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On track to launch today!
New L9-16 #Ingress agent levels and Ultra Strikes for All!

More Agent Levels - The number of Levels is expanding from 8 to 16.  Agents achieving higher Levels will gain the ability to recharge Portals at greater distances. Higher level agents will also have expanded XM storage capacity in their Scanners. Agent avatars will reflect the new Levels and an updated level interface on the agent profile will keep agents informed of their progression.

Ultra Strike Weapons - The powerful Ultra Strike Weapons, previously exclusive to Motorola Droid devices, will now be available to all Ingress agents. Ultra Strikes are a special, rare type of XMP Burster that are particularly effective against shielded Portals. These valuable weapons are now available to all agents on all devices, adding a new tactical dimension to the struggle between the Resistance and the Enlightened.

Scientists have found a way to boost the defensive strength of Shields. So Ultra Strikes will be a valuable tactical tool for destroying a Portal's Shields before the main attack.

Pro tip: Fire an Ultra Strike while standing directly on the center of a Portal to maximize the chance of a critical hit taking out a Shield or other Portal Mod. Once the Portal Shields are down, stand directly on a Resonator to maximize the damage and chance of a critical hit on that Resonator in order to take it out.
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two long awaited upgrades at once, this will be a big weekend.  Many thanks, +Ingress 
About time.  L8 was getting a little stale.
+Ingress  What are the requirements needed to achieve the new levels?
Jeff Kean
So new levels but no l9 l10 or l11 weapons??? Is this a joke?
ULTRAAAaaaaa... Levels!!  Gimme dat phatter XM bar, right meow!!
Oh hope I get some field kits! Would be my first!
Remi M
Quite disappointed by the new levels. Sure, more xm is nice, but I have Powercubes for that.
Yay! And I love Ultra strikes so that is gonna be great! 
+Jeff Kean I'd imagine it likely that scientists might develop in the future weapons that are exclusive to higher level agents.
"Fire an Ultra Strike will standing directly"
"will" should be "while".
Is there a chart for the new Level AP requirements? or is it still double the AP of the previous level?
if so, i should be about 300k away from L10....
+eric peacock decodeingress had something a couple of weeks ago from analysis of the APK - it's based on AP plus the number of gold, silver, platinum, and black badges you have.
Nick Fox
I'll probably get to level 19 without hacking a single capsule :(
Michael M
Looking forward to Ultra Strikes.  Maybe it'll promote getting  people to get out of their cars :D

With the new inventory item though, I do wish the new levels came with additional inventory capacity. 

Good stuff, regardless!
+Brandon Badger that would be most advisable, Might I suggest a burster that has the same radius as an 8 bomb but is full power, or increasing power to the edge of the radius :). This should solve the huge explosion problem and still give us what we want. 
But there is still 7 hours and 20 minutes left of today... When will they come?
Started up the new client, and while I meet the L9 level requirement, my scanner still shows me at L8.  What am I missing?
is that it? crapy strikes and a tiny bit more xm?
how about fixing the xm draining bug so i stop losing so much xm to nothing!
Scientists made some tuning adjustments to the Ultra Strikes. They will have a very high chance now of taking out Shields (when fired right on top of a Portal). Shields seem on track to get a bit more powerful today too.
Maxim R
Wow..I never expected for Google to accept bribes from Verizon to make their phones more powerful in Ingress...very lame of Google and shame for taking to long to fix that!
So basically we get a bigger xm bar for being a higher level. This just became news I don't care about.

And ultra strikes.... something else to recycle... This was so not worth reading..
Nah need a very very rare drop rate xmp nuke that requires multiple players of very high level to launch as a group.
InCe X
Wowoooooooo nice
+Brandon Badger Cluster Munitions, Claymore/Shockwave Mines, XMP Satellite Strikes.
Stealth/Cloaking & Firewall mods.
Nice... I am surprised that I am actually more interested in the Ultrastrikes than the extra levels since the extra levels dont really provide much.  SOMETHING for the extra levels would be nice... Place a 3rd mod?  Upgrade existing mods with the same item of increased rarity? Place an extra resonator so they can build a L6 portal by themselves?  A deeper XM pool... so, so...  recharge from further?  Meh...  that will only appeal to a small percentage of players.

