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Reports are coming in that v1.37.2 of the #ingress Scanner has started leaking to 10% of the agent population.

Key Features:
1) Click on Portal titles in the COMM to jump to a remote view of the Portal.
2) Long-press on an agent codename to either:
  a) send them a COMM message or
  b) view their public agent profile.
3) User setting in OPS->DEVICE to control visibility of your detailed agent stats.
4) Bug fixes.
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Inventory Count? <3

Interesting features, will see how good it is once it becomes available.
[Edit] - Further down:

Brandon Badger 
Inventory count has ux mocks done and will be in progress shortly.
So the stats are public unless we have 1.37 and make them private?
Wow! Features that have actually been requested! Thank you! :D
When it says:
"2) Long-press on an agent codename to either:
  a) send them a COMM message"

Is it the same as before but with Long-press?
Eric V
Inventory count !!!! Supply drop and pick up!!!!! Mass recycling!!!!
Inventory count has ux mocks done and will be in progress shortly.
Public statistics BY DEFAULT. So, practically, everyone who doesn't have the new version has no choice yet, if or not he likes that.

That. Is. Bullshit.
+Brandon Badger thank you for the comment about inventory count in the works! Now how about looking into why my approved portals aren't updating on my stats page :)

Nice update. It runs smoothly. 
Thank you +Ingress for your prompt update! Several bugs have been fixed:

Target can now be cleared on site (restored)

Next level AP amount properly shows on the agent tab (not shown for max level agents) (fixed)

Agent avatars can be changed at any time (fixed)

Choose button in training mission is now usable (fixed)

But some have yet to be fixed:

#FixMyCompass: Dynamic setting defaults the compass to north, instead of the upright direction of the scanner.

#SameTimeUpdates: Rolling updates results in some agents getting updates first, and unbalances the playing field.

#CommDistance 20/200 km ranges actually show 30/300 km respectively (I.E. A player in Houston with a 200 km setting can see statuses in Austin, 260 km away)

#CommMessageLocation Player's message originates from location of last portal interacted, instead of GPS location. Rumors show this bug to be intentional. Exploit from a user from Ukraine makes solving this bug a priority.

I hope that you can deal with the unfinished business.
+Kurt Loescher yeah, there's a bug with the portal discovery metric that we're in the process of fixing.
Thank you for the update +Brandon Badger , at least we know something's in the works for it.

+Ingress Is the profiles set to private as default or public as default? Given that players can't adjust the setting until they get the latest app, I would hope it's private, so a player can choose what they are sharing, even if it's only achievements and Gameplay stats.
+Sonny Lee rolling updates are that way so they can stop the rollout if the first 10% identify issues. 
So, you can hide SOME of your stuff, but your AP and badge images are always public no matter what....
+Andrey Rahmatullin Cheers, that's quite a disappointment +Ingress are doing that, and I know it's just metrics, it's more the principle of it, especially since players have no choice except either sideload a copy or wait the 24+ hours for the update to reach them.
Brandon thank you. Thank you. Not for the count...but for the end of having to hear about it. Thank you.
Funny: Ingress ITem Counter = IITC
Not being able to hide AP/level? That's quite a move in the wrong direction imo
+Brandon Badger +NIA Ops +Niantic Project Brandon, really? I dont want to say that "if you dont know how to do that", but... could you just look at broot mod. I think you can just copy and paste they changes into official client and everyone just go crazy about it.
I know that in yours opionion this dont look good, use someone else ideas or code... but c'mon.... This mod have just user friendly changes, which make this game more fun and flexibility.

I can bet bottle of good whiskey that if you just say "we include broot mod into ingress official client" ppl will be go crazy about it, and there is absolutely no shame in this.

Avatars, statistics... OK... we make fun of it becouse we want more flexibility. Can hide some useless tabs. Can view inventory in handy way. Can turn off some graphic features from time to time.
You can do this changes officialy and make ingress oficial client avesome. People from how many time say about tabs in portal keys, or item counter. There is so many silmple changes, and so many good ideas.

