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Portals seem to be reacting to the influx of new recruits post #Cassandra. AP for upgrading Portals with a Mod is back. Agents now gain 125 AP by deploying a Shield or Mod, and each Agent can deploy 1 Mod per Portal, until their Mod is destroyed. Since Mods are permanently attached to the Portal until destroyed by the enemy, make your Mod choices carefully.

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Jeff Kean
way to RUIN the game +Ingress this is utterly words i cant post on here
This is really frustrating for those of us in less-populated areas. 
So now that I'm L8, you change the shield values, add ultra strikes, and now add ap for adding mods? #ragequit

Edit: this was sarcasm until I found out about the one mod per portal. Now I'm just angry.
Nick L
Ingress...I am dissapoint
Woah, wait... each agent can only apply one mod per portal? Dammit man.
Teamwork is going to be even bigger now.  As well it will make things challenging for everyone.
Jenn B
How is this useful? I would rather take no AP gain and be able to remove my mods and place more than one on a portal. It is impossible for one player to prep ahead of time now, plus now I've got more mods than I could ever go through. Very bad change.
+Scott Petty yes they changed it specifically after you hit L8 just to spite you... This changes the game mechanics alot don't cry and adapt
Oh do stop whining everyone, this is the nature of an evolving game. Things change. Adapt or ragequit.
Jim Lai
They used to give AP for deploying mods at the start of the game. This is a reinstatement of that, with limitations.
Well that sucks, can only put one shield on a portal? As if portal defense wasn't already worthless.
Good thing I deployed those 4 rare shields literally 20 minutes ago.  Wheew, beat the clock!

Thanks for confirming, +Ingress.
+Philip Edmondson it would just be nice if the rural areas had as many players. Its hard enough to make an L7 as is, let alone protect it. Now I need 4 agents for mods?
It DOES stink for those of us in rural, low-portal-density areas.  :( 
and can't remove them? WTH. this is bad for rural players and bad for building a farm with MH and HS where you want to remove the mods after farming and put turrets/FA's on.
I highly disagree with only being able to deploy one shield for Portal
Chris H
So I've just capped a portal that I'd like to protect, but I can't do so effectively because I accidentally just deployed a common shield. Now I can't take it off, can't add a better shield... I sure hope VR shields start dropping like candy.
This is horrible +Ingress . Please understand that:

High level players deserve to be rewarded.

Not Hamstrung.

It was already bad enough. Now it's like the levels don't matter...anybody can come and blow up my stuff...why did I even care to get to 8...
Found this out tonight. Dropped by to add two shields to a portal i captured. Already has shields on it. I wanted to remove two commons & replace with rares but my scanner told me no......

That's a catastrophe for all the people living outside of big Ingress spots. Nearly not possible to protect portals when no other Ingress Player is living near you.
If you're going to put deployment restrictions on, why not allow 4 common mods, or 2 rare mods or 1 very rare mod instead of only 1 no matter the type? but no matter what, I'm strongly opposed to not being able to remove your own mod.
Interesting change. I'd wait to see what change it makes in the field before panicking.
Emil Otte
but what about players who play in areas where there are only few other players. they can't protect their portals if they can only deploy one shield per portal
I get the 1 mod per person but the inability to remove it is completely ass-hat. Swift move.
Kellie B
This def. Sucks!   oh and WHO CARES about AP gain after lvl 8?!?!  
Chris C
Well at least this further incentivizes teamwork. The downside is all of us who don't live near other agents. What I would prefer is higher level agents can deeply more mods than lower level ones. How about level 8 can remove mods and deploy up to, level 7 can remove/add 3, level 6 can r/a 2,level 1-5 can r/a 1, etc? 
Jim Lai
I'll give the new rules a try, but common mods are going to pile up in inventory given drop rates. 
That's the Biggest Bullshit, since the Ultrastrike. Thanks +Ingress  for making my Portals an easy target, because i live many Kilometers away from my Teammates and its not possible to meet "quick for deplyoing mods"... Thanks. Really. This Sucks so hard. I could shit bricks.
Purging the option to remove one's own mods will likely result in more frequent use of off-faction resonance refactors.  Per agent limits on mod deployment will require cooperation even on mid-level operations, just as has always been the case for high level portals.  We'll be watching to see how the new scanner behavior results in new agent behavior.
This is the worst change I have seen yet. Thank you for ruining the game in rural areas like mine. Like its not hard enough getting people to come here to upgrade a portal. No one is going to come just to place mods. Just remove the mods and make it even easier to take the portals down.

This is horrible. 
John Frye
This change is bad, and you should feel bad.
+Ingress What the hell are you guys smoking over there? I'm absolutely furious with you right now. Change it back!
I understand that it will bring new players into the game faster, but this was a bad idea, it forces the social part of the game when some want to play as lone wolves
I think, it could be interesting
where is the dislike button? Kinda hard to go up against another faction and protect your portals when your out numbered! 
Big yes from me! Choice your mods wisely!
Asks for more strategy and more teamplay +1
if deploying a mod gives AP let us at least upgrade mods from other Players!
I don't need points for deploying a mod. This is a penalty for all the agents who are on their own in their cities.
But only 1 mod per portal and no way to change/upgrade them is a really bad joke
Teamwork for building, one person for destroying. Great, congratulation :-( 
Everyone complaining about under populated areas.  How often do your portals get attacked?  Seriously.
What's next? 1 resonator on a portal per user?
They had to implement a way to give AP and stop people from AP whoring on a portal.

Don't any of you remember the ZipCars shields fiasco? We had multiple agents in both factions with 1000+ shields that were just putting them on and removing them for the AP.

My only thought is that if I can fill out a portal with pins, why not let me pack it out with mods also?
+Scott Petty in rural areas with fewer people there are fewer enemies, i think it's by design: harder to lock down areas with few players, new players get mor chance to carve out a place. And in cities you need more teamwork now...
Actually, this could be a very good move for the flow of the game, if only one could remove or at least upgrade one's mods it would be perfect...
I think it's not as bad as people are making it sound, but with a caveat that you should then be able to upgrade someone else's mod if you don't have one deployed already.  Or perhaps limit to one per day.
Scotty B
This will just force people making alt accounts to deploy extra mods. A1 accounts will be able to add the mod to the portal, don't even need to level them.

I do not think this was planned out very well.
If this is the case, you need to allow players to upgrade mods, e.g., from a common shield to a rare shield...
[Insert angry comment at the people working hard on the beta game I play and a totally bogus promise to rage-quit here.]
+Ingress at the bottom of the report it says "Agent can deploy 1 Mod per Portal at a time " does that mean there is a time frame after adding a mod or just one and done until destroyed?

I like the idea it will stop all of the home portals with 4 VR shields and give new players more interest in the game.
It should also be a good way to people to practice their skills in team coordination in regards to building portals. 

Well Played +Niantic Project +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 
Somebody help !! Lol got to figure this out! Gotta keep the power on
Your joking right +Ingress ? Please tell me your joking? Pretty please? What about in places where there aren't any other players and noone is interested? How can I farm, and how can I protect the only L6 portals in my town?

+Ingress , change this back NOW. This is the most stupid thing you have ever done in the game.

uhm, +Ingress , just to be clear, I can NO LONGER place a shield, and a heat sink, and a multi-hack, on the same portal?

is this serious?

for what possible reason would I ever capture a portal again?
+Philip Edmondson rarely, but when it does it's normally by high level players that destroy everything.

Also, you're forgetting about the other mods.
While I can understand this move to make portal defense more of a teamwork issue, I cannot help but notice it unbalances the game in that an L7 or even an L6 with little effort can solo knock down a P8 that requires 8 L8's to build. +Ingress rethink this a little more please. I don't mind teamwork, but if it takes a team to set up, it should take a team to tear down.
Marc Cox
Another two steps back. Let us upgrade mods like we used to be able to.. And remove the ones we want. With the stupid god mode flip cards it is already too easy to destroy a portal. You are literally making this game worse.
Terry Stout
I don't have a problem with tweaking the rules to encourage more team play, but perhaps this needs to be dialed back? Perhaps number of mods per rarity? I.e. you could deploy 4 commons, 2 rare, or 1 very rare? Also not being able to remove mods is fine, but we should be able to upgrade the rarity, just like resos.
Thanks for making this game even more difficult for me.  This is the worst.
 You've totally made it like a thousand times harder for anyone who is, like me, the only agent of one faction in their area, while making it way easier for those on the other side.
Why would it ruin gameplay in rural area?  Its not like your opponents in a rural area will have an advantage.  Deploy a very rare shield and link the crap out of that thing.

Or...go recruit your neighbors!
Jeff Kean
what will happen : people wont come together to place mods, portals will be less shielded, l8s like me will dominate even more, like we did before any of the shields were upped. People quit because of said domination.

I didn't care about the ultra-strikes.  I don't see much impact.  In cities, this rule change has only a small impact, in that it's not terribly difficult to get four members of a faction together to set up a decent portal.  Out in the sticks, with portals sometimes separated by more than a kilometer (read, near my house), it took the two of us two weeks to get someone out to take our nearest L6 to an L7, and it can quite rapidly be taken out by a lone L5+  with little effort.  That stinks...
That's the worst idea they ever had!...
I support this move. If you take your time to break a super portal, it shouldn't be recreated by a single player just because he got lots of keys of it. But I probably see this from a different side, I'm a tanker, not a defender.

i do see everyones point in the sense that it was a bad idea to get rid of the ability to remove mods, after a day or two of testing they may change it again, just like the did with xm loss for firing and deploying resos, +Niantic Project has to find a common ground that appeals to the MAJORITY of agents and never will it appeal to everyone. 

give it a day jeez.
Thank you for favoring numbers even more than they are favored today, Ingress. I'm sure we're all delighted with the latest changes, with that cool and fair ultrastrike thingy and now this...
Lee Seng
Well, this make multiple-accounts player happier! And with the 5 invites given lately, is +Ingress team trying to quadruple the active players count? Pushing the sales of nexus 4 at 199usd?
+Google , +Google: Don't Be Evil ?

Silly me, I was hoping that a "portal owner" would be able to remove any mods placed by any agent. Now I find out I can't even remove my own mods!? More of the same awful changes to the game that push people who have been here from the start further and further away. I feel bad for the agents in less populated areas, good luck on trying to make a really big field or farm your 3 or 4 portals more than 4 times a day.

Too bad there isn't a -1 button....
Jessica D
This is the worst idea you have ever had.
Tony M
Yea, the rule should definitely not be 1 mod per person, but one mod per person of each mod type. It would infuriate the crowd less, but still mildly promote team play.
+Pete Wilcock not complaining because the game is evolving. Complaining because this change means players in less populated areas will have a harder time. It took me months to make A2 and I live in a place with a lot of people - just not a lot of public sculpture.
OK, 1/1/non-removable is fine, but from what  I gather, you cannot even "upgrade" within a similar class of mods, ie. common shields>rare shield>very rare shield?  

So the choice is to leave a portal undefended until you have a good shields or be stuck with common shields (VRS are in fact VR)  

I cannot understand or agree with that game logic.
Marcus K.
Solution; make 3 extra acc's - use them only to place shields ; sideeffect, after 9,600 mods, you can also place 3 extra L8 resonators - now we rural agents don't have any problems ; )
One mod for each player is ok. But please give us the possibility back, to remove my own mod.
I spent all morning farming so could shield/turret my home portal. Now you're telling me I have to spend the next two days begging people to come mod my neighborhood, assuming it doesn't get attacked. Awesome...
Might as well start recycling all the rare and very rare shields I stocked up on cause there is no way I'll be able to use them now. 
As a contrasting opinion, even though I'm L8, I like this change.  I think it will help lower level agents level up quicker, and make the decision of what to put on a portal more strategic.  Yeah, you'll need to get together with other agents to fill up the mod slots, but +Ingress is supposed to be a social game, right?
OK +Ingress can you explain why we have to collaborate only for build and not to destroy???? To make portal stronger i have to call players who live far from me than come a single player and destroy all....not a good move for me...probably only for big cities full of players
Because, Daniel, I would not be able to put more than one shield on a portal.

