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The Enlightened capture Operation #Cassandra - Paris.

The Paris Enlightened worked for weeks to spread the word about the Anomaly, well before learning even the approximate locations of each Cluster. By mobilizing more Agents on the ground to help execute their swarming strategy, the Enlightened successfully secured nearly every Portal, Volatile and Non-Volatile, in the final 2 Measurements.

There are 5 Anomaly Sites remaining. There is still time for the Resistance to change the course. But it will take planning, teamwork, and global coordination.

Total for the Resistance this Anomaly = 28
Total for the Enlightened this Anomaly = 433

Measurement 3 Details

The Resistance owned 0 Volatile Portals and 1 Non-Volatile Portal.
The Enlightened owned 5 Volatile Portals and 33 Non Volatile Portals.

The Enlightened had 54 Links standing at Measurement Time.

Total for the Resistance this Measurement = 1
Total for the Enlightened this Measurement = 191

Measurement Time Details

MD5 of OTP Key: 96ADD7BC5AEBD3C22DFCAAC33E642623
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Jake Smith
And that is how you Enlighten a city.
Wooooooooooooow. This result might settle the anomaly for good. Well done, Paris Enlightened!
That is simply stunning. Fantastic job, Paris Enlightened! You make us proud. :')
Oh come on. Were we really that badly outnumbered, or did everyone quit after the first measurement? In any case, I suppose I ought to congratulate the Paris enlightened. Nice job on your effort to enslave us all. XP
Wow.  Sao Paulo Resistance, you've got your work cut out for you to pull this back!
The series is tied 4-4, but the Enlightened have their biggest lead at 627.

Enlightened margins of victory: 196, 79, 190, 405
Resistance margins of victory: 65, 14, 110, 54

Resistance will need to win by at least 2 anomalies to win the aggregate.
How many resistence player were in paris?O.o
Kent Long
+Houssam EL-Touny You obviously don't see the big picture. If the Resistance didn't fight hard, the score would have been even higher, adding to the TOTAL Cassandra score. Time to open the eyes and minds that this is not about little battles but a new green dawn rising over the horizon. You can't stop it.
The Paris resistance learned their lesson in 1940. Now they always side with the invaders.. Conehead voice "We come from France"  The "resistance" is just a lesson in history..
It doesn't matter how many anomalies they win. They'll have to win in a way they haven't been able to thus far: most of their wins have been relatively close. If they're wins like DC or Tokyo- then the Resistance have a chance. If they're wins like Boston...
627 points to make up? We have to win every city left by an average of 125 points. Thanks a fucking lot Paris. 
That prior city sweep was just a prelude. There is no doubt, Parisian Enlightened dominate. Fantastic job!
Right now the Enlightened have to at the very least hold the Resistance to narrow wins. If the Resistance can make a similar blowout win in perhaps two of the remaining anomalies, everything will come down to NYC and Chicago.
(As it stands, the real stars of the game so far are Paris, Dusseldorf, and to a lesser degree Sydney.)
Sorry Paris Resistance, but the Vogons have never been more right... - "Resistance is useless!"
+Jim Typhoon don't discount the hard fights from all the Enlightened who prevented blowout resistance wins like this in other cities!
Absolutely. Were it not for DC and Boston's Enlightened teams' hard work, we'd be even now- those were high-point total games.
Dub Cee
Yeeeha!, well done,Enlightened!
Overall. Paris put us in the hole big time. 
Indeed; well done Paris Enlightened!
French resistance: how is this even possible? How can the rest of the world recover from this enormous fail? Unistall ingress plz. You won cassandra for the enlighted. 
Although that score is just painful to look at for me, thank you Paris Resistance for trying to stop the Enlightened. I am sure like all Resistance agents that you gave it your best.
Recall the warning about hungry wolves that turned on each other? Be mindful of your comments, Agents. The Paris Resistance fought hard, and the global Resistance still has opportunities to regroup.
You can have France! The US is Resistance Territory! As everyone saw.
I hope the Paris enlightened were good sports and took the resistance out for drinks. They've owned the city for months, so the results were fairly foregone. That being said, it was a rough beating for our team, and I'm proud that they at least showed up and tried. Hopefully they got a beer or two for their efforts.
We always enjoy your stopping to check in, +GLaDOS. For Science.
+Ingress is absolutely right, Resistance agents. This is not a time to point fingers or place blame. We should ALL be embarrassed for this loss, for even IF the Paris Resistance had a poorly executed plan, the blame still lies on all of us for not providing more insight or planning ahead of the event. No Resistance agent or cell is an island.