Hopefully, the extra levels mean a little more at some point...  Nice to see the  progress tho!  :)

Do we know if the Founder badge is counted as a Black badge?  Or, Recursion as a Gold one?
i know eh +Henry Krull , not even any new weapons for all of us that worked our asses off to get million upon million of ap. :(
I'm okay with a delay in higher level gear. Can you imagine an army of L16 bots?
So... new levels only give you a slightly bigger xm repository and let you recharge portals in China?  no increase of inventory limit, or "special powers? It's only a honorary title then?.... OK - I'll take it :P
Need new badges! It's currentlt impossible to have earn enough to get level 12!
This is exciting!! How are we going to get the info for obtaining the higher levels since we have heard it is not strictly AP based?
+Ingress Stop increasing shield strength!! It'S MORE than enough already. Stop listening to RES demands for more defense, and start listening to ENL who are underdogs around the world and ALREADY have to farm like crazy only to keep up with massively shielded blue portals as it is.
For those in areas dominated by the other side.....higher gear means faster quitters. Game seriously needs roster balancing as there has to be a greater number of resistance players than enlightened. ....the "cooler"storyline for new players is resistance. Eventually that will kill the game. Like in can score a shorthand goal now and then...but the power play advantage goes to the side with more men on ice. Getting barely playable. 
Ability to upgrade mods would be a nice feature to get next, but for now I'll take the extra XM and ultra strikes. Thanks.
+Ingress can you clarify if you need to meet the criteria for previous levels before you get to highest level? i.e. If you only get 3 platinum, but no gold will you move to L15 (having the 24M AP)?
+Andreas Lander Yes, agent BigBigJerk, that's exactly what I'm doing. I run around in circles for two hours so that I can play for like 20 minutes. It's SO much fun. And soon my favourite activity will take even more time, yay!
Blah, needed bigger inventory! what should i do of recharging when some local agents could do that very well! whats the true advantage of being a l9 or l10? recharging? lol +Ingress 
D kim
finally !!!
They are gonna be #2 recycled next to link amps.
+Ingress So basically new levels give me a slightly bigger XM pool? That's all? Seriously? Come on, you've got to have better imagination than that??...
Raise inventory item cap, higher levels hack a lot and we help low levels and others high levels that can't hack!! More ítems Cap for new levels!!
+Benjamin Becker Just confirming, don't ENL have access to the same shields? Or are you guys just recycling them instead of installing them? 
Will there be level up kits? And will the agents that have put in the good work ahead of time get the level up kits retroactively?
+Ingress XM bar could easily be doubled by lvl16. You could even give a slight increase in item cap, and some perk like deploying two lvl7 res?? Time to get agents off the res4 shortage barrel...
still wondering if Gold badge counts for Gold and Silver and if special badges count for anything (anomaly, founder, and verified)
+Benjamin Becker it's all about location. Toads where I'm at have everything. Literally. When we destroy a portal and capture it, withing min. At least two ENL show up and take it back.
It is sad that requirements for L13 is easier badge wise than L12. :/
L8 ultra strikes, L8 bursters. Everything else is... /shrug
Well, no. Sorry to rain on your parade but in cities (=> heavy percentage of the areas where ingress is being played) it's usually impossible to stand on resonators to blow them off with Ultrastrikes as portals are placed on edges of buildings etc.  I tried it, I know...  And to make us use them to blow off shields easier is a stupid idea ;/   We're all gonna hate this :(
I am waiting for the ultra shield…
If we don't get new resonators and bursters..  We should be able to deploy more than 1 lvl8 reso on a portal...  my 2 cents. +Ingress Thanks! 
We get new levels in next update?
Too few improvements for that amount of efforts needed to achieve higher levels. There are lots of other parameters to consider increasing:
- Hacking distance (+2m for each level)
- XMP damage (+5%)
- Inventory cap (+200)
For the people complaining about the delay in an IOS release. Be patient, they want to make sure they get it working right ... and if we're lucky they'll get the android version working right someday too
google é um meio décomunicação por isto gosto desta rede soçial
+Timothy Lung send them to me if you don't want them. I use those all the time, can't get enough.
We still need more inventory room. Is 50-100 per level over 8 too much to ask!?
우린 저거 얻겠다고 온갖 불법을 저지르고 휴대폰 밀수까지 생각했는데... 덧없네...
+Ingress is there something on track to increase inventory capacity with the new levels? That could be great. 
+Maxim R except that Motorola is already owned by Google, so really they were just promoting their own phones over the competition. Not that surprising to me.
I don't want ultra strikes, I consider that spam 
I'd love to see the ability to put 2 or more level 7s/8s on a portal at level 9+.  Just a thought, if they've invested the time to make the badge requirement they're more then the standard issue level 8 agent.
+Henry Krull there's nothing saying they aren't planning to add higher level items for us at some point. As always, they're adding new content a little at a time to improve troubleshooting and quality control.