Or I would have to choose between a shield or a multihack, or a heat sink.

I can put 8 resonators on a portal, but only 1 mod?
Increased portal turnover?

Chris Souza
+Jörg Wrage I see rural players ranting, because we have enough difficulty getting what few portals we can readily access up to an L7, and may as well be impossible to get to L8.  Where we don't have access to the 15+ portals of a few city blocks, we could at least make due with getting a reasonably well defended and modded portal. 'cause, let me tell you, speaking from experience, people aren't coming 15km  or more out of their way just to drop upgrades and improved resos on a portal they'll never hit again.
+Roland S. Mann wrong. There are a total of 9 players in my county who hit L8 and about half a dozen who are lower level. Out of the L8s, 5 are Enlightened and are really close to farm locations and each other. The three Resistance (myself included) live about 3 miles away from each other. Typically, we can get a farm to last about 3 days at L7 (mind you, with the distances we're talking about, we only burn it out about once a day).
These changes will only increase the dominating factor of the faction with the most players.
Tony M
+Troy Stone: I've got activation codes if you want them, but it's not difficult to get them anymore...
I see the # of multiple account users spiking because of these wonderful changes.
Deployment should be 4 common mods, two very rares, or one very rare and removable. 
Ben Doll
-1  Ingress

This complication serves no purpose and will likely lead to an increase in the number of multi-accounters.  
terrible move... instead of the random flailings in game adjustments, how about hiring someone with real game design experience.  It's as if you guys don't even know basic game strategy.
I think this is an awesome change, makes the game a lot more dynamic in my opinion.

I do agree that for people in rural areas it kinda sucks, maybe you could increase mod stickyness and drop rates now that players can only put 1 mod? Would make it more rewarding and rural areas would get less of a shaft
If that's the case, they have forced the game to be far more 'social' than some areas can support and have made it so that a single person cannot hope to even attempt to defend an area. What's next? I can't fully deploy a portal?

This keeps up, I'm done with this game. 
I used commons as placeholders for better mods. Thanks a lot you ***holes.
So, what am I to do? Leave the L6 portals as a sitting duck to a revenge attack that is likely going to come soon?

+Ingress change this back NOW. I MEAN NOW. NOT IN A MINUTE, NOW. NOW. NOW.

Noone in my town wants to play, I don't really know anyone. I AM THE ONLY PLAYER. AND THIS CHANGE FEELS LIKE YOU'RE KILLING US OFF.
Jake Kern
This is the final straw for me. Ingress has no concept of just how difficult this game is for rural players or how boring it is for level 8 players. I want to do team play, but it's not an option where I live. Because I was away for a week I lost all my portals & the resonators that other players who have since quit placed on those portals. I started to get the experience of team play again by connecting with agents in the region who live over 200 km away, but I'm now stuck again & unable to connect with them.

Also, if team play is so important, why can't players split AP for teams the way nearly every other game lets you do so?

I'm going dormant. I'll check in several months to see if Ingress has learned about game balance & the importance of giving incentive to actually do stuff. 
+Philip Edmondson mine get razed every few weeks. The last attack was the first time any portals made it through at all.

At least I'll be able to rebuild more easily. A strafing run won't be protected because the attacker won't be able to deploy shields.
hold on, I have to go find 60 portals I don't care about to place all these multi hacks onto...

(because not one of them will last long enough for them to be of any use)
I know the developers live in super-urban areas and can't see what ramifications this change has, so let me spell it out for you - this effectively ruins rural play. There are areas where there aren't even 4 players on the same faction that were limping along fine, but now it's absolutely useless to bother playing anywhere not in a large city.

I am not a new player and have seen so many changes in this game that have been detrimental to the rural style of play, but this one is the nail in the coffin. I play all over my state and have visited numerous small towns where there may only be one or two players. We have managed to build fieldsets with more MU than there are people. Now we won't bother, because there is no way for us to effectively defend against out-of-town travelers (or cheating spoofers). Why spend time, gas, and effort planning a huge field when I can't remove my link amp and replace it with a shield?
Folks ... if you have an L7 portal, you've had at least three people deploy on it anyway. Just make sure everyone who does throws on a mod and you're almost home. Anything less than a 7, you can probably rebuild pretty quickly anyway.
How the fuck am I supposed to decently farm now? I can't put any decent Multi hacks or heat sinks on.

Oh, and I can't remove the sheilds from another portal. I hope you're logging into the server to change it back +Ingress .
Would be nice if we could get some Mods that helped mitigate damage against a single L8.  I can understand if multiple L8's show up to ravage a portal, but coming from an L8 agent myself, a single L8 agent with bursters/cubes at his/her disposal is unstoppable, regardless of the portal defenses.  I could see this change greatly benefiting on creating bonuses for mod combinations in conjunction with only one-mod-per-agent.  but to my knowledge, it still severely reduces the mod's effectiveness if multiples are placed.  There is no amount of teamwork you can coordinate to defend your portals against an L8 right now, even as an L8 player.
Next Niantic "improvement" to the game, recycle your invites for XM! Amazeballs
Here come the multiple alternate accounts just to deploy full mods.  Just watch, it's going to happen.
Now I know why I got the five invites ;)
+Jason Ruiz Not a timeframe. An Agent can deploy 1 Mod per Portal, until that Mod is destroyed.
Why this is a problem for rural areas? It's not because of the shields - now we can't use a multihack and a heatsink - or those who could use link amps - now they can only use one and i doupt areas that need link amps have 4 players around... +Daniel Beaudoin +Jeff Craig +Roland S. Mann +Philip Edmondson 
+Ingress I hope this will be another change that you dial back after further consideration.   At the least allow the mods to be full strength, so theres no longer declining returns as mods are stacked.
+Ingress There is a lot of Vitriol over this change.  Personally, i think it is a good change. 

Please lets focus on a few things before we ragequit over this.

1: every change made in this game has forced more and more team play, this is a step in that direction

2: if you are in a less populated area, you might not get attacked much, so you may not need the shields, also, if you are in a less populated area do you need 1200 XMP's that you are doing nothing with? i'm sure there are good points for why this is bad in smaller population areas but i don't think it effects gameplay nearly as much

3: New players can now feel a bit more useful then just making links and capping portals.  A level 1 player can now help with that rare or VR shield they just hacked and want to use with the team, it will integrate them earlier, helping hte team grow together

now those are just a few of many points.  However i will say my one displeasure about this:

Why can we not upgrade our own mods? i am ok with the change  but one thing i notice is sometimes on my scanner it places a mode before or after the one i selected onto the portal.  So i would like to see 2 additions

1: an Oops timer - you have 10 seconds to remove the mod (and you lose it) but can replace it with another mod in case you screwed up (and you know new players will, even some veterans)

2: the ability to upgrade my mod. I may not want anyone else to do it, but lets say i am helping build a farm, i run out of VR shields, i hack one, and i want to go put it back into play for my team.  i SHOULD be able to "upgrade" my common to rare to VR shield, and each time i do i lose the mod in that slot that it was before, but me and only me can do the upgrades.

Please consider these changes.
Worst idea ever. Not cool +Ingress , just not cool. How much more social do you want this game to be?
rage quit
+Tony M and the people trying to play the game legit will get the short end of the stick. All someone has to do is start 3 more accounts and they can mod their portal however they see fit, they won't even need to level them up because a L1 can place the same mods a L8 can.
So, I guess the plan that we were told  was in the works to let anyone upgrade a teammate's mod like we can for resonators fell through? That sucks. I've been waiting for that since that was mentioned by Niantic shortly after Zipccarmageddon.

But this:
"each Agent can deploy 1 Mod per Portal at a time"
REALLY SUCKS, for locales that don't have many players on a side. Despite our best recruiting efforts, my faction has about 6 active players in our city. The other faction has about 3 times that. We're going to have to organize meetups just to build anything now.

If there is going to be a limit, maybe consider dialing it back to one very rare mod, two rares, and no limit on the commons?
I just read this only affects L8 players?  Can this get confirmed?
+Doug Gross  except that those L5 portals are giving out terrible gear. So it's diminishing returns, and portals we can't defend, so we have to get more resonators... from weak portals.  See the issue here?  

I have a few level 7 portals in my area. If they get rolled, it takes days to replace them if lucky and if I reach out to people. And it's not like I live in the sticks. Now I can't even put shields down to protect my work and have time to respond to an attack?
edited: Going back to my original rant.... L8s can already blow down pretty much whatever. I do. We have our portals blown down within minutes now. You have removed the only chance lowbies had to defend and taken away incentive forL8  to capture and fully deploy. This move is bad for the game. Was it thought out by someone who actually plays? 
+Ingress  I think most of us were hoping the change would be to atleast have the ability to upgrade people's common mods to a rare or very rare. Not to have our ability to mod even more restricted....
+Ingress early warning was needed for this change, an operation we planned is now impossible because we can't replace shields with link amps
I have to say. This is the biggest pile of bullshit I've yet to see come out of +Ingress ......
I really don't care about this so called influx of players. I still have ten invites that I can't give away due to NO ONE in my area of London who plays/cares/has even heard of Ingress, let alone wants to spend MONTHS getting to level 8.

I used to maintain the largest portal farm in North London. Along with the biggest fields to cover North London and half of Essex.
Not to boast, however getting to just shy of 6mil AP didn't happen overnight. My quitting the game has already been fated.

Goodbye +Ingress
Goodbye lame additions, changes and hard work. Goodbye +NIA Ops +Niantic Project
You've just lost yourself a 'dedicated' player
+Doug Gross as +Sam Learner just pointed out, even with three people working together, a single L8 can still easily tear apart the work it took several other people to create. It wouldn't even take them much time or effort. Defence had just become a bad joke. An exercise in futility. Thanks +Derek Arduino . Thanks +Ingress . You've just given people who are grossly outnumbered even more reason to quit.
Agree with +Terry Stout .  Much better way to implement this would be: deploy 4 commons, 2 rare, or 1 very rare? Also not being able to remove mods is fine, but we should be able to upgrade the rarity, just like resos.
I just wrote a PM to +Ingress . I'll be amazed if they reply, also it was a bit nicer than most of my comments :)
+Doug Gross what about the L4 player who needs to link the portal on one side of town to another in the next county, because those are the only ones around? How do they get more than one Link Amp on? How are they supposed to (try to) protect it without shields?
I live in a rural low portal area. Looks like I have more crap to recycle.... In this case pleas add bulk recycling. 
I'd care if I hadn't already walked away after the boredom of L8 set in. 

meh ...