This war is far from over, and we need to regroup as an entire faction to accomplish what we were born to do - protect and preserve our humanity, no matter the cost.

To our brethren in Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Cologne, Chicago, and New York, let us know how we can help. 
Come on Sao Paulo Resistance! We need you more than ever now! Now is your time to defend humanity as never before!
+Tim Kujat lol, look at the score. They stopped fighting after the first cluster. They ashamed us all
Nice work to all involved...  Resistance, let's mount up for a rally unlike no other!!! 
Paris Resistance field agent here. We were outnumbered by almost 3 to 1. For the record the enlightned had taken the whole city a few days ago and cluster 3 is site to a well established L8 farm.

All we could do was limit the damage... I personally used up every single resonator i had, and have seen some of those mere 28 points earned by last second ADA flips...

Well played to everyone, and dont lose hope resistants -- for what really matters is not who owns the best score, but the influence difference ;) Godspeed.
Now THAT is a win!  Great work Paris players!
+Matteo Ruaro maybe so but your comments were harsh. I'm sure they tried. Its OK to lose sometimes. It keeps some of use humble. Good job Paris Enlightened. Good try Paris Resiatance.
What day is Chicago? Or possibly a link to the days
This is pretty much unable to be conquered. We might take more cities but the count is going to be impossible to overcome without a miracle.
Lets all just keep in mind that this is just a game.. It's all about getting out there and having fun, no matter who "wins" or "loses" : ) 
Its not fun when the game is effectively over before the end stages. We will need either an equally dominating or an average of 125 MORE than their side on EACH site to narrow that gap. We've hit a pre-determined outcome.
From what I saw resistant agents did their best but I'd say they weren't as organized. Still, all remained fairplay to the end and the atmosphere was really good. Hell, I even gave my reward to a blue as a sign of respect. We all had a great time and that's what matters in a game ^^
Best birthday gift :) thanks Paris Enlightened (my previous post was made with the wrong account, sorry)
Paris the City of (en) Light (enment)

Four cities each. In a way, scores are tied.
In another, slightly more accurate way, Green Team is kicking Smurf-butt.
+Ephyra Marie It certainly was not 3 to 1 ! We were 45 englightened agents on the field, and you were much more than 15. Judging from the pictures at the Pantheon after sector 3 I'd guess you were at least 30, everyone can see it for himself.
I'd say what made the real difference was the planning, so special thanks to the agents from the War room !
+Julien Lamy Sorry, that's why i said almost. Our initial head count at Tuileries was 16 to 35, several of ours had to bounce after the first cluster, and a few more skipped directly to 3rd to attack the farm. I belive it was around 3 to 1 during the second cluster, though i can't speak for the third.