Really? We only get more XM and can recharge from farther away? I doubt anyone will be rushing to level up with those incentives. 
Trinyan X
To everyone complaining that you don't want Ultra strikes, quit whining. First of all, there are already a few items in the game (turrets, force amps, link amps) that are strategically useful in certain circumstances but some people never use. That doesn't mean they should be unavailable for the people who do use them. Second of all, it sounds like they actually will be useful to everyone now, assuming you don't want to waste 100 XMPs or more just to take down a single heavily shielded portal. The best part? Unless they changed this, firing an ultra strike at the center of a well deployed portal well not even provoke a retaliation, making it useful against portals with turrets and force amps as well.
+Maxim R then Google already had a contract with Verizon before Ultra strikes ever happened.
I'd just settle for a capsule.... 
"These valuable weapons are now available to all agents on all devices"
Has anyone hacked one on a non Droid device yet?
Agents, it's time to move! 
New level New weapon range more destructions more power. I wonder if there would be reso 9, xmp9 levels, portal level 9:-D 
Will they Un-Nerf Ultras now that everyone can get them?  Some time ago, they went from being somewhat useless to completely useless.
+Colin Jones UltraStrikes were available for Motorola devices only in terms of hacking, everyone was and is able to fire them. In Germany they are available to Vodafone customers via passcodes when buying pre paid vouchers. all the higher level folks get is expanded XM capacity? I wasn't expecting high level items, but No additional deploy ability or special abilities? 
+Benjamin Becker I agree, but I think it's independent of faction. My town is a toad haven, and we often have to farm THEIR farm in order to blow it up. Shields are fine as they are, any stronger would require more farming, which is not fun. I have to spend most of the few hours a week I have to play farming. If I wanted grind, I could sit home and play WoW in my boxers and save on gas.

So, next update: Batch recycle and Toggle notifications of portal attack, or tie them with keys. I don't want to button mash, and I hate having my phone buzz all day just because I have half a dozen portals I want to recharge on and therefore can't kill notifications. You are geniuses, Google/Niantic; MAKE IT SO!
I was hoping higher level agents will have a special ability like combining items since they dont get extra space in their inventory.
I think this is a smart upgrade. Basically they make drive by destruction harder. Taking out a defended portal is a two stage procedure. First use a strike or two then xmps. It also stops a single level 8 taking out a farm by sitting in the middle hammering fire, yet still allows a lower level player take a shielded portal. Might not turn out this way, but in principle it sounds smart
I don't get all this whining about "not enough advantages for high mortals". For me, getting Ultra Strikes alone would be a superb update, the levels matter not so much (it's just a freaking NUMBER!)
Now... Though its still telling me what I need to hit L9 
+Ingress what if each extra level adds 20% on everything, to amax of +80%: XMP range and damage, res deployed energy, shields deployed mitigation, heat sink additions, item cap, hacking distance: lvl8 portal created by just lvl16 agents would have 76k XM, could have a mitigation of about 300, of course it would be easier to destroy with lvl8 XMP used by lvl16 agents, and of course deployed heat sinks would give extra speed, extra hacking range and all else??
+Pav Sepeliov So that at L16 you're practically a god and control the whole city from your couch? Sounds balanced..
Can we have increased inventory limit for new levels?
Mine isn't live yet.
How 'bout now?
How 'bout now?