I'm surprised I even gave the energy or time to post ... Ingress you were fun for awhile ... maybe I'll try this candy crush that people speak of ...
+Ingress I actually support this change, but I was wondering something else.  Was that bug ever fixed where, just before your thumb hits DEPLOY for your VR shield (or other mod), the game does a location update and resets the mod you're trying to deploy back to a C shield?  Cause that bug would be really bad to run into right now.
+Terry Stout Being able to upgrade Mods, like Resonators, is an interesting suggestion. Thank you, Agent.
I see both sides. On the one hand, this is going to suck when you flip a whole town by yourself and your want to protect your stuff.
However as someone stated above, this will make the game a bit more team oriented. 
+Nick Dumas 1. Yes teamwork is why one player can't make an L8 portal alone. But with that comes the hazard of local portals. If I can't get teammates to help me rebuild afterwards, I'm at the mercy of either driving miles to the nearest farm, or getting by with lower level gear.
2. Again, less population != less danger. We have a set of frogs in my area that have portals close to where they live, and they outnumber the local resistance. We get lucky sometimes when a traveling agent passes through and L7s one of our portals, but its only about once a week.
3. Yes, but did they have to make it one per player? What about two? Or that you could replace someone else's mod with the more powerful one?
Don B
Hi Ingress are you encouraging us to make 4 accounts? That way we can fully mod portals? Cause I think your telling us to make 4 accounts.
So, all of you idiots who complained when they made shields stronger are now complaining that portals are too soft now?  Yikes. I'm glad I don't have to put up with customers like you.  I for one look forward to how this will change the game and am already working with my local faction to adapt.

Adapt or quit.  Your choice.  There will always be someone else willing to take your place (and your portals).

You're a bunch of whiny, entitled brats in my opinion. It's not like you're giving them any money to play this game, so get over yourselves.

Once again, +Ingress, thank you for making such a phenomenal game.  I hope that your devs can see past the vitriol on this page and see how the majority of the player population will welcome the change.
Jim Lai
There had once been talk of allowing shields to be upgraded like resonators. 65 AP might be reasonable.
+1 +Ben Doll .  That's the part that's troubling me the most -- the seemingly increased incentive for players to create second/third/etc accounts (with all these shiny new invites everyone just got) just to defend and upgrade the good mods on their home portals, especially in non-portal dense areas.
worst idea ever now lower level players have no defense against a high level veteran player. you would think they would have updated it by allowing the  common/rare items to be upgraded not this garbage. at least now it will be easy to keep my turf blue since i have 2 L8s living with me so we can still mod no problemo. practically every comment is negative it was a good laugh to hear people thoughts. hopefully they pull a netflix and retract this stupid idea. +Kristina S +Scott Tisoy Leavitt +Lee Proctor +Bryan Royer 
We have two players within 90 mile area no one is going to come to place mods I have been working for months just to create an L 8 portal. We keep trying to get new players and nobody's interested or they have iPhones. And by not allowing us to remove them you have essentially given people no options.
WOW!  i haven't seen this much outrage since miley was on the VMAs.  jeez.
Why am I still playing this game?
I support making the game more social.  However, the balance between taking out a portal and making a portal difficult to take is heavily skewed towards offense already.  The biggest effect this will likely have is not a more social approach to the game, but more portals changing hands more often.  And while that can be fun, it also can exhaust players, to the point where we are likely to see more players go inactive that otherwise would continue.  The new rule is basically making the game less enjoyable for a particularly type of player - a type of player that is good for the overall game ecology.
+Ingress taking this all into account, can we get damage meters in place for mods?
Nah, i agree. this is a horrible idea. Most of time its difficult to get people to upgrade reso's, so putting up defense is at least good for the time it takes for a teammate to come and upgrade the resos. AND CANNOT REMOVE MOD! that's just utterly insane....

+Francisco Gaxiola forcing you to work as a team when there are no other team members for you to work with will in fact ruin the game for players in that situation.
@Troy Stone - circle me, will send you an invite code
just one mod? I'm all alone in my area and cannot properly defend my portals by just being able to deploy one mod. meh..
Chris P
Teamwork was already established by the players on our teams with out niantics help, we dont need useless mod placement rules that hinder already dwindling game play, while overcoming other obstacles in our communities. Be more creative then this, im an unimpressed level 8 player getting bored with your over and under tweaking of the game. Make something more useful, give us high level players something to do that we havent already been doing.
Um... When did this happen? I just added 4 mods to 6 portals about 3 he's ago.
+Don B We would like you to use your activation codes to invite your friends and family to join Ingress and your local cell. If you use your activation codes to create multiple accounts for yourself to use, then NIA Ops would be happy to investigate as that would be a violation of our Community Guidelines.
Did I read that right? Mods are permenantly attached to a portal until the PORTAL is destroyed? Does that mean mods can't be destroyed?

Also, 1 mod per person is a dumb idea. How about you guys finally set up multidrops, give us total item counts and fix ghost links?
+Don B so your answer to playing more as a team is to cheat and make your own team?

+Scott Petty valid points.  Some suggestions to try:

1:this is an unfortunate byproduct of rural vs city gameplay, and it's a hard balance, there is no good answers here IMO other then submit more portals and recruit more.  Plus why not work with your local team to have farm creation days? if say 3 or 4 players pick a day and go to each others normal play areas to help upgrade, everyone wins that way, because you can all benefit from it at that time

2: you are right it != less danger, but now those frogs can only put 2 shields on instead of 4 and you can take their portals down easier.  Plus you can farm their higher level portals before blowing them up, forcing them to use more and more mods to keep them alive. Eventually they will stop putting mods on or run out of mods or they will be cheap mods In ways this change will help the outgunned attacker in a case of 1 on 2 or 3 people by making it that much harder for them to defend said portals with all high mods all the time. also, did i mention farm the enemy high level portal before you kill it?

3: i agree with you on that, but instead of crying foul, why not make posts as to the validity and desire for those types of changes? Crying foul does not help the developer, giving  a good valid reason for the changes backed by many voices, helps this game a lot more.
Forget long lasting farms and lv8 players will be even more powerful due to lack of mods in portals. As usual good and bad depending the POV
I don't care about 1 mod per player, but at least let me remove or upgrade it..  On many occasions, the app hosed me when placing shields and I end up adding a common instead of very rare ..

I would expect you're going to see a lot of agents creating an account for the opposing team just so that they can destroy and "fix" their portal..  Just sayin'
I generally don't comment on game logic changes, but I have to say this is a huge step backwards.  When I started playing, it was impossible to defend a portal against an attacker - if someone was going to take it down, it was going down.  Changes over time have made it possible to defend and hold control of a portal (power cubes for XM recharge, better shielding values, link defense, etc.).  

In fact, recently I was able to hold off 2 L8 players attacking an L8 portal for 20 minutes solid (with some help from teammates' remote recharge efforts).  As I noticed recharges were failing to keep pace with the attacks, I would drop shields to replaced the ones destroyed.  Eventually, the attackers broke off and went elsewhere.

This game logic change destroys that strategy and swings the pendulum back in favor of the attacker.  I understand the idea is to promote cooperative play, and I also understand some form of checks and balances to prevent AP abuses of the past, but trying to get 4 defenders to a portal in the middle of the night to successfully defend an attack is a bit over the top. Worse, it may serve to encourage more game play abuses such as multiple accounts.
+Ingress to be honest, game balance between attack and defense has been a key aspect of this game we've all been very mindful of. Changes such as improved Shields, link damage mitigation, Turrets, and Force Amps have not been without controversy, but have generally settled out IMHO as steps in the right direction. However, even they have not bridged the gap between the fact that it takes 8 players and a lot of coordination to build maxed farms that a single determined attacker can take down in short order with impunity.

THIS now seems like a step backwards. Deployment AP, great. "Sticky"/unremovable Mods, I can live with. But making Mods 1/agent will overall weaken Portal defense, and I think that's a misstep. Limiting by Mod rarity (as Resonators are limited by level) would be one idea to soften the blow, say 1VR or 2R or 4C Mods per Agent - but even then I still think this is moving in the wrong direction.

Playing Devil's Advocate... one might argue that fluidity/turnover on the battlefield is a good thing to keep the game from stagnating, keep new agents leveling, etc. Yes, I agree. But it's a question of scale. Having some reasonable amount of portals change hands routinely is good. Having a well-architected and actively defended 30+ Portal L8 farm blown up by a single enemy Agent in 20 minutes is pure bollocks, and the kind of frustrating balance issue that drives L8 players out of the game. And for the record, I'm not exaggerating, we've seen it happen.

Please reconsider this change, and thanks.
+Ingress the problem is people are going to do exactly what +Don B was referring to, screwing the players trying to do it legit! 
I understand how some people think all remote players get few attacks so should stop complaining about having good defence options. Where i am we have a large number of very mobile resistance who frequently smash all the local enlightened portals we have built up. With defences we have drastically reduced their ability to take everything even when they have a team. This takes that away. Its an interesting idea & will assist the endless AP quest but why introduce such an array of mods you can't use on local portals especially in remote areas.
How about you can only deploy one rare mod per Player?
But this update sounds really strange and bad for gameplay. I don't want to start recycling shields and heatsinks.
+Tracy Norrell Unfortunately, we lack the facilities necessary to engage in twerking at this time.
I need to concur — limiting to 1 VR of one type is OK. I'd settle for 2 common mods, of the same type, so I could place, for example, 1 shield, 1 heat sink, 1 multi hack.

1 VR, 2 R and/or 3-4 C, or only one of one type of mod.

And we need to be able to upgrade. I sometimes place common shields, because that's all I have. (and because it's a dinky L4 portal I made myself.) But when I do get my friends to upgrade the resonators, and it's now L7, I need to upgrade my shields and replace them with R or VR.
This atop mega fields and making it nigh impossible to solo play have made this game my new lowest ranked game ever. Grats. Can't wait to update my reviews. 
For some reason I know I'm going to enjoy the game more when Ingress posts and there are several messages saying it ruins Christmas.
Tony M
+Joseph Moore: What, you think Niantic is making this game for free / at no cost to the user? Wrong. It's been a data mine from the start for them, which I'm sure they're already putting to good use. You're actually probably paying more indirectly then you would directly for a game of this sort that was charging for a monetary value.

Yes, the dedicated players have the right to make demands, when they've been feeding their own time, energy, and money in to this game, at their own expenses, for essentially Niantic/Google's benefit. And yes, the game developers do have to please them, or lose a large chunk of their user base.

Cut through the BS. Yea they've made a game for us, and wrapped it in a nicely marketed package, but it's for their own corporate gain.
Here is an idea to continue this trend:
- Allow firing per each portal of only four X1-X4, two of X5, two of X6, one X7 and one X8. 
Don B
+Ingress +Nick Dumas you guys don't get my sarcasm. You are opening this can of worms with this kind of gameplay change.
Just admit it, +Ingress, you made this change to try to taunt the striking Enlightened back into the game by lessening the stranglehold the Resistance now have in Urban areas? All it will take is 2-3 weeks of decay and it will be that much easier for Enlightened to step back in to the game as if nothing happened.
HAAHAA. +Don B ... maybe you should have thought about that before you posted it... Hmm.
+Ingress I can see where your new invites are going, to secondary, tertiary accounts and beyond, to counter the changes you've just made.

We already have some concerns about some agents wielding multiple accounts, this is taking the cake.
I guess this is to combat the whole "remove mods, replace with link amp" phenomena...?
As stated by several others already, defense of portals and/or farms is already impossible as a single L8 can devastate an entire farm in a matter of minutes that took 8 L8's much longer to build and coordinate. You can not defend effectively already, and this just makes it more impossible.