It's pretty obvious that we had planning problems though -- I myself am not very involved in the community and just joined in on the spot, and resistance comms especially in the end were noisy and disorganized... Our sub-team was trying to figure out at H minus 5 where the volatiles were to  do a ninja ADA hit run. It never happened.
+David Oslin Paris Enlightened were able to get a 400 points lead on a weekday event where portals ownership only granted one point, yet the overall score shows an Enlightened lead of less than 650 points. And there are still three events (Chicago, NYC and most likely Köln) which will count double, not to mention regular events at Sao Paulo and Hong Kong. So if the Resistance can secure some huge sweeps such as the one that just happened in Paris, you can still win the war is not over yet.
As to those who say that the resistance was outnumbered and that it was not an even fight, I must answer this: I am a Paris Enlightened agent. We fight every day against Resistance to gain control of disputed areas. Even though we've had a greater control of Paris proper (with the city limits and the ring road) there are huge areas, both within and immediately outside Paris, which are Resistance strongholds, and all in all the count of Enlightened and Resistance agents in the greater Paris area is fairly even. The victory tonight was gained through a thorough planning on which some of our agents spent most of their free time for the past two weeks at least, cooperation with foreign, experienced agents which contributed to the strategy and planning, a far reaching effort by our French community managers and moderators on Google+ to get the hold on every available player, and the involvement of said players during the past week to gather as much items as possible and do some preparatory work in the clusters as soon as we've known where they would be.
I am not willing to brag on what happened tonight but by making this list and disclosing some strategy in the process I mean to say that we earned victory at least as much through good planning and efficient community management, as with the rough number of agents on the field, and thus both factions in every Cassandra city should be able to do the same. 
+Ephyra Marie We'll be crunching the logs in order to get precise stats, but I had destruction alerts from 22 different Resistance agents,  eventhough I only deployed on the very limited number of portals I was assigned to. In light of this, I'd now asume you were at least double that number.
Bah I just read lame excuses from who was there (curiously same things were said here in Milan eg 3 to 1...) and accuses from who was not there (and, again curiously, saw the same here). This is not honest and that is not fair. Everybody do their part. In all anomaly locations who was better organized won. That's it and Paris Enlightened did I their part very well. Paris resistance tried hard but failed. What's the problem?! That's not the only location where you lost...nor it will be the last; you know, resistance is futile all your portals are belong to us... ;P
+Julien Lamy Well, Sorry about that, i'm probably wrong, it's kind of difficult to see things globally from the field :S..
Overall it's pretty clear that we lacked not just numbers or coordination, but i think most importantly preparation... Going offensive with limited numbers on each and every cluster proved to be incredibly difficult.
Well fought :)
The Resistance... resisted the best they could. So i'm asking the World resistance: where were YOU to help them plan the anomaly? ;) cuz you sure can criticize afterward.
Enlightenment prevails!
sorry mates ....   It was really hard to fight them :( 70 enlighned people against 20 blues : we fight for honor :) but we must respect them for their organisation :) The Fight will never stop  !! Tetrix42 :)
I would like to point out that Paris was under resistant domination only a few months back, somehow spring replaced cold blue with colorful green. We worked hard to get where we are today !
Indeed, we did paint the whole city green 10 days ago, but in 10 days, it would have been so easy to take back many zones ... (some actually did, thankfully) Yes, we had the most dense part of cluster 3 lvl 8 linked/shielded at the beginning of the event. We did not forbid you to do this too :)
This would have been overkill with a 4th cluster and doubled points ; you still have a chance to get back on the race, for the sake of game interest, i hope you take it !
Seems When enlightened win they win big, but when resistance win they win by a much smaller margin. Might make it tough for Resistance to regain that buffer.
To just be clear: We were about 20 with people leaving after the first cluster, some arriving after the last one and a lot of important players not available tonight. We did our best and we just can say that the enlightened were much more organised than us and outnumbered us and proudly deserved this victory.

And for +Ingress : please don't let a faction know the volatile portals one minute before the measurement period! We would not have won but, for example, we may have managed access to a very badly chosen portal (in a university... That appeared close at this time to our team mates), change focus and maybe lose with a shorter amount of points.

In conclusion:
Well done enlightened

-- a resistant agent in Paris
+GLaDOS Test results from Testchamber Paris:
Results as expected: A handful not-participating testing units claimed they could have done better and are ashamed of the game result. Interesting anomality: Some human units showed their respect for the game outcome and urge not to give up at the next testing chamber.

Next testing chamber:  Sao Paulo
Prepare to get enlightened be tested. 
+Martin Zehetmayer +GLaDOS we have some late test results also from Milan confirming initial hypothesis.
Some blue units from cities not under test said that no one invited them and pointed the finger on that fact for the resistance failure.

Everything seems to boil down to the conclusion that those who didn't join were the only ones who could have won the game passed the test... "interesting game: the only winning move seems not to play" (cit.)
Resistance in Paris did its best and thank you for this. Even before the beginning of the event they noticed we outnumbered them but they stayed and tried to fight.

They didn't capture so many portals, but they really destroyed a lot of links.

Thank you every body I had a great time.
I appreciate Damien. Thx ! You had an outstanding organization and a great involvement of your players. GG !
Well done enlightened! Let's keep it going and not lose our lead. 
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