Productivity: falling.
Looking at the way the next level is presented on the stats screen, makes me think one can only get a higher level by achieving all those below... Meaning there will be no hopping to L14
I don´t understand, I should be L9, scanner says I have all the requirements but no change in level icon. Other player had the same problem until he fired a xmp. But that doesn´t work with me. Please +Ingress +Brandon Badger +John Hanke have a look at this, I´m sure there are a lot more people with this problem. Thank you.
Thanks for the field kits +Ingress but,
Link amp? really? Are you giving us something that we must recycle right away?
I bet that the whole majority of agents would have been much happier with a capsule instead, and if you add some ultra strikes to be able to test them right away that would have been much better.
+Ingress will it be possible to skip levels if an agent qualifies for the higher level? For example, L14 requires only two black badges, so it's possible to hit that benchmark without necessarily meeting the badge retirements for lower levels
Is it possible to quit getting spammed with Intel email and having this show up on my feed now that I've been banned?
Problem solved: stop the app, clear the data and restart the app!
+Jason MacEmcy if you can still open your scanner, you can disable it in OPS > DEVICE > Email
+Gum I can't do anything with my scanner. I was banned.
I have moto droid ultra so I been using ultra strike since I started playing
+Jason MacEmcy I have a friend whose account was banned but can still open his scanner. He can't play, though. There's a "Scan Failed" notification on the lower left of his map. But accessing OPS is still possible. Or maybe I was wrong.
I have two gold and three silver badges, and 5MAP. There are two ways the requirements can be interpreted: Either you need to have two golds (or better), and five silvers (or better) to be level 10, in which case I qualify for level 10, because I do have two golds, and I do have five silvers or better; or you need to have two golds (or better) PLUS five MORE silvers (or better), in which case I only qualify for level 9, with one of my golds counting as a silver to make one gold and four silvers.
One way or another, level 14 seems much easier than level 13. The way it's going, I expect to have two platinums in a couple of months. But it's going to take years to get seven golds.
+Shane Morris Not as of yet. Not even sure how it would be possible without major game imbalances. The higher levels can recharge over a greater distance I believe.
Given the amount of users this app supports, rolling out all these additions means extensive testing to ensure any changes won't bring down the game. While I think there are still a lot of features/additions I would like to see, kudos to +Ingressfor delivering what they did roll out today.
Erik M
Founder and anomaly badges don't count :/ I was hoping...oh well.
will these come from regular hacks like the ada refractors? i havent got many of those even tho i hacked several hundreds of portals .
I think level 9+ people should also be allowed to add more level 8 & 7 resonators to portals. A level 16 person can make a complete level 8 portal by themself.
Dont make this a grind-fest by constantly upping the levels. Give us some high level strategy stuff.
How's about making the capsules easier to get! Man! 
+Jeff Kean we're in the middle of an anomaly cycle. I wouldn't expect anything really  game changing until after Interitus is over. But if July comes without anything better than a bit of XM and a wider recharge range, I'll join the #lynchmob
Can't place more higher level resonators?  Yet ANOTHER disappointment from Niantic.

What's the point of getting badges and AP for a crappy 10% boost in XM - which can be already be achieved by popping a low level cube?
Some of you people (yes! I said, "YOU PEOPLE") are unbelievable. You just now get to move past Lvl 8, and are more concerned of how many Lvls can I skip?!?!?!?
Still waiting on the multidrop feature ...
+Aras Vaichas we have that. Capsules. They've been hackable for weeks. Drop 100 items at once. They're awesome.
+Michael Bracewell Understandable, but in my case it's an interesting situation. I can qualify for L14 with a week or two of effort, but L12 might take me several months.
Really excited about this update, +Ingress! Also glad I held off buying a phone specifically so I could get Ultrastrikes. I was seriously considering that. The shield increase ought to be an interesting twist, but if I were to make a request for a much-needed item, it'd be for a power cube that actually completely fills my XM bar. +Niantic Project ought to be able to make that happen, right?! It is SO badly needed! Whaddya say?
Capsules are a poor implementation of a multidrop feature in my opinion.

First of all, they shouldn't be a super rare item. I got from L1 to L8 over the last 4 weeks and I didn't hack a single capsule in that time. Everyone should be given a capsule at the very least. What's the point of trying to solve a long standing issue by adding an item which is very hard to obtain?!

Capsules turned out to be a massive screw up with the item duplication glitch. This was worse than anything the spoofers/bots could have ever achieved. No spoofer/bot can amass 1000+ jarvis/ADA in a few hours. It's impossible. 

A proper multidrop feature would be the ability to drop, say, 5 of an item at a time. And the other person can pick up those five items in one move.

To drop 100 items would require 20 drops in total. Easy. Simple. Less touches and less time.

This would have not caused any sort of duplication disaster and it wouldn't require any new items, or slots or use up more inventory.
+Christophe Weibel I've verified that it's the first method of counting you mentioned. Minimum badge requirement for L10 is two golds plus three more silvers. Higher badges count again.
+Ingress You must be aware that a lot of early achievement somehow got lost when the player stats rolled out last fall.  Players who were L8 by April of '13 showing as having neutralized 13 portals, that kind of $#!+.  