Could you at least consider do something like this, and make this game more userfriendly? We want to have part in create this game, we have sometimes good ideas, and we want from time to time to get answer from you guys "hey, this could be good... we drop work on more avatars and try to do that"

And one more think. Do you consider to change item limit?
You give us many new items, more mods, viruses, diffrent key drop etc... and we still have 2000 items limit.

Maby if you dont want to give more Agent Levels in game, you consider to give us an option to exchange AP to some upgrades?
For example, 1000 more item in inv. for 1.000.000 AP
Next 1000 items 1.500.000 AP

+2% damage bonus, 1.000.000 AP
+5% damage bonus, 1.500.000 AP etc....

This could really make this game better and ppl have more motivation to go outside and play when they reach L8. This bosuses can be connected to achivements also.
If you destroy 10000 reso, you get 2% dmg bonus, if you hack 10000 portals you get +1000 items limit in you inventory etc...

Think about that.


ps. Sorry about my bad english. I hope that is more or less clear what i try to say
Ok, so... public level and ap? Totally not cool! We regularly ask our newer players to not disclose their ap, as the local toads refuse action when we have a player they know is nearing 8. All you've done is make ap starving easier, and force agents to drive hours to level (at least in rural areas)
working as fast as we can! :) keep the good ideas coming.
+Brandon Badger something for l8+ ....stronger weapon same range as l8 but full power to the end of the radius. 
One minor bug that is actually quite irritating is that when I select a portal key and go into the recharge menu it shows the health of each resonator as expected.  However, as soon as I hit the recharge button all the health indicators disappear!  (tapping on the portal brings them back - minor annoyance, but still irritating).

The same happens when deploying resonators - as soon as one is actually deployed, all the resonators go invisible!
We need progress like in Diablo 3 paragon level and some buffs after each lparagon level gained
+Brandon Badger Good ideas will be comming if you give us know that they are good and that you work on it or consider how to include it to game.
For now we get many new things but this is what we really want are still not in game. 
I understand that you working on many things, but clear information should help.

We remembert that this is beta version, we also want to improve this game, and we need some feedback from NIA.
+C. Seward Go to Ops -> Dev, scroll down, set the profile to private. A pitty that private is not the default.
Can you track who choose private of public profile? I'm curios about the %
I am getting "Not found" after watching a few profiles. A teammate too.
Anybody else with the same issue? 
+Sebastian Hoffmann Yes, same here for many of us. While I wasn't able to look for profiles for the last 20 minutes, others have faced this problem just a minute ago. Apparently there's a limit on the number of profile views you can do.
+Brandon Badger - I sorta like the profile idea, but IMO you guys screwed up no making it private by default.  When you're doing the staggered rollout, people don't have the chance to "protect their privacy" before people could look at their stats.  It's not a big huge thing, but...
Or they have just put the profile private? Whats the message in that case?
Where is the KEY drop? hacked 7 times one portal without keys in inventory, and no drop :( 
Hi Ingress has a possible bug, is not recognizing achievements approved the new portals. In my account has not recognized four portals that have already been approved.
I hope Niantic receives the shitstorm it deserves for DEFAULTING our agent stats to become publically shared. Even if I DISABLE sharing my stats, my AP are still publically visible?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I don't want anybody to know my AP!! What the hell is this??
+Ingress ~ tell niantic they dropped the ball.
Stats should have been set to private by default to give agents who are waiting for the update.. privacy.
Things like this should be an opt in scheme, not an opt out.
1) Jump to portal from COMM, nice.
2) Forced public stats - hurts the game-play. Makes it just too easy to play strategically.
+Ingress this particular update should not have been rolled out gradually like the others. You need the update to opt-in to privacy! If you don't have it yet, anyone with the update can view your stats. 

