174+ Enlightened Agents working together to field the UK. "Operation Redemption starts now." Chilling, Agents. Beautifully crafted SITREP, Agent +Stephen Beynon.

I am delighted to post the Video report for Operation Redemption.

I would like to thank all the agents that went to considerable effort to help with this operation.  At the time of writing we have a tally of 174 agents but this list is still growing.  

Special thanks goes to Agent Kenti for doing a 2500 mile key transfer trip in Europe

Special thanks also go to +Thilo Gross+Hannah Small  and +Cristian Huepe  for all the work they did on the video production, script and music.

We have claimed 34 fields as we have screenshots and MU counts for that many, but examination of the intel screen shots indicates the actual total is 39 or higher.

A write-up for this operation will follow.

+Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Ingress  #ingressreport   #redemption  
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