and nobody knows it...
Great improvements.
One thing I'm really still missing: Please show the number of keys in inventory in the key selection dialog for linking. I always want to keep one key of a portal for recharging. So it would be very helpful if I could see how many keys I have from the target portal.
Gameplay on Nexus 4 is better!. From 5 FPS to 30 FPS when I have 15 portals in 80m range
I would appreciate timing these announcements that something is in the Play store, until such time as they are actually in the Play store.
Love the update, vector to nearest portal is great, key stats update in carousel is a lot quicker, and overall seems like quite a few bug fixes, nice work, cant wait for the new mods, any idea on when they will be gracing us?
+Nobilis Reed they do get announced once uploaded to the play store.  It takes time to be available to everyone (up to an hour or two) so if they wanted for it to be available to everyone then someone else would have already posted about it.  Best to do it when they do the initial upload, that way we can get our F5/refresh buttons warn out and get it as soon as it's updated :-D
Not liking vector to nearest portal. But I understand it.Wish it could be turned off.

Oh and DO NOT LIKE the "SHOVE IT IN YOUR FACE TO INVITE" dialog box; cheap move
plz give us item dropping in batches, single item dropping is way to slow 
OMG!! Item filter ("All") is down and  left (originally down and centered) Are you out of your mind? 90 % peoples is right-handed. And yes, recycle button is still down-right (down-right is properly place for button fire) Please, add option for shift this buttons on right side for right handed user.
+Ingress are the new mods in play yet, "hack and find out" well duh, but seriously :)
Has anyone else noticed the portal key photos looking markedly lower in resolution?
It would be nice if while recycling equipment like resanators we can do one a time or in lots of ten. I usuly need to recycle 20-30 items if I find myself in a bad spot .
Beautiful! Looking forward to it.
Moan moan moan get a grip hahaha
+David Cheng Resistance Agents won't notice any change, but we're glad our Enlightened Agents spotted this detail.
So now we are back to scrolling through hundreds of keys instead of being able to scroll to the end in another filter and switch to keys.
+Ingress if you change the moving scanner cycle into green with the next update, that would be great!
thank you +Ingress love my new green scanner ring :) nice update keep up the good work guys!
What's up with the items filter on the left?  And it re-orders it's entries depending on what's selected!  Frustrating!

Also, when is this XM shortage going to end?
Mass drop please.... we don't need mass pick up, but please give us the option to drop some multiple of an item. 
Some nice stuff here, but two BAD changes: hitting "RECHARGE" no longer just brings you to the recharge screen, and lets you see the state of each resonator, but now also recharges the target.  I much prefer being able to review that info before spending 1000 XM on a recharge.  And +Mark Griffiths is right - I'm hugely disappointed that we can't use our weapons tab as an index to our portal keys.  Managing over 600 keys will be nasty without that.
How about just making the game stop running super slow and the GPS being hundreds of meters in accurate. 
Why is the Inventory menu button on the left side of the screen? This is completely weird being right handed and wanting to use my thumb to press the button? I now have to stretch across the screen.

An option should be made to allow left hand or right handed players.
any anti-cheating improvements?
cheating is ruining the game in my city. There is a cheater that is playing for more then 3 months.
And app still crashed when very fast listing (scrolling) keys (200+ in inventory) with slow mobile connection (typically "edge")
Love the way when you switch between inventories it remembers where you were before.  That's going to make it easier to recharge portals by recyling spare resonators :)
Fantastic! What about the option to show also the "near portal indication" in a full orizontal line. (On top or bottom of the screen - for the nearest portals?). Now if i point with my face/arrow to the portal, i continue to see the indication on the left, with its arrow on the left :). But the indication could move in the center of the line. Ok i don't think you'll understand my english.
I loved the updated. I haven't had a chance to play much, I didn't even know if there were portals in my town. (Haven't crossed paths with anybody other than people I told about the game). But since the update (a few hours ago) I'm seeing quite a bit of activity. Really nice! 
+Ingress you should also find something new for level 8 players! when they reach this livel they might get bored because they can't up anymore!
Moreover, I suggest a way to drop more than one item at the same time.
And why don't you give AP when you deploy/destroy a Resonator or you use a virus? Now, you are not very interested in using them! Also, you could give some few AP (maybe less the amount you give for recharghing resonators - which is not enough in my opinion -) when you hack a friend portal. So, you can equilibrate the situation in those cities where a faction dominates.
Many good changes +Ingress … but I am disappointed that the problem with international characters (outside the 'Latin 1' range) is still not fixed. Seems like a really trivial bug (some parts of the interface display them correctly, with the same font), it had been already acknowledged by the ingress-support… but it is still there and make many portal names and addresses unreadable. Not everybody plays in the U.S. and the Western Europe.
For L+8 player? Tip: more capacity XM? More inventory? Think! Its easy! :D
Lem HC
Great update ! No more overlapping in item counts, no more accidental key recycling, nice graphical improvements.
However, portal pictures in inventory seems blurry now, and still waiting for key managing and "combat log" as we can't read Faction chat properly if we have many portals attacked.
Keep up the good work !
+Ingress Overall I like the update.  Like many others I wish I could drop or recycle a specified count of an item type - I need this all the time.  Something I have not seen others request is an option to fire a specified number of XMPs at once (within XM limits.)  Kamikaze attack anyone?  Better than spamming bursters for the user and for the server I think. 