It makes no sense, unless +Ingress is trying to make it such that portals and areas can flip on a whim of any other player. Influx of AP for the new players, but no incentive to those who have already invested time to do anything but sit back and watch.
Chris P
I think niantic needs to hire some actual gamers, because obviously none of them are.
I notice everyone complaining about the rural areas, but this is also a huge problem for populated areas for example in San Diego eight farms often don't even get a burn out because they are already so easy to take down this makes it even harder additionally now we can't multi hack and then replace shields. This is a horrible idea for us in urban areas too..
Shields and mods are quite useless anyway when someone really wants the portal 
Don B
+Tracy Norrell maybe you should take a class in sarcasm, and projecting what WILL happen as a result of this change.
+Ingress  Perfectly reasonable idea for high-density areas, perfectly terrible ideas for low-density areas.  Perhaps it can be a function of portal density in an area that determines how many mods you can place?  Say, 1-5 portals/km^2, you can place 2 mods/player, but 5+ portals/km^2 you can only place one?  Heck, it could be based on average population density of a given zip code, even. 
I am an old-school +Ingress player...I was around for the Zipcar fun and remember when +Niantic Project removed the AP gain for placing mods. At the time, they hinted that the AP would come back but in a different way which would be more fair towards players and prevent the power leveling from placing and removing mods.

Well, now that change is here and I must say it is complete crap. Only one mod per player per portal is a poor game decision which is only amplified by the fact that we can't remove any mods once they are placed. To me, this is just poor coding and/or game design plain and simple. I won't go into a large rant here as all of the topics I would rant about have already been ranted above. However, this project is from Google...the same search engine company that employs extremely complex algorithms for web searches. Why can they not create a (comparatively simple) algorithm to determine how many mods can be placed by the same player on a single portal based on how many active players are in that area, or by how many portals are nearby? Why are we forced into one mod overall per portal, instead of one mod type (shield/amp/turret/etc.) or rarity?

Considering how long this has been in coming, this seems like a very short-sighted change. Additionally, why was the change placed nearly an hour ahead of the announcement?

Lastly, as a personal side note, +Brandon Badger stated we should give it a week. OK, cool...but past experience has shown me that this change won't be removed regardless of how the community/users react. The best we can hope for is the ability to remove mods again (and even this might only come about simply because it is easier to code than to remove the button altogether).
+Ingress an absolute crazy decision. In the less player-dense areas, where you might find yourself solo against a handful of enemy agents, you now have no chance of defending a portal.

If you really want to give AP for mods, then how about making them work more like resonators?

1. once deployed, they can't be removed
2. they can be upgraded (by anyone) to a higher level of the same type
3. there's a limit on how many mods of each rarity level that can be placed on a portal by a single player. One very rare, two rare, four commons.
4. to combat 1, allowing bad decisions to be fixed - perhaps make mods decay over time

This would still allow reasonably good shielding by a single player (1xVR, 2xR, 1xC - 80 mitigation), and still allow others to upgrade mods later. You could have AP for upgrading someone else's mods too - like with resonators.
So this completely obliterates a strategy we had working in my local area.

I understand what you're doing with not being able to remove a mod. You're preventing AP upgrade abuse for removal and readding of mods. How about considering this instead? Allow the upgrade of an existing mod (not the removal) and provide AP only if the rarity increases. This should allow everyone to be happy.

I don't understand at all the motivation for one mod per agent. That's baffling.
+Ingress +Niantic Project are you serious? Nearest blue player is about 30 km away and has a lot of its own troubles. So my portals will be with only 1 mod? That's ridiculous...

Solution: no AP for mods, player can deploy all mods he wants, but cannot remove them, OK? Or I'll be forced to use more accounts..
Insert unreasonable rage here.
+Tony M Oh, I know they're profiting.  I'm not an idiot.  But if your time investment is worth so much, why would you let this ruin it for you?  A dedicated player will adapt to this change, just as they've adapted to every other change.

You gave of your time freely, without coercion, knowing that the game was in beta and that major gameplay changes happen often.  Get over it and move on.  They're trying to make the game better, following a pattern of forcing more and more teamwork.

Like Brandon Badger has said, give it time.  See how it affects gameplay before grabbing the torches and pitchforks.  That's part of being a good beta tester.
So in the future Common Items will hold almost no value and be instantly recycled since you cannot change or upgrade a mod.
Sorry to say I do not like this change at all. Love this game but this change seems really stupid IMO
The idea of making VR 1 R 2 and C 4 is nice. Limited to not abuse AP gain? Fine. Reduce ANY mod AP to 30 and allow them to be upgraded for one of the same kind and give 15-20 AP for doing so. Upgrade rules as with resos
+Ingress This is seriously the worst change you have made to the game thus far. There aren't even 4 players in my area!!!!! Way to focus on big cities only. This is grounds to quit Ingress.
+Ingress you could already upgrade mods, but had to remove those you already placed. But now a new player can start screwing with portal defense wanting to put those uber link amps on things. The only thing you've accomplished is to now make higher level agents scream at newer players for putting stupid amps on portals.
Has anyone verified this? I just put 2 shields and a turret on a portal 30 sec. Ago.
As if Common shields weren't completely worthless to begin with, now I can only deploy a single mod? and cant even upgrade it when I finally hack something better???
I move that everyone use whatever means at their disposal to dump all their worthless common portal shields right on top of Niantic HQ to overload their scanners in protest!
This thread is so deep no one will ever see this, but if i may;

This is one step forward in taking the game is a slightly different direction.  This isn't the last change they are working on.  This is a tweak, that will enable other tweaks.

Everyone should take a deep breath, or scream "serenity now!", but relax... and watch where the great minds at +Ingress take us next.

Enjoy the ride people.  This is still the best game of it's kind by miles.  It's still completely possible to play alone, or as a team.   And not a single person here has paid a monthly fee to enable their scanner.

I don't know anyone on the inside of the game, but if you need to know where to send the passcode, let me know :D

+Ingress are these changes voted on by players before you release? Maybe setting something up to let players vote would be nice. Hey after all it is a social game, so why not allow the group think of some of the pros and cons before putting it out there. Maybe it will cut down the noise when a change like this happens. 
Complete hooey. Some people enjoy the solo nature of the game and this just completely blew my mind. Crap Niantic, Crap. We shouldn't be forced to play as a team. Same goes for lack of high level L8 gear for L8 players.
+Ingress Thanks for keeping things strategically interesting.

I'm going to go blow some stuff up now and make everyone adhere to the new way of playing.
One more change to annoy motivated players. Makes the game less interesting. I definitely will play less after this change because it makes no sense this way...
+Ingress no complaints here. Only ask that you visit mod rarity and drop rate. If agents can only deploy one mod, they should all be v.rare.
I have never bitched about a change publicly till now. Worst. Change. Ever. 
+Ingress seriously what we want fixed are being able autodrop stacks of items. A count for the total number of items in our inventory and fixing ghost links. Being able to upgrade mods is a great idea.
+Ingress please see my last comment. There are lots of good inputs here but would like to hear from you all regarding the reason/back story for this change. It might help people understand a bit more before they hate/rage quit. :)
While this does force me to re-think some plans I was making with some local players, I am willing to wait and see how this goes.

I do understand the potential reasons for this change ( incentive for team work ), I am not totally sold on the idea. Let's just see how it goes.
+Ingress and how about getting rid of being able to queue up xmps with ops fire?
This wouldn't be a huge deal to more populated locations except that, as an example, we've already lost almost all of our high levels once they either hit level 7 or 8. We went from a city of 12-16 level 7 & 8s to 4 level 8s. Yes we've got about a dozen new players but our city stretches almost 113 square miles. 
+Chris Souza yeah but everyone can get their crying done with before hand and if +Ingress stills wants to go with the change they can. Or they can make a few changes to thier plans to try to reduce the outrage. 
+Casey Wright I see you becoming 4 lone players.

I wonder how many players will use those invites to cheat now by creating additional players. What a psychological test for all of us. 
+Tracy Norrell Thank you for your feedback, we do read each comment and find everyone's feedback useful. It shows how much Agents care, and how passionate they are about every detail. And you're right that, unlike a cartridge game, Ingress will continue to iterate and evolve over time.
This is a stupid change. Agents in less populated are cannot meet together to just finish one portal in one day, bu the time the next agent comes to place their mods the portal would be taken by the enemy, this is a stupid change and will cause some agents to make more than one account so they can place mods. the 125 ap is not worth the hassle. 
so it takes minimum 4 L8 agents to build one fully modded L7 portal or 8 L8 agents to build one fully modded L8 portal, but only one L6 agent with some power cubes to fully tear down over a dozen of these portals  This does not make sense to me. +Ingress care to comment?
I understand that in rural areas this is going to be a problem. I would have preferred an option that allows one player to place two mods otherwise what is the point of so many different mods being available. However +Ingress has made the decision so time to adapt and play on.
I have 1 VR shield ATM. ONE. I have 6 Rare. I have more than 20 Common shields.

I can only place one mod — which do I choose? The VR or R that I need, knowing it may be some time before I get another? Or the C that doesn't do a whole lot, but can be replaced (after the portals is taken)? And what do I place on the other two dozen portals in my area?

maybe I can use up some of the 60 Heat Sinks I have instead...
Seems to be reasonable, if upgrade is available. 
One mod or one of each... if only one than this blows,  next it will be "only one link per player on a portal..."
+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose I commented earlier, but I also wanted to propose a change that I feel more of us agents would be willing to deal with keeping the restriction of one mod per player in effect.

I propose we would be allowed to upgrade mods for no AP gain, and either be allowed an "oops" the scanner bounced back to this common shield I didn't want to deploy undo button or allow us to be able to remove mods (would be preferred).

It would make sense to not get any AP from portals you had already deployed a mod to. (Don't just look at the active mods, but store a short history since the portal was last flipped)

I would expected these things to have been thought about and hopefully implemented before you guys made such a big change to the game.

I've not been one to complain about all the changes made in the past, but this is the first change I feel I need to speak my voice #ehlo
Not a fan of this change. Maybe we should cause an anomaly of our own to reverse things.
+Ingress this will be a poor change for rural areas that have very few active players. I haven't had an L7+ portal in weeks because nobody is around to upgrade it. Now I can't even defend my portals on my own. 
because some ppl said it: its actually good for less popated areas, because single agents cant dominate an area alone against lowlevels anymore by placing high lvl resos and max shields. in areas with many playes it requires more teamplay and tactics.

BUT (!) in turn the defense provided by links must be enhanced, otherwise it will even be impossible for organized teams to hold newly built farms at least for a while.
+Ingress here is a different idea. Make link amps extend the attack range of portals on top of what they already do to make them less useless. 
I'll try this as requested, but here's the catch.  There are two active players in my immediate area, myself and my fiance.  Everyone else is either only in the area sometimes or isn't very active.  The other active players have to drive ~30 minutes to get to my area, and all this just for a mod?  Keep in mind that the Enlightened in my area are often on top of anything I leave unshielded by the end of the day, making it so that in order to protect anything I would need to pre-arrange the equivalent of a medium sized operation, having everybody in one place at the same time.

Oh well, at least my farm was finished before this went into effect or it likely would've been another six-to-eight months before I could've gotten enough people together.
125 AP is pretty much insignificant to most agents, and many areas like mine are hardly populated with active players, so using those as reasons to greatly reduce an agent's ability was pretty inconsiderate.
And I get trying to emphasize teamwork, but try throwing us a carrot for once instead of breaking out the nerfstick.
In that case +Ingress , feel free to ignore those disparaging comments I made about your mother....

