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#Ingress v1.35.1 has leaked to Google Play, and should roll out to all Agents over the next couple days. If you are not yet seeing this update, stay tuned. In addition to Scanner performance updates, the AGENT tab includes Agent statistics and recognition of the following skills:

Seer: Discover and successfully submit new Portals.
Connector: Link Portals.
Guardian: Maintain control of a Portal for an extended period of time.
Mind Controller: Create Control Fields.
Purifier: Destroy enemy Resonators.
Hacker: Hack Portals.
Builder: Deploy Resonators.
Explorer: Visit and hack distinct Portals.

Additionally, some Portal notifications have been moved from Faction COMM, and GPS lock will remain on temporarily after switching to a new task or app.
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I am actually looking forward to this. If there's a longest held portal achievable, i'll have quite a good value.
+Ingress and why don't you say anything about the new system mail? "Ingress: Global Intel - Sept. 12, 2013" mai just received :P
I can't wait. I only L3 . But. This is cool
crosses fingers for Google Play Games integration
Cool update. Still no multi drop. 
"Additionally, some Portal notifications have been moved from Faction COMM"

And 10,000 nerds cried out with joy at once.
My kingdom for an apk!!
will these achievements be viewable also in Google Play Games?
I like this +Ingress but what would be really good is some kind of extra ability for reaching the maximum achievement levels, like:
Builder: can deploy extra lv8 resonator
Connector: can link twice as far
Mind Controller: gets double MU count for fields
Guardian: recharging costs half the XM
Purifier: firing xmps costs less XM or bursters have increased range
Hacker: reduced cooldown time
Seer: priority portal submission review
Explorer: wider action radius
This could lead to specialisations if you can only pick one from the badges you have unlocked.
Just an idea...
Any sign of an Inventory Count for anyone who's got it yet?
+Ingress I experienced problems with my compass since an update in May. When I press on the compass to make it dynamic, it defaults to north, instead of lining up with the heading of my cell phone, which Google Maps does (Turning the compass to dynamic while facing south defaults to north instead of south and rotating). I had to turn the compass to the direction I was facing, which resets the settings to static. Can you fix it right now?
+Dave Plummer Game balance goes right out the window with those suggestions. The game becomes about getting the highest level achievements regardless, not about the game.
+Ingress If you do make these potentially visible publicly, please also allow them to be hidden.
+Storey Redshaw if you've put the effort in then why not be rewarded? Also game balance is already skewed to factions with more players, this would give very active players in areas dominated by the opposition some extra chance to fight back
+Dave Plummer Assuming the opposing faction doesn't already have the same, or greater level achievements, thus throwing balance out the window again.
Recruiting badge and portals submitted badge. 
+Sonny Lee There were related updates in v1.35.1, so please let us know if you still see the issue you're referring to after updating so we can investigate further.
+Storey Redshaw Not if there's a penalty.
Builder: XMPs cost more to use
Connector: Less drops
Mind Controller: costs way more XM to create a field
Guardian: XMPs are less effective
Purifier: half resonator deployment-- round up
Hacker: Portals burn out way faster
Seer: don't see a counterbalance for this
Explorer: half XM total
+Ingress In July, I had to wait three days after the release of a new version before I could update it through Google Play. Please allow everyone to update within 24 hours of release.
+Ingress thanks for the update, in the future, can you remove the missions tab as it is only used when you are brand new? 
I don't see any updates on decode ingress since August...
will there be a way for Agents that have faction changed to have the totals from both combined or the ability to also see those stats?
+Ingress missing badges, pioneer and liberator: not achieved or next update? Cheers
I think the "some portal notifications have been moved from faction comms" is one of the most important updates ever!
+Jeremy Rickman Changing your Faction resets your account, including your Agent medals and stats.
great update! But there's no way to fix the resolution ingress Mobile with the smaller screen?
Achievements are nice and all but I still think this falls short of keeping level 8 players in the game.
Can't wait to try this! I'm looking for some new challenges!! 
i doubt, let me see, if its gonna work out, well, it is gonna stand out. 
So initially it looks like the achievements in 1.35.1 are so far inaccurate or incorrect.
+Ingress Conspicuously absent is the number of portals recharged and the amount of XM used for doing it. Please add.
One new thing that wasn't mentioned in the Release Notes: When you close your scanner app, watch the GPS icon.  It stays on.  Come back into Ingress - instant start!
Will this update bring back the AP that the last update took away from me, or should I expect more AP to just magically vanish all over again?
+Dave Plummer
 Inflation, with your suggestion only 4 players are needed to deploy a successful L8 portal, whereas you currently need 8. Ingress is a team game, and the team component gets heavily eroded by that measure.
+Ingress few bugs I've noticed with new update:
* If you are @ mentioned in all chat, the message no longer appears in faction chat
* Faction chat messages do not show up for the period of time the app is in background. E.g. ingress running 10-1030, I do other things on phone for 30 minutes and go back to ingress at 11, no chat messages appear in faction for 1030-11 but portal activity appear in all chat as normal. Confirmed via Intel map that there were messages sent throughout the whole period that didn't show up whilst app not running.
Great, finally some updates the community's been asking for :D Now we just (still) need something for L8's to do with all their excess AP
Make a level nine, but you can only deploy either an R8 or R9 on a portal not both.
+Ingress Can we have a clear explanation why the most demanded feature "Multidrop" & "Multipickup" has been constantly ignored?
+David Witkowski Yes it was mentioned. Doesn't affect me though, I leave a GPS tracker running anyway. If only to settle disputes when some green scum accuses me of cheating. :-P
+Jose Alcántara most screenshots I've seen so far from long standing lv8s have about 10,000 resonators deployed, and you need 200,000 for platinum builder, how many people do you really think are going to get that far and then chose the builder speciality? If you have four people in one area that have achieved that then they deserve more than just a badge!
Your comment about team play is fine if you have 8 players on your side in reasonable distance, that you can help get to lv 8, but in my local area I struggle to even get a lv6 portal due to lack of players
+Ingress the stats for fields does not work when you create 4 fields from 4 portals, firing the last link inwards to  a central portal to create 2 simultaneous fields. 
I performed a test and even though it said I created 4 fields in COMM, it only credited me with an additional 3 to my total. 
is there a way to turn off the "GPS still on" thing? Cause I have to shut down the app everytime to save the battery (when I'm travelling between portal or when I'm done playing). This is very annoying.
New appearance of XM is ... um .... not good.  Can hardly see it on the scanner, basically cannot see it.  If that is the intention, congratulations.  Otherwise, please change it back.
+Brandon Badger You should make a "Hiatus Badge" that shows longest time spent NOT playing the game hahaha.