I concur with the desire to group keys - scrolling through keys sucks bad, I want to put them in groups and subgroups, city then neighborhood for example.  I liked being able to get to the start of the keys list by switching to weapons/etc., scroll to the start/end then switch back to keys - and that's gone away with this update, please bring it back too.  I second the desire for key count on the link screen, I never want to link with my last key by accident.  I'd like to see an Intel map style "preview" with confirmation button of links so I know if I'm about to make a stupid link.  

I'd like to be able to customize all the colors for preference and to enhance visibility of things like my range circle, portals, items.  I'd like to be able to suppress items in the map view so I can more readily select other things - like picking up keys on a portal.

Unlike some of the others here I like the vectors (though not the invite prompt) - but all vectors disappear when any portal is visible.  I want to still be able to see the vector to portal type #2 when I am near portal type #1.  I'd also like to be able to toggle these on/off.

I'd dearly love the ability to toggle chat visibility on/off and to mute/unmute people so I never have to see their chat again if I so wish.  I'd also like to be able to lock my own chat because there have been times I was meaning to run silent but stupidly said something in chat and thus flagged myself on the Intel map.

I want to be able to see my total item count and the count by item category (how many total keys, weapons, etc.)

I suspect the positioning of the inventory button is a hint that another button is coming oh sneaky #ingress - I wonder what you have coming.

Oh yes - the sickening zoom in/out when you select a key, a portal in the map view, items on the ground - please please please let me disable that!  It's cool, sure, but it nauseates me.  I can't be the only one.  For performance I'd like to be able to disable each graphic effect.

I agree that toggling vectors to uncaptured portals would rock.

I also would like to be able to toggle confirmation on drop/recycle for any category of item.

More granular notification type toggles too - on/off, sound and/or vibrate (for each type).

I like the recharge button - you can still get the functionality of the old "info" button just by tapping on the portal itself in that screen.

I do not want to see new levels but if you add them then I think all the current level 8s should start out even.  In other games I play when you reach the level cap you stop accumulating experience, I think it should be that way here too.

"Now I'm just dreaming out loud" list:  I'd like more player customization.  I'd like more "abilities/skills" that can be built up as you level.

I noticed that now, after i pressed once the recharge botton of the Portal, i can't rotate the map. I have to press cancel... there is no need for this
I miss one major thing now... For portal selection I first chose a resonator or xmp (let's say L6 out of 8 available) and when jumping to my keys it would jump to 6/8th of the list because the positition bar on the bottom would keep its position. Now I see it is reset again when I change to portal keys :( That saved me loads of time selecting the appropriate key (usually within 10 seconds with ovet 100 different keys) Isn't it possible to get that back or make the positioning bar on the bottom actually a slider for fast scrolling?
Another thing! :)) when i receive a notification "portal X under attack", if i tap on it, shouldn't i go to to its portal key? And be able to recharge fast
Dropping is ok, but, with most phones having NFC capabilities why can't we just  tap phones together to Pass, Exchange items?
I see you can now rotate/zoom on a portal when viewing via a key, is this new? If so that's a nice touch.
Please let us disable the vector to nearest portal tool! +Ingress 
+Ingress -- Please put the NUMBER of keys I have for each portal in the LINK dialog. I don't want to have to go to link,  check what portals I can link to, then close that, go to the inventory, go to the keys section, try to remember what portals were linkable, find those portals, check how many keys I have for them, and then go back to the link dialog again, trying to remember the numbers and which ones I actually wanted to link to -- all the while hoping my GPS hasn't drifted away, or something.