Is something planned to make that up to them?
So our hard-earned Founder badges mean nothing? I was really hoping that badge would be more than just decoration.
+Chris Koch Thanks, I see now that I have jumped to level 10 indeed :-)
…Ok, now I need to get to level 11!
So let me get this straight: shield values are going up yet again, and the answer to that is supposed to be to use Ultra Strikes. That's all well and good, except tons of portals have their centers placed in areas where you can't actually stand.

So now, you can deploy shields from anywhere in range, but you have to force your enemy to stand dead all you have to do is position the portal center to a place that's unreachable, causing the enemy to waste bursters trying to pop the new shields off, thus negating the use of strikes entirely.

We have a level 12 and a level 14 locally, those levels are possible.
+Aras Vaichas Meh. Capsules offer more than just multidrop (diy powercubes), and since they're reusable, players can hang on to them once they get them. I agree that they're far too rare, but I think they solve the issue well enough once you have one.

Rumors that we'll be able to use glyphs to lock and/or name them, too. A capsule that you can only pick up if you use the correct glyph sequence could serve as lock box for dead drops, which would be really cool. Basically, there's room to add new features to capsules; a simple multidrop could never be that flexible.

The dupe bug was a bug, and it's not the first time it was possible to duplicate items (though it was the most reliable, the easiest, and the most egregious). That bugs been fixed, though, so asking for them to make a SECOND way to drop multiple items because the first one had an issue seems silly. L8 bursters used to lag the server so bad that you had to wait almost a minute while damage in dense areas was calculated (Dec 2012). Does that mean L8 bursters were a bad idea? No. That was essentially a bug; they fixed it (made blast radius smaller), and now we're happy. Capsule bug was fixed.
The "recharge all" button was resized, but the "recharging" intermediate button is still the original size. Is that an oversight? (Not a big deal, but figured I'd call it out.)
Awesome. Any movement on the iOS version?
Excellent. Not too much new power (that would unbalance the game and lead to a loss of fun at lower levels) and incentives to play all aspects of Ingress because of the medal requirements. Blizzard should learn from this, since their expansions led to run away inflation. 
I don't know where else to add a suggestion for the game so I am going to post it here: Could you add a sorting option for keys regarding to charging necessity. 
+Rick DeNoyer gather 8 lvl 8 players in a group. Make a big g circle and all fire at once 5 lvl 8 xmps. Here is your nuke :)
+jordy vanlierop ...which doesn't require shield strengthening. As I said, the shields are super strong already. A simple L6 portal with four common shields and some links, which is easily built by two agents, can require in excess of 30 X8 as it is.

Besides, to take out mods with an ultra strike, you have to stand right on the portal. In urban warfare, with portals being wall elements etc. that's often not possible.
If I had known badges would be required... :/
+Craig Hughes I play on an N7 so please spare me the Android vs iOS garbage. Different choices different worlds whatever. Your answer is not helpful to anyone. 
The most useful thing higher levels could offer is more inventory, but no...
Does anybody know the correct level requirements? The image everybody is posting is incorrect. I need 4 gold for L11.
I was just reading that when you posted :p
That's why I got a Ultra Strike this afternoon. Now I know ;) 
Perfect: enough to work on and does not imbalance the game or alienate new players in the same way that a game like Warcraft became increasingly devalued over time due to equipment upgrades.
+James Taylor same here. I never really got into the badges. Now they they are required for higher levels, I guess I'll never really get into the higher levels. I've been on a hiatus for a few months, hitting portals now and then if I'm sitting at one for other reasons and paying attention for new news that would make me get out and play a lot again. This wasn't that news. I think Im happy at L8 just hitting random portals once a month or so.
+Pete Pickett II But that would make them overpowered in relation to lower levels, and reduce the need for teamwork.
Teamwork especially to level the new folks will be key overall with the new shield MIT.