Seriously though, any good war game needs a good balance between defense and offence. It's fitting that if someone wants to create a max level portal, it should require teamwork and coordination. But it shouldn't be such a simple thing to destroy a fully linked/shielded grouping of said portals. Perhaps this is an opportunity to make fields useful for something other than pretty pretty artwork. How about making enemy weapons less effective while within a field? As long as the agent is covered in a control field, they absorb less xm and they need to expend more effort to destroy what is already built.
People calm down! We DON'T own the portal they are doing this because of all the people that think they do! What do you do if it gets destroyed? YOU REBUILD! That's the point! And as a L8 I don't care what is on it, 4 vr shields, force amp, guard dog, whatever its going down. 
+Brad Ashing  Didn't think you'd have any complaints, because with your 18 or so players to our faction's 6 in the AUG, there's a lot more chances for schedules to line up to get a portal fully modded. Don't worry though, I'm not Ragequitting over this or anything, and after DragonCon, I'll be back to farming your portals so I can still blow them up.
+Georg Pichler We like that, and may also encourage more Links and Fields. Thanks, Agent.
also, to add to my previous comment, the option to avoid quite some amount of zapping by quickly creating a burster queue via quickly tapping ops-weapon-fire repeatedly needs to be removed. everyone should have to use the fire button provided in the map screen, which only becomes available for 1 shot at a time
BLOWS! Completely idiotic, Nianticlabs needs to research how to keep higher lvl players playing the game.
Boo... Terrible if you don't live downtown in a major city. Change this!
L8s dont have incentive to play. Like I said. Y'all need to work on THAT and quit messing with the new players. Retention matters. We already HAVE community. what we need is defense. 
+Ingress or you can make it so defensive mods are permanent and have ap gain, while mods such as link amps, multi hacks and heat sinks are still fully deployable and removable with no ap gain. This will give people the ability to obtain more necessary gear for gameplay and still forcing teamwork for defense.
"If you use your activation codes to create multiple accounts for yourself to use, then NIA Ops would be happy to investigate as that would be a violation of our Community Guidelines."

Right.... because you are so good at doing that now... There are known, proven, caught, and admitted spoofers and multi account users people from both factions have been reporting for over 6 months. NOTHING has ever come of it. Frankly, we've given up the hope that you care. 
i feel this change will lead to more people being shanghaied (edit: not 'shigehide' the last leader of a sec in feudal japan, cause that would actually be awesome) for ingress purposes; possibly to the point of kidnappings...PSA: watch your back and don't get into a van with a handful of strangers holding scanners unless you are prepared to disappear for 5-12 hours depending on how remote the portal will be...
in our city, the resistance is dominating the area (over 90% of the portals) because they are DOUBLE as much players as we are.

so NOW, we cant upgrade portals with all mods because we are not enouth and they can... thats just stupid +Ingress !

why dont you make updates for citys which are dominated by one faction?
yes, lets mod policy change anomalitically revolt! haha
+Georg Pichler I completely agree.  It should fix the ease at which l8 portals are taken down as well as people abusing mod programs that autofire.  

If you do implement upgrading of mods I'd recommend only allowing upgrading of mods of the same type.  so common shield can be upgraded to rare but not to a turret or multihack.
Ide Fix
bad. really bad!!
plus hello +Ingress there are multiple instances of people spoofing for XM so they don't need cubes to take stuff down. I'd heard that you were working on improved tracking of location, how about we see that? That will improve community! Because a community that is angry isn't a good community! 
make the game better, not worse! Re,move those stupid Virusses and give us back the possibility to deploy 4 Resonators per user and portal!
Yet another change that makes the change geared towards city play only. It screws rural players. 
You just made city wide missions as a team almost impossible for us. 
+Daniel Beaudoin
 I've tried recruiting in my area, relatively unsuccessfully. This makes gameplay harder in rural areas where agents are fewer and portals are more spread out because it leaves portals vulnerable in an area where fewer people exist to defend the portal in the first place. High-level characters can already outpace one equal-leveled player against one fully VR-shielded portal using level 8 resonators. It's going to be hard to do much of anything if we have to keep the few players I can gather to play at the same time as me at the same portal to plant defenses instead of spreading them out over multiple portals.
+Georg Pichler 
"also, to add to my previous comment, the option to avoid quite some amount of zapping by quickly creating a burster queue via quickly tapping ops-weapon-fire repeatedly needs to be removed. everyone should have to use the fire button provided in the map screen, which only becomes available for 1 shot at a time"

I would agree... in theory.. until you realize that the client has to sit there and wait for a response from the server before being allowed to fire again... which royally blows. In a city with good coverage, you could normally fire slightly more than 1 per second by tapping the fire button.  Out in the boonies with almost zero cell signal? You can someitmes be lucky to get a single shot off every 15 seconds. If they are defending, you have zero chance of taking that portal with that kind of poor timing. If we were to be forced to wait for the fire button to return, the timeout needs to be moved client side.
An hour after this gets posted, our famous spoofer starts taking out portals in our area and teleporting away. Any day you want to fix something important instead of garbage like this +Ingress ?
+Ingress +Niantic Project not only do I now put in HOURS AND HOURS of work to build up portals only for ONE PLAYER to be able to walk thru and blow it all up in a matter of minutes with level 6 or 7 resonators, but now I'll need at least three other players just to fully shield the frakkin' things from their attacks?

Honestly, are you guys TRYING to piss your endgame players off, or does it just come naturally? What are we supposed to do with our time? The only thing this does is completely trounce any motivation I have to bother trying to keep portals alive.

I might as well not even be a level 8 anymore, can't ever get any level 8 items from sub-level 8 portals, can't make level 8 portals at all without 7 other people, which is already nearly impossible to do, now I can't properly upgrade a portal without 3 other people to help..... WHAT IS THE POINT OF BEING A LEVEL 8 IF WE ARE FORCED TO PLAY THE GAME LIKE A LEVEL 5?

I'm in the dead center of a damn major american city and getting the people together to make a damn level 7 farm is nearly impossible, let alone make any 8s and keep them up for more than 20 minutes. How do you expect anyone from non-urban areas to even play this game?

If we can't shield our fucking portals STOP LETTING SINGLE PLAYERS DESTROY THEM WITH LOWER LEVEL XMPS. Why the fuck isn't there a limit on how many attacks one player can make against a portal at a time, if this is the kind of shit you're putting limits on?

Honestly, you guys have an amazing concept for a game and revision after revision you make it less and less enjoyable to actually play the damn thing.
One mod per portal? I can't imagine what decision process led to this conclusion, but I am reasonably sure that some interesting pharmacology took place.

Worst change to the game yet...
+Nikolas Moore we have tried it out in the real world, it blows plain and simple, thats why there is rage. 
"It'd be helpful if you continue to report rogue Agents to NIA Ops via > Contact Us. We do care a great deal about addressing abuse, but it takes time to investigate each Agent given our global reach." 
After the 6th or 7th month or so, one begins to realize it's a waste of time. All we can do is purposely target these peoples portals and hope we can stick with the game longer than they can.
+Georg Pichler
See my reply above to +Daniel Beaudoin , but no, this is not good for rural areas. In rural areas with spread-out portals and sparse agents, we need the ability to be able to set up a portal with one-to-two people while others are doing the same somewhere else, or we can't get anything interesting done. If we can't adequately defend those portals (which we now can't), then we're hosed. In my area, undefended portals die fast. A single level 8 player can already destroy a fully VR-shielded portal faster than it can be recharged if he's using level 8 resonators, but at least it's a bit of a fight. Now, there will be no fight. The portal will just go down. It also limits the usefulness of other mods, which are best in combination (turrents and force amps, multihacks and heatsinks, etc)
What a stupid idea from the point of view of rural players. Thanks for nothing. 
No. I spend enough time playing in a small area around work and spend time driving 90 miles getting there and back home for those portals. Now I can't even defend those properly when they are destroyed weekly as is. Now it will be destroyed daily and not worth the AP since I can't hack very often being 12 hours of my day spend for work in some form or another with travel and such.
Please help with portal defense, stop hurting it :/
It is a bad change even for playing in a town:
even with old rules it was so easy for two L8-players to destroy a protected farm with 4 rare or very rare mods . It was a thing of minutes with the correct strategy. With this rule-change you make it even easier...
In some areas L8-players don't put mods even in their L8-Portals, because if someone wants to destroy it, it's much too easy.
Next argument : no one will use common shields anymore. Now they are recycling-ware.
And last argument : even today many players level to L8 in 1-6 weeks. Why faster with additional AP from mods?
You should take it back... 
Yet again I honestly believe that Niantic don't actually play Ingress.

multidrop or GTFO
Not sure if I love or hate it, yet.

It definitely encourages team play and I guess I won't be out of shields every again. On the other hand people won't deploy common mods anymore and add them to the recycle list.

IMO it wouldn't be as bad if the change affected shields only.

Has the chance for a mod to be destroyed been modified as well?
+Ingress the best compromise is being able put down 2 commons 1 rare 1 VR
+Paul Gettle I agree this does impact people/regions differently. In your situation, I imagine the inability to fully multi-hack/heatsink a portal single handedly would impact inventory availability. The change itself is functionally similar to limiting the number of resonators each agent can deploy. This change just effects quantity of gear not quality (as the resonator limit does). I see this impacting rural players more than us. We can mitigate somewhat by the quantity of portals available.
It would be good if you could deploy 4 common, 2 rare, or 1 very rare mod. Along with the ability to upgrade other mods as long as you don't exceed your maximum. 
Way, way too difficult to defend portals in less populated areas. And these portals get hit regularly. Seriously Niantec couldn't come up with a better idea for the game than to limit mods? Like maybe adding more levels than 8 so we don't lose so many agents because they succeeded in the leveling up process? This most be a polite way of asking me to stop playing.
After some thought, I have decided to withhold my angry comment about this change.
I agree, at times it feels like we are trying to keep up with the game modifications instead of just playing and I can understand the loss of being able to deploy one vice four mods now, perhaps it should have been reduced to two...
But this does make it more as the game was intended, to use teamwork. As a rural player, I don't mind too much, because this can be mitigated with portal submissions and recruiting. All this coming from someone who started by myself in this area with three portals and have ended up with 37+ portals and nine players.
If you cant beat them, join them. Play the game and have fun.
+Björn Krombholz Dude, this doesn't encourage team play at all, it completely discourages anyone making any attempt to upgrade portals.

It now makes more sense to just leave them un-upgraded and re-make the portal when it inevitably gets destroyed by a single player at 3AM, you'd still end up wasting less time and effort than trying to get groups together just to upgrade them in the first place.

I honestly have no idea what the point of being a level 8 player in this game even is anymore, I can't do jack shit without 40 other people.
There is a difference between encouraging teamwork and enforcing it. The freedom to lone wolf in game is a huge appeal to a lot of people, this will hurt the game in more ways than it will help. Hopefully they see this before too many people justifiably rage quit.
As I'm sure someone has already stated, this is a terrible idea for rural players.
When we already know that only lots of link mitigation and VRS's VRFA and VRT can actually hold against concerted attacks, the incentive to travel to cooperate and mod for defense is....gone. And? so is the incentive to deploy. I think the cooperation they're encouraging is .... cross-faction? " come knock off my link amp, I'll leave your portal alone" Eyeroll. I hate that stuff.
Back in my day, we didn't use mods! Shields didn't give AP and didn't mitigate anything when they were employed... and we liked it! 
+Daniel Panichelli i would love to suggest that you tone it down a bit.  I understand  your post was out of frustration, but geez man.  

Take a breath and realize that this is a game.  a "free" game.  every minute you put into it is "free time" that you spend enjoying whatever aspect of the game it is that you enjoy.  You don't pay for ingress, and you're not making money from your portals.  If they fall, they fall.  you get the chance to pick them back up.

I'm concerned about you, sir.  To take that tone in a comment section of a post that is now 2 hours old, over a free to play game?  Please take a breath and calm down.
Tony M
+Joseph Moore: I did not give of my time freely, I gave it in return for expected entertainment. Niantic can have my data in return for my entertainment. That's the trade-off here.

And you're right, if I'm not entertained any longer I can simply leave, as many people do when they don't enjoy something any further.

