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Rumors confirmed. Agents with Access Level 2 and higher have received additional #Ingress Scanner activation codes to enlist new recruits for their factions. Some Agents have already begun pooling their resources to organize Agent activation events designed to supply additional ground support and ramp up new recruits. See more at
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Ka Wu
Wow! You can contact Misty Hannah via email??
+Ka Wu We think she prefers communication via hyperthreading.
doesnt this mean more imbalance to the number of players on each faction, like if there are 300 resistance and 100 enlightenment then there will be resistance that could be recruited :(
Brian S
Yeah its possible. Those 300 that have an invite will surely give it out to more resistance players.
Shouldn't new invites go out AFTER Red Faction is released?  After all, having a bunch of new players swarm the current two factions then releasing the third a month later kind of defeats the purpose of releasing a third faction since no one will want to join a team with zero players when if you have to wait 2 months for a faction change.
+Ingress all that teasing that has been going on. IE reports I heard from individuals at the magic show who said Misty Hannah did a trick with red powder while mentioning a third way.  Strange messages being found in people's pockets talking about a group who believes that the Enlightened and Resistance are blind to the truth.. A lot of things.  It's hard to tell which is disinfo and which isn't.
A third faction would be awesome to join, you would be able to level so quick because you have free run to attack everything... I'm just fantasizing about having a portal within 50km of where I live at the moment :P
Dark Matter Portals? What? I have been thinking about a similar thing, like, make special "Black Hole" portals which can destroy items or something similar.
Anyone think the red faction thing may be just like misty Hannah's magic show? Smoke, mirrors and last but not least misdirection.
Most people are struggling to get enough invites for players in their areas, let alone giving them to people elsewhere in the world.
+Todd Stone That is the thing, it might be misdirection on a grand scale to mask an inclusion of "mobs" that can randomly attack, destroy, and capture portals. After all, it seems kind of pointless to say that the "bad guys" are back-engineering scanner tech if there isn't a future possibility of there being either  a 3rd Faction or MOBs.  However, that said, having NIANOPSDAEMONS being replaced by HAZDATADAEMONS or IQTECHDAEMONS is sort of anti-climatic in terms of the story-line's continuity even though it is a likely possibility.
Some kind soul send me an invite at jorgeivan
Someone hook me up with an invite will ya? I've been waiting for a while but haven't received yet. 
Just signed up for an Invite.  Now to check my email every 5 minutes for the next month.  fml.  =D
Rob A
Hook a brother up! 
Do u need a car to play this game? Over what sort of distances can players expect to travel? 
+Steve Mistwalker , it depends on where you're playing. Some people live near portals, some don't. My guess is that eventually you would want to go further away to "conquer" larger areas.
not sure what happened, but my invites got sent out automatically to the first couple people in my address book :(  
+Almond Joseph Mendoza I have been handing them out and telling them to join whichever faction currently has the least amount of players and now we are evenly matched in my area
+Angel Angeles III
Hey, instead of all this "I want an invite" stuff,. tell us what you bring to the table.  Where are you located in the world?  Your local agents have more of an interest in recruiting you than others.  What faction do you wish to join?
Red faction == red herring? Hmmm... ;-) 
Requested my code about a week ago. My fiancee has it its super fun.
Jens milbredt, I wanna join but I'm still waiting on my activation code can u help to recruit 
We drive around most nights just hacking portals ect.. 
Anyone have an invite to spare? 
+Ingress personally i prefer m hyperspeed twisted light nano-fibers for data transfers it's far more secure than hyperthreading
third faction needs an apple to eat and play O_o
i would like to join enlightment faction! could anyone invite me? i've been waiting my activation code for 2 weeks now.. :(
Chill out peeps my invite only took 10 days to arrive, as did s colleagues
+Howard Wilson II , i'm in the philippines and possibly the first one to play ingress at our locale, there are many players at the capital but i want to start a group here. That's why i'm so enthusiastic about the game. And i wanna play resistance, i've always been an activist haha
I am in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
I would like to join, but no activity in here.
So how could you help me here in Sierra Leone?
I would like to join.  In Oklahoma City.  I'm also a pilot and can travel to other areas to hack portals, if I get an invite.
As soon as I get a smartphone I will join, how is the gameplay on ingress because I am really interested.
I never got my L2 invite from the last invite roll out. So was only given 1 this morning. Holding onto it for my wife if I can get her into it.
+Howard Wilson II  I would like resistance, but I don't have a strong preference one way or the other at the moment.
if anyone has a spare activation code can he/she send me one?
I have 2 Ingress invites to dole out to whomever responds first.  Who wants them?!  Message me, first come first served...
I'm dying to try this game!  Still waiting for an activation code... :(

My email is
David Krawitz - You are number 2.  thanks for playing.
thanks so much, my email is
Alekos, what is your gmail account addy?
thanks agian, when will the code come, Im really eager to play
All of my invites are gone.  Congrats to Alekos Tsiam & David Krawitz
+Caleb Story Hey celeb thanks man but where is it? can you add me and send me in google talk?
sent.  sorry guys, phone dropped data connection for a minute.
Did you receive the invites yet?
+Caleb Story Its ok man thanks a ton :D when i get my invite from ingress website (its gonna be quite a long time) i will contact you if want to give it to any friends of yours :D if anyone has a spare invite
+Matt Johnson I am Enlightened, so if you choose that cool.  If not, I look forward to meeting you on the fields of battle.  B-)  Invite on the way!
Can someone send me an invite?
Le 01/05/13, ราชาแห่งมาร ยมฑูตเงา
Registered for an invite, happy to see other Oklahoma people here :-) Hopefully it comes soon. 
Someone please send me a code been waiting forever to get into this game!!!
Looking for an invite for ingress.

I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Live in Suffolk, work in Norfolk). I travel frequently and am willing to attend AP events. I'm fairly active (military and such :-p ) My intentions are to join the enlightened.
Can someone invite me? please.
I'm looking for an invite. Need to get more activity in Australia.
Hey guys, can somebody send me an invite? I'd like to play it in Australia too.
This might have been answered but, Are there interest developing Ingress for Glass?
Please can anyone send me an invite to Germany that i can play Ingress in Jena
Can someone invite me :
Invite me please. Thanks you. 
Anybody having an invite left for me? Thx in advance!
Invite. me. please
Anybody need an invite code? Message me for details!!!!
Dat Loi
I woudl like an invite too
Nuts. Hubby just reached level 2 today. Looking to team up for Le Resistance.
Dat Loi
je suis algérien vous seriez bien accueillie dans notre pays
je suis algérien vous seriez bien accueillie dans notre pays
Hey, I live in the Northeast US and was looking for an invite for my brother into the Resistance. Specifically the south shore of MA, there's a lot of Enlightened here and I need a partner!, thanks!
guys, go and request an invite on their website.

I got one in 2 days!!!
My girlfriend +Amanda Peake  has been trying to get one for a few weeks now. I is so much fun playing ingress, but so lonely without her. I made level 2 but sadly didn't get an invite to send her. Hopefully we can play together soon.
Looking for invite. Live in South Bay Area CA. 
I suggest making some art. My gf made some and got her invite in a day.
i have not got an invite code and im lvl 2
I think you had to be level 2 when they sent them
I'm a level 3 agent but I haven't recieved any code
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