Or, privacy should have been switched on by default!
intel gathering at it's finest... i feel so naked...
we  want an option to remove/change the mods in portals.
Honest question, why is everyone so upset over public achievements and level? Have none of you ever played a game where you can see other player's levels and achievements? If anything, it's really weird to NOT be able to see those. 
+Joe Dykes maybe because it was private before then suddenly it's now open for everyone to see..
+Cj Rodriguez But why does that make it a "bad thing"? We used to not know who submitted portals or new pictures, but we do now, which reveals far more "private" information than these stats. Nobody seemed to be upset over that. None of these stats give anymore personal information on a player than the game already does. 
+Joe Dykes it gives to me, I can know how much my enemy farms my area just calculating his ap increment, for example... If somebody wants to share his stats, let him do it, but force me to show my moves to my enemy...
+chewe chewe How can you tell how much someone farms? (and why does that matter?) Just recharging a lot of portals will be completely indistinguishable from hacking, as far as AP gain goes. Not to mention just a few actions like attacking, placing resonators, linking, etc. will make "reading" their AP far more difficult. And if you're actually taking the time to calculate their AP from every single thing they're doing over comm, that's ridiculous.
+Ingress so how many agents stats can you view before the scanner needs to cool down? Would hope it's one, and that it was only mine available to view. 
Will stats be visible in the intel page?
no workie on my note 3, cant enable privacy either. must be a toad conspiracy
LOL so many upset people about this game. Who cares if the profile is set to public or private? Its quite simple for people to figure out what level you are and such simply by using IITC and a mod.

Your also playing a game endorsed through Google and you expect privacy? LOL.

C'mon people.. Its a game not your social insurance number.
+Curtis Neudorf Yes, if you cheat you can find that out.  However, this gives you information well beyond just your level. 

+Ingress People have the right to reasonable levels of privacy. This sacrifices a level of privacy for no reason. That's bad.  Also good old Google had their wrists slapped by the Canadian government in the past for defaulting new privacy settings to public, that's not legal here.  I'm sure there are other jurisdictions who also respect privacy.
+Tuvya R uh... cheating? With what? I don't see any cheating at all. And if by cheating your referring to IITC then your more deluded than you think.

And as stated.. what privacy is actually given up? Your precious level? Who cares.
I don't actually think the information exposed is an issue. I think some of this response we're seeing because they provided a privacy checkbox, suggesting that we might want privacy, but then made it un-checked by default. 
Here is the thing about privacy.. Things of which can compromise you as a "person" are not something you want to be given out. The people who are freaking out about this whole privacy thing are those which take their "stats" far to seriously and want to remain as anonymous as possible for whatever reason.

Yet the ironic thing is that people are screaming for LEADERBOARDS! Well what the hell do you think that is? Its the same information displayed publicly for everyone to see.

So suck it up.. get the update.. make your profile private and be gone with whining over nothing.
+Ingress Why can't update automatically,Must find other ways to download?
Enough about the privacy blah blah. Why does every new version of the scanner get progressively worse at its primary function, SCANNING? I've got perfect 4g signals and GPS is spot on but the stupid scanner refuses to update more than once every 5-10 minutes randomly.. 
I have a brilliant idea! What if the scanner supported Unicode in portal names - that would be awesome!
Ok, but why it cannot be downloaded from the market? Is still there the bug that in the agent avatar the surrounding dashes are no longer updated according to the current APs?
The wording or calculation of the next level is wrong. To me (and I hope this is the fix) wording "AP to next Level" should show how much more is needed. At present it shows the amount total needed for the next level. 

Personally, and especially if there is any plan in future to release new levels, I would like it to be a count down to how much you need for the new level. If it is left as the hard amount to the next level, might want to change the wording to something like "600,000 AP - Next level point". 