Seems like if you don't play for more than a week, the chick on intel map does not mention how long you have been inactive for.  It's a nice stat to know.
GPS on for how long after? Mine just keeps running until I force close. I understand wanting to thwart spoofers and maintain a GPS lock when switching between tasks, but eating extra battery by staying on forever is ridiculous +Ingress 
So.. what are the distinct portals for Pioneer? Are those anomaly portals? Or huge landmarks and such?
+Ingress Is it possible to reexamine the data used for the Guardian badge? I once held a portal for 192 days but the scanner update has me at 23 days.
+Ingress I have the same compass issue that +Sonny Lee describes, and this update didn't fix it. I hope you can fix it in next updates...
Version 1.35.1 has been released to everyone. I encourage every player to update to the new version.
idea of achievement is great but done awfull. most of current achievements are boring. everyone sooner or later will achieve it, becouse it's normal part of the game. I se it that way: Defende- retake enemy portal under 10 seconds. Traveler- gone over 300 km for keys to portal... or anything different, but more interesting! Idea was good but need seouriusly to be developed.
I can't acces just with network location enabled... I use a tablet without gps at home just to recycle and recharge portals. This thing with the gps enabled all time seems to be very bad choice... And very anoying at smarphones. Please, give us an option to disable it or something...

PD: may it be something for traking our movements even when we turn of the app? good move google ;)
having problems with the update at 4.79mb 19% it just stop. so i cant finish the update
You need more categories that promote team play as well. Such as upgrades and recharging. 
+Ingress myvcombatbtotals are seriously low. I'm an L8 and it says I've only destroyed 16 fields and 29 links but almost 1700 resos. Something is off there...
The new "feature" of it holding on to GPS is killing my phone. My phone's GPS isn't awesome and I play in a city with a bunch of tall buildings, so the phone loses its GPS lock fairly often. If I happen to back out of the app while it's re-searching for GPS, it just keeps searching... and searching... and searching... until I notice and fully quit the app. In the meantime I lose about half my battery. PLEASE at least only activate this "feature" if the phone actually has a GPS lock at the time you back out of the app...
I wonder what all time means. I started to play on 16th of november 2012 and I feel like some data stats are missing. Am I wrong?
Ever since update my inventory is often unavailable and says refreshing. Alsothe always on GPS has significantly reduced my battery life when playing.
I love this update! There seems to be room for additional achievements?!? Might I suggest "Recycler" and "Recharger" Thank you for continuing to improve the game. 
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