*Operation: #SaveKlue *

Whether you were here to #SaveKlue or #FreeKlue may have been a matter of faction alignment or interpretation. It was extremely close, with both factions welcoming Agents from across the Pacific Northwest and California. In the final Measurement, the Enlightened established a field that blanketed Portland in green and prevented new links in Cluster 3. Now, the London Enlightened can breathe easy: The Enlightened have captured Operation: #SaveKlue .

Measurement 3 occurred @ 14:03:57.
There are 15 Portals in this Cluster.

Resistance Portal Count: 7
Resistance Volatiles: 3
Resistance Links: 0

Enlightened Portal Count: 5
Enlightened Volatiles: 2
Enlightened Links: 0

Resistance Total for Measurement 1: 23
Enlightened Total for Measurement 1: 16

Resistance Total for this Anomaly: 67
Enlightened Total for this Anomaly: 72

Measurement 3 OTP:
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