The direction and methods that Niantic seems to move with makes me think that I may just be doing that, along with a number of other players to boot. And I will be replaced with new players. And those players will tire of the game and quit.

If Niantic doesn't listen to the players, the cycle continues. However, if they take the advice of the players, their user base grows. I don't care for their knee-jerk reactions to things, but I guess that's the way of it for beta.

Personally, with the slow rate of growth of players, and the new found difficulty of team play in areas (due to a lack of players), I don't see myself sticking around. I get that this is the point of the game, and appreciate it, but this isn't a game that just anybody will pick up and play, which means you have a targeted user base that you have to cater to, otherwise you'll never hit critical mass for decent team play across all regions constantly.
My updated 2 cents.
After raiding campus last night, high portal density area 30 minutes away and recharging my home fields, very rural. I have updated some of these points.


* 4 Common, 2 Rare, and 1 Very Rare item per portal per player, same logic as Resonators.
* Add Common and Very Rare item types to all mod items.
* Allow upgrading / replacing of your own or another players mods as long as you stay under the per player mod limit.
* 100 AP for placing a mod in an empty slot.
* 50 AP for upgrading / replacing another players mod.
* The mod being upgraded / replaced is lost.
* Heath of mod "power bar" so we can make smart decisions about which mod to upgrade / replace. Since there is no way to recharge a mod, this would allow players to upgrade / replace mods that are damaged; this should help with long term defense of a portal.
* Powercubes in mod slots to counteract resonator decay / damage, until the cube is drained. This could help with the notification lag and allow players to try to defend their portals. I have found that by the time I get a notification its generally too late to save a portal that is under attack. Another option for agents to choose to help with defending portals long term.
* And I would love the inventory count EVERYBODY has been asking for.


+NIA Ops +Ingress +Brandon Badger 
This is "fantastic". Our team has dominated our area for ages and recently we got a new upstart player bringing some competition. Now we have a great advantage and can dominate again. They have a major disadvantage now.

It may become boring again.

how is it unfair? every time there is a change in the game mechanics there's always a certain level of bitching. the rules are the same for both sides. the problem that I see with this is that if there is no change in the drop rates for items then it's going to be very difficult to stay under a 2000 items cap without having to recycle items because you won't have enough time to nattys to actually use them. whether we like it or whether we don't ingress is meant to be a social game. doing some things like this are just insuring the fact that we won't be flipping portals every two minutes. There will actually have to be coordination amongst other faction members. 
Could you at least increase the droprate for VR-shields or the overall damage mitigation of shields? I see absolutely no reason to waste the one available slot per player for a common shield with a barely noticable 10% damage mitigation. Before the change you could at least deploy four of them to get ~35%, which was a good option given the fact that one is always low on rare and very rare shields.
ONE mod per portal / user is very very bad! In our locality we are only 2, so we are unable to deploy more mods. Please take back this change. I really love thinking which mod to deploy and this is bad, very bad!
Damned change... what if we are only agent on radius 15 or more miles? Choosing what we deploy... Heatsink or multihack? Because both are now impossible. Playing is now impossible for lone players. Ap doesn't compense multihack+heatsink. Now game is artificially long for them.
this is a terrible idea and should be rescinded  
+Ingress  This is a very bad move. It is bad from several angles. But let me point out just two:

1.) Portals (and agents) in remote areas will be doomed. This game has been already designed for highly populated areas. This change makes it even more biased towards highly populated areas.

Also why to go and set up a portal in a remote area (as a single agent or a team) when a single agent going to the same remote area will be able to destroy whatever will be built.

Till now its been relatively balanced, as one agent has been able to build a portal and deploy mods and make a portal defense on a decent level. Usually Attacking agent had to use up quite some inventory to destroy a well built portal by a single agent and a bit more inventory when portal has been build by a team. That was sensible and OK!

With new setup one agent will not be able build a portal with sensible defense.  A TEAM will have to go to a remote area to prepare a portal defense one agent has been able to build till now.

Still one attacking agent will be enough to destroy the portal. So is there a point for the team to travel? Most probably NO!

That is BAD!

2.) Let me just point that I enjoy the team-work and we have it in our group and I do understand the intention of developers to even more increase teamwork. But this change is not supporting this. Higher level players will only see this change as forced and boring development.

Why? As an active L8 I have too many mods and other stuff already. For example I can NOT get rid of resos by placing them on portals (especially during teamwork). So I have to recycle them constantly - one by one.

Also I have many  mods! Fortunately till now I've used mods by placing 3-4 mods per portals. That enabled me to make portals more attack resistant (still all got eventually destroyed by ONE agent). 

Also I've been able to make strategic choices what to deploy in remote ares - that has been fun!

Still I had many  shields and other mods in my inventory. With this recent change I will most probably have to recycle them the same way I recycle resos? 

But I'm not keen in doing that!

Games are played for strategy, free teamwork and fun.  Forced teamwork and forced mechanical movement repetition is BORING. VERY BORING!!!!!!

Time to leave the game?
+Scott Herring , both sides in this aren't Enlightened and Resistence

The 'sides' in this case are 'people in area of high player density' and 'people in area of low player density'. 
I'm unsure about this at present, since portal defence has long been an almost futile task, I'm not convinced this makes much difference, in reality. I've never succesfully defended any portal (even L8 with VR shields), against a high level player with a stock of power cubes and a lot of bursters. I never get attached to any portal, the game is pretty dull if you have a farm and just maintain it. There's little reward for that, either mentally or from an AP perspective.
If it encourages team play that's a good thing, it's pretty obvious early on that it's much more fun played as a team and as a lone player your options are inherently limited compared to team play.
I'm really against this.... I don't mind the Ap for deploying the mods.... But get rid of very common shields and hacking very rare multi hack and heat sinks should be easier.....
yea, why wasn't the logic simply applied such as reso's? can fill the mod slots progressivly, and upgradeable by everyone, getting AP for upgradeing not your mod.
The reactions you are seeing is common with massively multiplayer online games. This is called "Nerfing" Welcome to the gaming industry Google.

I do say, at first you had a great thing going though. Very few rules is a recipie for great and interesting things. When I saw the report on the individual who had his teammates help him get L1-8 in a day, I thought, "This is teamwork." But apparently you see this differently. Teamwork.. Team and work. It already takes much work to get a party together of individuals who can be mobile; (18+ crowd) due to their individual schedules. Sometimes going solo is what you can do to prepare for an operation. But what you have collected is misinformation. Just because it is great to be able to work as a team to achieve greatness does not mean forcing persons to work as a team to even play is a good idea. This concept is garbage.

As we are in closed beta, this is where you see that if you were to sell this game, you would drastically lose profits as your fanbase will die in a month.

As a fellow Enlightened Agent, I emplore with you to observe the change for one week and next friday, if your fanbase still hates this, please revert the change.

Enjoy your day,
And Thank you for this experience.
There isn't a limitation on how many resonator slots you can deploy, why mod slots? I see no rhyme or reason to it.

I get that AP for mods makes sense, since it is a significant action and AP is supposed to measure that. I also get why, given AP, pulling off and redploying just for AP is an undesirable behavior but the one mod per portal rule makes mods that require synergy (multihack, heatsink, force amp) even worse and shields and turrets already dominated the other mods in utility.

This will NOT stop trolls who make cross faction accounts to drop junk mods, they'll just create additional troll accounts. Only making every mod at least marginally useful (looking at you link amp and common heat sink) will stop that from being worth their time. In fact this is going to make that particular bad behavior even more advantageous because people who are being bullied in that fashion can't fill their slots up with place holder mods to keep them away.

Every part of this change is reasonable except the one mod per portal limitation. The minor game play benefit of encouraging team coordination for modding is significantly offset by the downsides of further punishing isolated players, making the already weak synergy dependent mods worse, and making it almost impossible to keep troll junk mods (which is becoming a serious problem here in Seattle) off portals. I really hope you reverse the one mod limitation soon Niantic, highly active players in my circles are already talking about quitting over this. Worst change since the great deploy XM drought.
+Daniel Panichelli I don't get that. Why doesn't it make sense to protect portals anymore? If you are building L6, L7 or L8 portals you need 2, 3, 8 people anyway. Let everyone place a mod and you get nearly the same protection as before.

Even when you're alone you can get it to 50%+ with the addition of a few links easily. You won't be able to create those anoying L5s with 95% mitigation anymore, true. But IMO that's actually a good thing. 
So much for being able to put a multi-hack and a heat sink on a portal... It was a bad idea to limit it to 1 mod a person. Maybe half the AP gain and up the limit to two, so that we can get the most efficiency out of our other mods (Heat sink + Multi-hack, Turret + Force Amp).
This hurts us rural solo players a lot.
I am total disagreement with the implementation of only allowing one mod per player. As has been indicated in previous comments: Rural players do not have the option of having multiple players to deploy mods particularly for protection and more importantly for heat sinks and mulihacks. This is an unwanted game changer!
+Andrew Weekes some of us have, forcing people to burn resources to be successful. It's not a matter of 'attached', it's a matter that it is an element of gameplay some of us like. As for 'reward', different people have different play style. For you to basically say 'you're doing it wrong' is dismissing their play style.

I looked at your location; you seem to have lots of portals near you and a number of people active. Not all areas have that. Not all areas have many players.
+Andrew Weekes for you it's more fun to play with a team, honestly for me too, but there are MANY players out there that prefer playing alone, its a much larger part of the game than most realize. If that's how they want to play it just adds more variety to the game.
Not being able to pull your mod is stupid.  I know they're trying to stop people for getting unlimited AP but they should allow changing a mod at least.
Someone should organize a "Recycle all your Mods" day in protest. I'm too busy with a convention this weekend, but maybe someone can pick up that torch?
So the question that has not been asked +Ingress Why this change?  What do you hope to gain by making this change?
Best idea I've seen floating as a compromise is to scale mods like resonators: A player can place 4 commons, 2 rares and only 1 vr. That said portals should give out vr turrets and force amps :-)
+Björn Krombholz Because you're assuming that's all happening at once. 3 people are not all getting together, walking to the same portal, and pumping it up to level 7 and walking away, it happens over time. One person will come up, get the portal to 4 or 5, then next will get it to 6, and so on. Without being able to properly upgrade the portals, that just leaves them sitting ducks for the enemy to come blow up.

I'll put a portal up to level 5 and put a single mod on it, and then I will lose that mod when the portal is destroyed before anyone else gets there to upgrade and resonate it, thus the mod served no purpose at all. I am going to be constantly WASTING mods on portals that have no chance to survive long enough for a second or third person to get to them, which means I'm just going to STOP putting mods on portals unless there are already 3 on it, and I'm sure I"m not going to be the only one who does.

It makes absolutely no sense to force us to gamble with our mods in the hopes that they'll last long enough to actually make a difference. They won't. Until +Ingress +Niantic Project change the fact that it takes 8 people and planning to make a level 8 portal and any single retard with some level 6 bursters can come blow it up, this change will NEVER make sense. The chances of a portal being kept alive long enough to get 4 mods and upgrades to 7 or 8 is just pathetically low. We already can't keep portals up long enough to upgrade them to level 8 WITH FULL MODS, now they're just going to be that much more impossible to keep up.
+Ingress Wow, this is a real bad move.  As someone who already lives in an area where I one faction's players outnumber the other's at least 4 or 5 to 1 it is tough enough to gain control of a portal now and to defend it against attack. It's far far easier for them to get 4 people to add mods than it is for the under represented side and far more important for the underrepresented side to put protect a portal given the higher number/level of people who might take it down.

This change also makes common shields completely worthless.  4x10 isn't bad mitigation when you don't have better available or support with you, 1x10?  That's pointless.

