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Ingress Has Exited Beta; #13MAGNUS Global Finale

What a weekend!  #13MAGNUS has come to an epic conclusion and Ingress is now officially out of Beta.

This past weekend was the biggest yet for Ingress and our team here at Niantic Labs with the finale of the 9-week, 39-city global event known as Operation #13MAGNUS.  See the #13MAGNUS livestream at and view the full list of Anomaly Sites at  Thousands of Agents turned out in the cities chosen for the final weekend events -- San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Sao Paulo, and San Diego -- while hundreds of thousands more followed along online and participated in their local cities.

At the beginning of #13MAGNUS, Roland Jarvis, the self-declared ruler of the Enlightened Faction, was shattered into 13 pieces or ‘Shards’ and scattered throughout the world.  The challenge laid out for Agents was to reunite these Shards in San Francisco in order to resurrect Jarvis or to move them to Buenos Aires in order to destroy him forever.  The Shards had to be moved across the globe by forming links between Portals.

Agents in more than 200 countries around the world competed and collaborated to claim the Shards and move them across countries, continents and oceans to reach their goal.  As the deadline approached on Saturday, December 14, Enlightened Agents were able to move a majority of the Shards to San Francisco, achieving victory for Jarvis.  In a show of lights and sound, Jarvis emerged from the “Cupid’s Span” Portal in downtown San Francisco and greeted the crowd.

Along with the finale of #13MAGNUS, we’re excited to announce that Ingress has exited Beta and is available now for all Android users to download and play for free at the Google Play Store at Tell your friends it’s now even easier to get in and begin -- just make sure they choose the right Faction.

2013 has been a great year for Ingress with more than one million Portals discovered and submitted by users and more than one billion total game actions taken.

All Agents who supported Ingress during the beta period and reached Level 5 by December 14, 2013 have received a very special souvenir -- a limited edition badge known as “The Founder Medal.”  Eligible Agents can collect their badge by logging into Ingress.

The entry window for the Ingress Elite V contest also closed on December 14.  The five top Ingress Agents around the world will be selected in January for a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Ingress world.

“I want to extend a huge thank you to all of the Ingress Agents who helped us create and grow Ingress into something that exceeded all of our expectations,” said +John Hanke, VP in charge of Google’s Niantic Labs. “The community has been incredibly supportive of us and of each other.  Nothing excites us more than meeting Ingress Agents and hearing stories of their exploits and the way the game has affected them.  #13MAGNUS turned into a global adventure more exciting than a big screen thriller with agents traveling literally to the ends of the earth by foot, train, boat, plane, and helicopter to secure and transport the Shards.  For new players and those thinking about joining, the journey of Ingress has just begun. The end of Operation #13MAGNUS marks the beginning of a new chapter for Ingress that will begin to unfold in January 2014.  So download the app and get ready to see your world in a whole new way.”

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Thank you, Agents. Excellent work.
Where to now, after #13MAGNUS? I think the journey is just beginning. I see see new weapons and mods emerging.
Anticlimatic and too late announcement of an anticlimatic "game release".
And we were telling our friends that the game is available to everyone for more than a month if you've forgot that.
A year later, and our lives have been enriched by this ingress experience. Can't thank the Niantic team enough for that. 
+Gordon Tanner The UK has hosted events in the past. There was one in Stirling a few months ago. I'm sure our turn will come again.
I don't know how many thousands of miles I have travelled out of my way or rearranged my life to accomodate based on spreading Enlightenment, but I am glad we agree that this is just the beginning.
+Ingress Thanks for all the work you guys, gals and ai are doing behind the scenes to turn the world into a playground for us. Many, many people are appreciative of those efforts - we are hanging on with baited breath for the adventures you've yet to send us on!
Bring this to Asia would you
Ingress rocks! Thank you for an awesome game that unites us, promotes leadership, introduces us to new things (art) and most importantly, new friends! La Onda!!! 
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