This is just a case of adding the same [4] to the corner of the key in the link dialog that it already has in the inventory screen, and will be a MASSIVE help.
I'm just saying. Less force closing, less GPS drift, less phantom links, less bogged down time, less "unable to..." everything else is preference. I do so much rage quitting because I can't get it to work consistently. 
Remi M
+Ingress The new version seems not to be working right on the HTC one s c2. The map, location arrow and action range circle aren't displayed any more. Only the compass, xm bar, level indicator, ops button and comm bar are displayed, the rest is only a black screen. Hope this gets fixed soon.
Its so frustrating to fire an xmp just to watch the yellow arrow blink for up to 5 minutes and then say "unable to fire XMp". Or to stand on a portal or resonator and watch the distance go from 90-120m away. 
I just turned my tablet on after it ran out of battery last week, and I was hit by a wave of notifications. All of which I have already reacted on. Could you implement Google Cloud Messaging to mitigate this problem? 
#ingress it seems to me, or now, when i select a portal Key i don't find the button "info" (to show res.level) anymore? - edit, ok, i have to tap the portal..but it's not intuitive! 
+Robert Potter This thread is good, we listen to feedback across multiple channels. We also have an Ingress community on Google+, and a help forum on Google Groups.
+Remi M Does signing out, stopping Ingress, then clearing app data help? If not, are you on Wi-Fi or a mobile connection?
Remi M
+Ingress tried all these things. Even tried uninstalling and installing again and it still didn't work. But for some reason it started working again when I went outside. Maybe it had something to do with the missing GPS signal. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer. Guess I won't have to take an ingress break :)
pety please send my invitation i promisse to be an active player pety please with sugar on top
wow, the lower res pictures on portal keys look utterly shite
OK who is Goliadtx? I want to know....
Zac Dix
+Ingress How did somebody get a Gold's Gym approved?!

Why did so many things go backwards with this update sigh
+Ingress who is goliadtx? are they a real agent? If so they have leveled up! Congrats.
#ingress  should call these undates.   do devs even play the game?  

(a) provide an option to toggle all resource-hogging, latency-exacerbating animations into an "off" position.  do this yesterday.

(b) completely transform inventory management into something that doesn't resemble an obstacle course designed by rube goldberg.

(c)  stop taxing hard working high level players into impotence to subsidize a global welfare program for n00bz.

(d)  fix actual bugs, like ghost links and fields, epic gps drift, and whatever's making the app crash ad nauseum.

(e) >9000 other things.
I still don't understand why the slider bar under the item pictures is not user movable. This would be an elegant solution to the issue of key management without the need to use the old "scroll with XMPs then switch back to keys and hop you are in the right spot" hack. 
+Leroy Fumetti-Levine Recycling and dropping items. It would be nice to be able to drop N resonators or bursters for low levels without doing so one at a time.
It will be very usefull when you select a portal key in the menu of creating a link. To see the numbers of keys i have from each portal. Thnks
+Ingress when do we get a better system to drop and pick up items?
Tobi O
+Ingress please undo the individual scrollbars for each item category. Now we have to scroll all the portal keys and can not take the shortcut via weapons or resonators to switch to the beginning or end of the list.

On the other hand you can implement a better scrolling opportunity for keys.

Thank you.
Let us select the portals from the notifications messages (the same way we don on intel map). That would allow faster response time when a critical portal is under attack and we have hundred of keys to scroll.
Dear #ingress ,

Thanks for the update, the new shield recharge is certainly an improvement with uniquely coloured recharge button and also cutting down on a step to our workflow.

Just a few thoughts...From a UX point of view, I don't think a Carousel view is the best way to display the inventory. The user goal is more often to 'seek' and not 'browse' for an item to use. You want to be able to make a quick decision (Capturing a portal, reacting to a portal under attack, taking down a portal) and you're attempting to make the best decision based on the stats being presented in this screen. So what the user would like is an easy to digest/glance at the data quickly to make a selection.Perhaps a sortable list in a tabbed table container is better suited to this task?