And if you are the only agent in your area of your colour and you want to establish even one portal to farm at your level, you can't even add both a heat sync and a multi-hack, never mind defend it in any way?  

One of the nice things about this game is that it worked well (although differently) both in groups and on your own.  While a single agent was never able to do what a group could, they could still hold their own in "enemy territory" to some degree.  You seem to be forcing this in the direction of group play only, and that's not a good thing.  Yes, I know you think this will encourage more invites, but it won't. Don't you think we already were recruiting anyone we could talk into it?  Instead this will have the opposite impact and drive people away from the game (and drive down your ad revenue accordingly)
+1 for power cube in mod slot
All they have to do to fix portal defense is get rid of xmp queuing.  Its such a simple bug fix that will make everything work as intended.  instead of firing off an xmp when you hit ops the fire, it brings you to the fire screen and you can hit fire there.  As long as its locked in place similar to a hack portals will be completely defensible with the correct mods.  

In fact I would argue that portals will be too strong once this fix goes into effect therefore the mod limitation is a good idea.  

However limiting everyone to 1 mod is a terrible idea.  Making mods upgradable and limiting them in the same fashion as resonators will fix the issue. 1 player can 4 commons 1 rare 1 very rare.  They can only upgrade mods of the same type.  so a common multihack can be upgraded to a VR Multihack and not a VR shield.
This is a horrible implementation in an effort to reinstate the AP for mods and/or force teamwork.

It would make more sense to use the tiered rarity system as a way to allow players to upgrade mods to a higher respective rarity. This would allow you to maintain the idea that once you place a mod it cannot be removed and consequently can't be abused for the AP gain. It will also allow fellow team players to come and further upgrade the potency of the portals mods without changing the nature of the portal's mod setup.

The second part on forced teamwork has already been addressed repeatedly but I will reiterate that forced teamwork is not fun. It becomes a frustration when an agent wants to play effectively but does not have an active or dependable group to work with.

I realize this game is in beta but releasing tweaks that seriously hamstring individual agent effectiveness is detrimental to your player base. You should be using the large player base you have to bounce ideas off of before committing changes to the scanner; possibly even run some polls on which sort of solutions to gameplay problems players are most comfortable with. The players are your customers and should be who you are gearing the game towards.
+Caias Ward I tell all of my agents this, and while it may sounds harsh, it is 100% true.  If you don't have enough agents in your area of play, it is largely your fault.  If you recruit a crew that is big enough, you will not have a problem holding your portals long enough to burn them out.  

I know, I know... you 'recruit all the time', but 'it never works out'.   Rome wasn't built in a day... if those portals are very important to you, you've gotta find people who are willing to play.  If the pool of people you are recruiting aren't the 'right type of players', then go fishing in a different pool.

I love my faction.  I watch for areas that need help, then go find businesses in that area.  I'll call those businesses and talk to them.  the worse that can happen is that they turn me down.  There is no defense like numbers.  because with numbers, defense doesn't matter.  You just rebuild and keep moving.
+Scott Herring The problem I have with it is that it disproportionately effects players in more rural areas. We get hosed if we're the only local player of a given faction.
+Mike Norris Your suggestion makes a lot more sense than +Ingress 's idea.  Basically you are suggesting restricting the mods the same way resonators are.  Anyone can deploy 4 bottom rung, but it takes a group to deploy 4 top rung, and anyone can upgrade someone else's same-type but lower level mod to a higher level one.  Yeah, that makes perfect sense and strikes a balance between letting solo players (and players in remote/enemy territory) function while still giving an edge to group play.  Good idea.
What a WORTHLESS update, why in the world would you remove the ability to place multiple mods? The only people this will benefit is those using multiple accounts that +Ingress doesn't see fit to ban. There are people in our local area that have 3+ accounts... Thanks for ruining what fun there was left...
I have been trying to recruit a second enlightened agent around here since December. As the only enlightened player in a large area, I would like to dispiritedly exclaim 'wow this is awesome' but I can't. It is silly. 
Dammit. I live in an less populated area, I'm a single player against two lvl8 players. Tell me how to defend my portals against them or deploying a heat sink and an additional multi-hack. This is a stupid change. By the way: that will make my inventory grow even faster.
+David Kerschner If you are the ONLY player in a given area, then you can only build your portal to a certain level anyway.  and if it gets blown up, you an instantly take it back and build it up the exact same way.  This gives you a tremendous amount of AP.  Or better yet, when you recruit your next agent... AP for them.

I see a lot of "this hurts rural", but honestly... i don't see it.  If you are truly playing alone, then you can make your portal as high as you are able as many times as you wish, because it only depends on you.
Tomas L
Irreversible damage of game! It is impossible to force people to teamwork. Many cheating multiple-accounts will occur :-(
Calm down people, it's not the end of the world. Some people don't even care about trying changes.

This is a beta to try new things and see what works and what doesn't. Complaining without actually trying is as worthless as many of the posts I'm reading here.

By the way, comments cap at 500 replies, make every of them count!
I am really totally unhappy from the mod limit, totally, absolutelly and AGAINST THIS CHANGE!
This is awful. You make mods an even bigger and more useful part of the game than ever, then severely limit our ability to use them
+Tony Ktear yup, but the client needs to know how to interpret the server. It is possible the old scanner app didn't know.
If you insist on only one mod per player per portal, then upgrade "remote admin" of portals.  If you hold 1 key, you can remote recharge - if you hold 3 keys to a portal, you can remote deploy mods/upgrade resonators - if you hold 5 keys to a portal, you can remote link portals. 

Or consider a new mod: XM Converters.  Depending on it's rarity, the XM Converter absorbs XMP damage received and converts a percentage to self-recharge.  Common: 25% conversion.  Rare: 50% conversion.  Very Rare: 75% conversion.
Did you guys get Blizzard to make your decisions on gameplay changes? Their decisions affecting end game is a reason I got into this much more than I would have.

So LL can get 125AP more per portal, but rural and solo players can't fully mod. Players in OpFor territory will be easily overrun. LL will be encouraged to put whatever mod on whatever portal just for the AP without necessarily considering how bad it could affect ongoing operations and could ultimately get them ostracized from communities just because they choose to play solo and not integrate or haven't proven themselves loyal to a faction. This is going to make it even harder for LL to get involved with groups as a simple mistake could be construed as deliberate sabotage.

If so worried about giving LL more AP opportunities, why not give AP for destroying mods? Or you get 125AP for modding any single portal one time only. I understand the "ZipCar Incident of 2012" screwed up your original intent of earning AP for mods, but don't ruin the limited end game that exists by doing this.
+Thorsten Schnorr 
step 1) recruit.  
step 2) if you are not L8, thank them when they leave your portal, because it means gear for you it they rebuild it, and more AP for you when you tear it down and rebuild.
I am a dominating player in an area where I am outnumbered 6-1 because I outwork all of them combined. This change eliminates even that advantage.

Some of my opponents are currently leveling alternate accounts. This change favors them. It is yet another powerful incentive to cheat.

Exactly there are agents here with 3 or more accounts, how about doing something about the multi-accounters and ghosters?!
Everyone stop the rage quitting etc. Wait for +Ingress to answer their reasoning behind the change. There could be good to come with it.
This is absurd.  You are really sticking it to us agents who are the ONLY player in the (rural) town.  +Ingress don't you think, as an L8, I should be able to place at least a FEW common shields on a portal, considering their drop rate?  You won't be able to get rid of them fast enough.  One person could take down an entire L8 farm already, now lets limit the amount of mods you can put on the portal?  As in, to make defending them harder?  Shouldn't we be working on the fact that, as I stated already, a single player can take down entire farms and it takes multiple agents to build?  If you want to force social interaction on people, make them have to team up to destroy something, as in a +% dmg if you are within a certain proximity of your factions players, or something!  This needs to be fixed!!
Why implement such an undesired change while there are soooo many changes we would all be chearing about? Scanner updates perhaps? Fields size adding to portal power. Better mods as defence is already useless fully armoured. Crap I am not inviting nobody to this frustrating game. Please add invite recycle option! 
That's the worst update happened to the game at least make me remove the mod or make mods in different types like shields are different from turrets and force amps or link amp 
For all those that rage quit contact me later for a reinvite. :( The catch is I get to choose your faction HA
I'm a semi rural player surrounded by fellow L8's... Who are on the other team. So next time I get visited I can't defend my portals again.

Not that a fully VR defended portal stopped an L8 anyway. Its pretty easy for an L8 agent with a few cubes to solo a VR defended P8.

It would make sense IF you could upgrade any mod as you could a resonator. So I can up a Common shield, heatsink or whatever to a rare, or very rare. But not change its type.

That coupled with shields being worth a damn as they are STILL weak even after they have been buffed.
+Chris Maulden They already gave it if you look up. They think this will make us recruit more friends and family. As if game addicts didn't already try to sell it to anyone who will listen :)
I understand the why but this doesn't send to be viewed from EVERY angle +Ingress.
Meaning we do work in teams. Those playing after a month realize the importance of that. But an entire team, even another person, isn't already going to happen due to simple availability.
Someone off work at noon can go knock down links and fields solo. They shouldn't though have to wait for a team or partner to reinforce their new gains. 
Stop dropping so many common portal shields. You've now made them almost useless.
Noooo..... nooooo plz stop +Niantic Project +Ingress , this will just turn every spoofer into a multi. How u want us to fight against that, no need to worry about bots or the third faction no more. Is this anti bot, anti multi, anti spoof, or just anti us ? Plz I love this game, don't kill it. Change it back. Please. 
Really discouraging move. It is not possible to to get the most out of a portal then defend it. It makes agents to destroy only rather than build. And it makes mods worth to burn.
Stuffit! I'm already outnumbered about six to one around here. That means they can stuff all four mods on theirs and I can do nearly nowt. I know I've not been a terribly active agent anyway, but from now I'm only going to bother playing once in a while. Maintaining portals around here which even the agents of the other faction can't be bothered to take and agents of my own faction never even visit is just too much like pointless drudgery.
Eric J.
lol wow this is absolute bs... way to dumb down the game for the noobs Ingress. 
Eric J.
oh and this:
+Ingress  If you spent as much time dealing with the support emails as you did tweaking the game, that would be nice. Over 1 month waiting for a reply from support is unacceptable....
So I've taken some time to think of this more +Ingress .

I appreciate the idea of a team based game.

I like the idea that lower level players hold more value than just linking stuff up.

I really dislike feeling like at level 8 my L8 gears power and my knowledge of the game is all I have above the lower level players.

I want to feel like I can build a farm and really properly defend it..

...not like I need to rely on 4+ other players to keep it on my side...

I think maybe it's my mindset...I'm a defensive guy...I love the idea of being able to proudly defend my portals on my own....

I'm a L8....How is it that an L5 can take my stuff from me when we go one on one.....

This change makes that just that much easier....I'm weaker for the change...we all are....

