On track to launch today!
New L9-16 #Ingress agent levels and Ultra Strikes for All!

More Agent Levels - The number of Levels is expanding from 8 to 16.  Agents achieving higher Levels will gain the ability to recharge Portals at greater distances. Higher level agents will also have expanded XM storage capacity in their Scanners. Agent avatars will reflect the new Levels and an updated level interface on the agent profile will keep agents informed of their progression.

Ultra Strike Weapons - The powerful Ultra Strike Weapons, previously exclusive to Motorola Droid devices, will now be available to all Ingress agents. Ultra Strikes are a special, rare type of XMP Burster that are particularly effective against shielded Portals. These valuable weapons are now available to all agents on all devices, adding a new tactical dimension to the struggle between the Resistance and the Enlightened.

Scientists have found a way to boost the defensive strength of Shields. So Ultra Strikes will be a valuable tactical tool for destroying a Portal's Shields before the main attack.

Pro tip: Fire an Ultra Strike while standing directly on the center of a Portal to maximize the chance of a critical hit taking out a Shield or other Portal Mod. Once the Portal Shields are down, stand directly on a Resonator to maximize the damage and chance of a critical hit on that Resonator in order to take it out.
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