Let's consider choosing which resonator to deploy. The use of a large image taking up the majority of an item view doesn't provide the best affordance. Selection is already limited to resonators, everybody knows what a resonator looks like, it's the level of the item that is the prime factor (along with the quantity of resonator and other level resonators) when an agent is making this decision and visually wise, a colour square/swatch perhaps with the resonator level number overlaid on it offers a better visual clue.

Let's also look at the scenario where you're looking for a particular portal key to recharge/check stats. Based on the size of items displayed on each inventory item "card", the primary 'keyword' that you're encouraging seems to be the Portal image since it's the dominant/biggest stat on a card with the Level/Name/Address being relegated to secondary data. The issue is that user submitted images may be poor representation of the portal or that multiple duplicate portals exist and you only know that you've chosen the right portal only after you've selected the item and your view changes to the map. Perhaps a combination of scrollable list (with a smaller portal image) and top-down map centered on the currently selected portal on the list can be used in this scenario instead so the user can utilise a 'key-pair' where both a primary and secondary 'keyword' can be used to augment each other?

Also, the zoom in/out effect whenever you select a portal seems to make the app lag quite a bit. Not sure if you can add an option to turn this of for users with less capable hardware.
The new update looks great. I just wished it also fixed the gameplay-impacting compass functionality issue I've been experiencing since the 1.25 update (and which was reported via the support mechanism on May 6th).  :-(
I don't like that the Rechagre button now does the actual recharge immediately, without letting me see the XM percentages first.
I also don't like the "1 invite left" popup. I remember that fact perfectly, I just don't currently have anyone to send it to. That notification certainly needs a "don't show again" option!
And, on a related note, I think it's unfair that recycling, say, a Level 4 resonator yields only 80 XM. We all know that a fully charged L4 resonator contains 2500 XM, and I think this whole amount should be extracted on recycle. The same should apply to power cubes.
+Ingress the only update everyone wants didn't come: Introducing a 3rd tab where all the portal under attack and resonator destroyed messages go, the COMM is still completely useless. That Recharge now instantly drains your XM is also a rather nasty trap.
Great update so far, but I wouldn't mind being able to filter my keys alphabetically, use the scroll bar and change the view from a carousel style to a list sans pictures. Also a way to message individual agents privately from either faction would be nice, so I don't have to switch out of ingress to use a different messenger app.
And for god sake, remove that annoying Globe animation. If for any reason I don't have a GPS lock until the cursor pass my location, I need to wait for the whole globe to revolve again until I can get in, wasting precious time.
When will the portals start dropping the new mods?
+Mihai Dumitru hit the back button as the globe spins, and it goes away. problem solved
I'd love if there was a confirmation message before exiting the scanner. I have mistakenly closed the scanner (and was forced to wait until it reboots and reacquires my location) too many times. Also, some organization options for keys (current alignment, energy level) would be nice.
Sorry guys for the late feedback. But this one is after a couple of weeks testing in a leveling up activity. It seems like I need a very_rare shield to the [both] comm windows in my scanner for they're overflowed with unsolicited "your portal is under attack" messages which renders any further communication with my faction mates as well as with pitiful resistance agents absolutely impossible.

The major battery drainer in my phone is the screen. It gets worse outdoor in the sunshine. But scanner still doesn't work (XM harvesting, Voice notifications) with the screen turned off. I hope this will be enabled in future releases.

It's been two weeks [of COMM overflowed kind of activity] but I still can't get used to the new items filter selector. I already forgot what was the difference but the feeling that it used to be better is still there.

When I under 40m proximity to a portal can I has the TARGET context menu item replaced with the HACK one?

Carousels are so iOSey. The real agent needs no more than tap-n-select sort of interface. Quick and precise. Max info, less swiping around. Tap on an octant, select resonator level, done, already deployed.

Did anybody mention bulk items drops yet? I WANT TO DROP IN BULK. Bulk recycle would be handy too. One L5Res gives you only 100XM. Usually it's needed to recycle a dozen at a time. Try it and time it, and you'll feel the pain.

"Shield destroyed, good work", "Turret destroyed, good work", "Whatever mod destroyed, good work" - am I gonna hear those?

Thanks for the wonderful work, +Ingress !
Oh, and by the way. I'm forced to use IITC mobile because with the standard scanner I'm not able to check what mods are installed on an enemy portal.
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