We want to be useful to feel like we make a difference....we're all making less of a difference
Lots of good discussion around this change affecting Portal defense. Are you also now able to neutralize enemy Portals more easily?
I'm sorry but this doesn't work well. The game is about mind units and that is easy enough ap, adding ap gain to mods doesn't work well when you can only deploy one. The real issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that it takes 8 L8's to build an L8 portal but no matter how many mods or links you use 1 agent can tear it down in 2mins flat. This is very unbalanced and needs to be addressed and not ap gains. Making this change only makes it easier to destroy peoples hard work and wastes agents time, I can only handle so much tug o war before the time put in is a waste. I suggest focusing more on balancing of portal power to agents needed to destroy said portal. The notifications were a good start, allowing teams to RR, but now the notifications are way to late and rendered useless.
+JB. Lee I would at least give them a chance to revert the change. They aren't stupid.
I assume players in rural areas like +Marcus K. are really happy about these changes if someone like me visits him just to blow up his couch portals. NOT.
A lot of people are talking about this adding to teamwork, but doesn't it just make it easier for players to go solo on offense?  It was pretty easy already... 
I don't see the problem with rural areas.  This makes it a more even playing field for rural areas.  Being able to fully mod a portal in a rural area means that the single enemy player will have a more difficult time taking it down than in a populated area.  Since enemy players are more likely to be alone in rural areas, this is a balance, not a hindrance.
so... with this change you are promoting....
rural area lone wolf smash tactics
faster portal flipping
faster AP gain therefor levelling
a lot more weaker portals
make mods worth less (well they were already weak anyway)

And this takes development priority over

better intel
better team play
inventory count
multi item transfer
high level in game stuff
new weapons/mods

Just so you know, i have had people in areas with fewer players already say they wont play until something is changed as now portal ownership is about as useful as monopoly money.

And another thing, after ~timezero your staff said viruses would change...
nothing yet
brandon said months and months ago that L8 'stuff' would be here in a month or two,
nothing yet
all this hype about dark xm and stuff
nothing yet.

Folk are bored of waiting. Where is my xbox.
+Tony Ktear Porobably, Yes.
But.... As I played Ingress since it opened and i use 1.10ver, Still i remember.
I do not think game-rule rapidly change is not good for Old-played users.
I just saying that.
+Barry Murphy  but it's already easy for one player to take down a ton of portals above their level even when fully modded
The game needs eight people for the highest portal rank anyway. So in less populated if portal level is no problem, mod number should not be a problem as well. I always like the idea of supporting the team idea to increase the social aspect of the game. For that reason I personally am fine with that change.
+Ingress Yes, you absolutely would be able to neutralize enemy portals more easily now.  However, is that really what you're trying to solve?  Everyone one I've talked to for months now, the biggest complaint is that it's too easy to neutralize portals...
Ahh. and my common shield is becomming just for xm recycle.
If i use 1 thing, i'll not put that on the portal
Eric J.
lol I've never seen such a revolt in a forum before about this game haha. +Ingress you got a little hyped on the news then you piss off your senior agents like this? #IBlameSuzannaMoyer
I remember +Ingress , The code was spread out above 500 in one time, and even i use that resonators.
However, My cShield is just +6,
and sometimes rShild is +8,
and vrShield only +30.
I do not like this err.
Eric J.
.. it's times like this gamers are glad GTAV is coming out in less than a month to take the rage out 
+JB. Lee and I agree for the most part, I just don't want to see players from either side throw in the towel over something like this.
comment limit coming in 3..2..1...
These new rules might work San Francisco and LA. Sucks for less-populated areas though.
-1 ... only one mod ? thats disastrous ... I'm the only Smurf in town against 5 frogs = so I have no chance ... plz change these limit
Eric J.
everyone boycott sending recruiting invites seeing as +Ingress wants to dumb down this game for noobs... 
+Ingress If the goal of this change was to make neutralizing a portal easier by low level players, then perhaps the strength/distance ratio should be looked at. IE: same strength but broader distance based on level for all agents for XMP and lower resonator damage scaling.
+Keith Moyer On the contrary, that is not the most common issue we've heard from LoLVL Agents. We are still listening to feedback and looking at Agent activity, but this change is intended to provide newer Agents with more opportunities to gain AP, and increase the likelihood they discover Portals with available Mod slots.
+Tony Ktear +Caias Ward I'm not dismissing solo play, or those that choose to play that way. I fully understand there's a multitude of reasons for playing solo, not all being direct player choices, but expecting what is an obviously collaborative game to change because you can't play as a team (for whatever reason, through choice, or by dint of location) isn't reasonable.
Yes, we are fortunate to have a good number of players locally and it adds to the interest. We regularly meet players from both sides. One thing I'm certain of is it would be dull without them.
As for resources, they are freely available to anyone who chooses to play, it's what farming is all about, using them is part of the game play. If we use them a bit quicker is it really such a big problem? As a solo player you're going to have to work harder, in the game, as in life :)
We went camping at the weekend to some very rural locations where it's obvious there was little activity locally, as we rampaged through their villages, almost without exception those locals were delighted at the chance to gain some AP on their doorstep. It's just the nature of the game, it's the nature of a beta, it's the nature of Google to just try things and see what happens.
What you can bet is that there will be less weight given to players complaints than the actual data Niantic will be collecting about game play.
If it were a paid for game, maybe there would be valid cause for complaint, but it's free, we all have a choice to play or not, the data will tell whether it is a good change or not (for the game as a whole). We have a choice as players to embrace change, or reject it, but we do have that choice. I know what I'm going to do.
If there is a fault in the game, in my view it's the lack of locality, the only real objective of the game is MU, yet as  local player, especially in a smaller, densely packed country, the chance to impact that overall leaderboard seems remote. If there's any area that needs addressing it's this, in my view.
+Ingress to answer your question "are you now able to neutralise enemy portals more easily?". I doubt I will be able to much, no. I'm outnumbered about six to one here, and the opposing agents often go around in pairs or more.

If you want to make it easier to take enemy portals, then I suggest you remove entirely the mods that can make portals nearly impregnable. I really don't care if my portals can be easily taken by the other faction so long as it's just as easy for me to take theirs. I really struggle to understand why you made defense such a priority in the first place.
It is simply too easy to tear down portals or well maintained farm... days of work and miles on my feed, and then one player smashes through them in 30-60 minutes without a chance to defend even if i am nearby
(vienna, austria, L6)
 --> no fun
+Ingress just as every gaming company has been learning lately, easier to level lowers sense of accomplishment and panders to the juvenile mentality of the average child player stomping their feet saying "I want it now" then quitting a week later because they are bored. Leveling in ingress took a good amount of work, and I was proud of hitting 8 especially with no data. But it still only took a couple months.
+Jim Avery So in your situation, is it the number of Agents on the opposing Faction working collaboratively or in pairs that make it difficult for you to neutralize Portals?
So, firing xmps the conventional way, it's fire, wait for it to go off and the zap to hit, then fire again. This would make defense much easier. Problem is the fire from inventory and repeat exploits an oversight by the programmers when they built in that delay.
so low-level players are encouraged to place mods for AP, eh, +Ingress ?

so when the L3 n00b comes through and places Link Amps on my portals, because that's all he has, and I can't remove them to have my other 3 L8 friends place shields, this helps anyone how?
+Andrew Weekes Andrew that all makes sense, and I'm not saying they should hold back progress to cater to one group, just that eliminating the interest for a single group is a bad move. This change doesn't really impact me since I live in a good area with an abundance of agents to help deploy, but at the same time I want to see this game strive and appeal to more people, not less.
in my opinion, A thing lesser drastic could be to allow 1 mod for level 1 to 4 and 2 for level 5 and up. Ok for not removable but should let upgrade for shield (or upgradable thing like heat sink or multi-hack to pass from Common to very rare. Common shield will not be used anymore since we cant upgrade it) in the same way of the resonator for all agents in the same faction. They should create too a rare item that could permit to remove a mod making this action possible but rare. Could be interesting by example for a pop up farm by removing shield and placing heat sink or multi-hack. Thats it. I think its too much the way it has been change actually. I dont like the change the way they are.
I like the change! No sarkasm (really). Incourages teamplay/coordination, boosts low lvl players, makes creating "couch portals" harder.
+Ingress I apologize on behalf of all those who can't control their outrage long enough to engage in civil discussion.  I also want you to know that I will not seek election to your seat at the next election.  Too much drama for me.  Good job on building a game from scratch, making it onto an unknown number of phones, and updating game play from time to time.  I, honestly, appreciate the real world escape.
One on one defending a portal is impossible if the opposing player is within 3 levels of you.

The winner will always be the one who leaves last. 
2 slots per Player/Portal, remove should be possible and i give a damm on the ap's!
Now you need 4players to build a "strong" Portal, and then comes ONE L8 Player and kills the whole town (happend us last week. One L8 player killt all L7 Portals in our town in less than 1hour) is that the way you want us to play?
All right, i stop building, and Start killing Portals until there is nothing left.
Very usefull....

Jenn B
+Ingress giving more ap opportunities is one thing, but I leveled in 26 days with almost no help and no ap for putting mods on. I don't know how limiting everyone else in their ability to use mods effectively - including being able to remove and replace them - helps lower level players.
+Nikolas Moore  you do realize the Enlightened/Resistance element is a storyline, right? Quit trolling players.

As for AP... what does AP mean once you hit 8? 

As I stated, the changes overwhelming skew the game to a sort of collaborative play which some areas cannot support and which favor destructive game play rather than constructive. Combined with any one group having an advantage in gear by virtue of being able to establish even a L7 farm and you've created a great imbalance in favor of this destructive play.
+Tracy Norrell Passionate feedback is good, it means Agents care as much as we do about continuing to improve Ingress. If the comment thread closes after 500 comments, please note that that is a Google+ limitation and not our doing.
Well the good news is now I can recycle all of my common shields. 
I'm understanding the logic behind not being able to remove mods, since placing them give ap now.. but to me it is more logical to cut the ap out of mods altogether and allow agents to remove their own mods as they wish, even if they can only deploy one per portal.  The only part about this I like is the fact that the mods stay until the portal is neutralized.. if that was the only change made, I would be 100% behind this.
+Ingress it wasn't, but it will be now. Until now, it was just as difficult (or easy depending on your point of view) for me to neutralise one of theirs as it was for them to neutralise one of mine. With this latest change I won't be able to have any portals with more than just one mod on them, but most of theirs will have two, three or more. The dice were already stacked against me...

Frankly I really don't understand why people complain portals are ever too easy to take. Consider a game of chess. Any of the pieces can be pretty easily taken by any other piece. You don't get the international chess federation changing the rules to make a pawn nearly indestructible do you? It's just the way of the game that within half an hour or so (or even less if I'm playing (because I'm not very good)) the pieces will be taken and that's that.

If people want portals that are hard to take really they need to get out and walk/climb/cycle out to somewhere that takes some effort to get to and claim a portal there. If someone from the other faction then takes it back good luck to them - they've made the effort too.
so, no more farming keys with hs / mh, removing mods and placing shield on portal before you leave it...

I can see alot of "new" players after this new rules... 
AP for mod deployment/upgrading is trivial and not a valid concern. If someone seriously wants to burn 100 rare shields for upgrade AP of a few thousand points, let 'em
Last post! Did I get it guys? 
Everyone's madness level is over 9000!!!
You say you listen +Ingress well listen. No one likes this change. Fix it please. Thanks. 
It should be harder to score than it is to defend the goal....
This totally screws the rural players, watch this game devolve to heavily populated cities only now, way to demotivate us players that now won't ever see their portal with mod slots full. This is going to cause many to just give up. 
It feels like basketball defence...hahaha
I totally hate this new move. This should be changed back immediately
Is just a GAME, folks.  It's not like they changed the grading system at your high school.  Have some fun with it, or not.  
Shitty move. Sorry. You blew it, Niantic.
Nick N
Lame. 500.
Ken S
Oh, wonderful. The game has only just started working so I've been struck by this hideous nonsense. There's is one portal in my village and two agents. I added a multihack so that we could at least farm something, but I cannot add a heat sink. The result being that we both now have to stand around like imbeciles for an hour in the middle of the village looking like retards.

Removing a shield generator would make life so much easier... ad infinitum
Ken S
No shit?
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