Yes, 11 needs 4 Gold
+Bree D. This is a great game it sounds like. I saw it on my husband's email D Castillo peace figure it out
Really? That's it? Is that the best you can offer? Waiting all this time just to have a bit more XM in the bar and recharge from more distance, you really got me motivated! 
A lot of comments (did not read all) so I'm not sure if this question came across yet. Are there any higher level reso's and busters accompanying the increase in levels?
if niantic labs is going to make more resonators,they probably wouldn't go so high as to make lvl 16 reso 
+Ingress can you publish the Official new requirements for level up or Decode Ingress is a Oficial website?
My friend used to fake his device information to get some of them, permanently breaking his camera focus on n4. Now they're available publicly, and I don't know if I should be happy or sad.
+Ingress But the problem is I fired 25 L8 Ultrasucks off on a portal nexus and it did nothing but miss all resonators
+Brandon Badger, what about a "MU Captured" medal? :D
The main purpose of this game is making fields and capturing MUs, but there's no recognition for the second achievement (and I think it's the most important in the game's dynamic).
+Davide Ciocca Good Idea. But... one guy gets the medal for the team that made it possible? Not really fair, is it?
+Fernando Moreira, there are chance that one player creates big fields with no help by others. You just need to drive your car or ride your motorcycle.
every one who plays long enough will hit L16. The only metal that is not tied to continuous play is the Guardian, that one requires people not blow up your stuff. Everything else just will happen with time.
+Timothy Lung I recycle the ultra strikes lower than u7 too. The u7 u8 work good for taking out the mods/shields on a portal before you attack it. I've tested it several times and a couple ultra strikes saves several bursters. jmo
Ultra Strikes.... what a waste of time. 3 x lvl 7 against a level 5 portal with two bog standard shields did nothing. NOTHING.
+David Nicol if you are right on the portal they take out shields. If the resonators are deployed real close to the portal they take them out too. To take out a resonator you have to be right on the resonator. The nice thing is with this update they are stronger now than they were. I only keep the u7 & u8's. The lower ones don't seem to do much.
+Bill Law I was right on top of the portal. It then took about 100 bursters to take down the portal. 1% 1% 1% 1%.....
+Brandon Badger +Ingress +NIA Ops I'd suggest avoiding new items and raising deploy limits. L9 could deploy 8 L2, 4 l5 and 2 L7. The top level could deploy 8 L8. somewhere in the middle up the mod deploy too. I would have kept the AP limits at doubling though so L16 would be 307,200,000 AP and be able to build L8 portals by themselves. Guess it's too late for that... :/

Ultra Strike doesn't do much damage on the portal. :D I'd Prefer XMP L9-L16. :D when will we get it anyway? and abot the portal? will the portal design be changed to 16 resonators too? or the agents can only upgrade the reso to the higher level when the higher level reso is available?
If you use one try dead center of a portal. If the portal has mods, see if they affected with a dead center attack.
The ultra strikes are garbage I just use lvl 6 xmp to take down shields far more effective...... Also I wish the higher lvls meant some thin I'm lvl 10 and there is zero "game changer" sense of anything same ole ingress we should be able to place more reso as you progress through so that at lvl 16 you should be able to make a lvl 8 portal with no assistance what else would be the point of higher lvls with out any type of real reward 
Me gustaría saber si se puede ver esta aplicación, en español. 
Even if they made it so every other level could add extra r8's. A level 16 could make p7 but it would take 2 level 16 to make a p8. Raising inventory cap for each level would be nice too.
This is exciting!! How are we going to get the info for obtaining the higher levels since we have heard it is not strictly AP based? its true ?
+Patel Mitesh we already got it. Level ups expansion packs and what it takes for each level is on decode ingress too.
Can you deploy additional l8 resos as you level up? 
+Sean Robbins no but I think if they added a way to deploy and extra r8 and r7 like every 2 levels that would be nice. That way an agent could make p6's and eventually p7's but never p8's without help
The only thing that makes sense to me is an extra 7 and 8 every level. I know this is a "team" game but if you shouldn't be punished for not reliably getting eight l8+ players together
It wouldn't be conducive to new players let's day a year or so from now when every portal is p8. 
It would only take 3 level 10 players to make p8's. That would make it hard for new players too. Especially since a lot of us didn't suck up all the ap and links and fields so we could help new players level up. Ingress only rewarded the ap hogs and did nothing for the agents that let their own progress stall so others could gather the ap to get level 8. They just need to work on the players with multiple accounts
sooooo... when do we get lvl 8+ bursters?
One year later, how time flyes. Where are levels 17 to 24? I miss the level grind being lvl 16 now. I'd also like to see new higher lvl gear. +NIA Ops​
Fuck it, shut down Ingress, final scanner update is an Endgame installation.  ALl resources devoted to Endgame. All badges deleted.  No iPhone version.
Niko M
and then they made them stronger
Niko M
well they DID! I was just updating people. In case...they missed it or something.
Niko M
with no cure.
this is almost as good as resurrecting old hangouts! 
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