Well Philip, probably that is the reason why it seems to me that dashes are no longer updated. I have 293000 APs and next level should be at 300000 but I have only 5 dashes of the 8 surrounding that are filled up...
+Dennis Freise
Can I kindly remind you that Ingress is still in Beta? You chose to install and play the game yourself, how about that for choice? The real bullshit is you whining over this.
the update dont work for me, it says in play store 1372 yet im still on 136 after updated?
Ok, thanks +Phillip Malone . I've learned two things today. How to tag a name and that the level number is redundant. Thanks :-)
The issue is that it's public by default and you can't change it until you've upgraded. NIA going Facebook?
can you share with us all of it? + other fine pics/friends'.
The address doesn't scroll in the new update:-(  Makes it harder to know where the Portal is.
That one will share about our address
Can we please get a "Recharger" achievement badge?  It's the most thankless job in the game and could use some extra recognition.
Also fields should be made more interesting (adding basic rules that make them part of the game, like friendly portals under fields do not decay and enemy ones double as fast, and of course fields should strenghten portals that hold them based on MU's and allow mitigation up to 99 on those portals in order to make them more difficoult to destroy) and badges should be counted based on MU's not absolute number!
I think the Broot Mod people must have patented "Inventory Count", and Niantic are in deep discussions to negotiate some sort of licensing agreement with them.
+Aras Vaichas license agreement with something illegal ( from their point of view)?
Strange indeed...
And what about iitc or the iOS port?
+Chris S let the achievement hunters hunt for their achievements :-) it's good to recharge, that's what counts ... and what's not honoured currently.
I guess there are two groups of players when it comes down to achievements: those, who don't care about it, 'cause they focus on their fun in playing a game, not caring about "gamer score" or stuff like that, and those who do everything to get as much as possible - the first group will not be impressed by the achievements of the second group, the second group can feel "superior" if they like (living in their own world), but all players gain profit, because the resonators get recharged :-)
I personally like achievements, they motivate to perform better (individually), but I don't care about other peoples achievements .. are they better or worse than me?! I don't care, I don't compare, I don't want to feel "superior" or "worse", I take it just to motivate me in progressing, I want it all, but I can understand, that other people have different interests or not that much ambition. And I know, there's always a lot of people being better than me, so why should I depend my life on achievements? It's just a game ... and there is one main thing, that *I don't like:
Cheating ruins any game, so play fair, please.
It's true there's no Recharger badge, but there is at least some measurement of it now, in that I've already seen people comparing their XM usage stat and the most effective way to increase the amount of XM you consume is to recharge a lot.
Please add key count to remote portal view or portal details.
As others asked and one of you acknowledged positively, please expedite item count, and, also, increase limit.
Please make easier to see how much XM the scanner has.  What you've put on top 2 versions ago clogs the scanner.
Haven't got a Rare/Very Rare Heat Sink in ages.  ADA/JarVir as well.
Portal name changes, how about main title in English and other languages in comments?  Also, portal ID and/or Location (lat/lng).
Allow multiple photos to submit with new portal.
I've sent many portal suggestions of the map - approve them, and I'll get you photos!
Option to upgrade mods (if not to remove them), say:  A portal has Common Portal Shield - allow upgrading to Rare/Very Rare Portal Shield.
Thank you.
good relationship with everyone :))
my entire scanner has failed out of nowhere. my ui shows nothing, my inventory won't load, my agent screen won't load, nothing. its been like this for several hours and I have tried reinstalling the game, relogging and force syncing. any ideas?
Check your data connection, or the Niantic servers could be down.

I doubt it's the scanner software. I've had the scanner fail to load my inventory on many occasions.
Well the thing is, no one else in my area is having the same issue. And its been down for me for several hours. My data connection is good and works with other apps. My only guess is that someone may have reported me for some unknown reason, other than to get rid of the "enemy." But I would think that it would tell me that, if that were the case. I'm not sure, either way. Could just be something with the servers or something, like you said.
Let's try something. What happens when you try to send a message in the comms from the Ingress app? Can you log into the Intel web page. Tell me if any messages come up.
If I try to send a message, it says "Cosmic rays blocked your last message." And the game logs me in, the GPS location is correct, but it won't show me the Intel numbers, portals, any messages, or xm.
When trying to log into the Intel web page, the following message shows up: " Welcome to Ingress.

Please sign in with your player account to continue.
You are currently signed in as [insert email here],
but this account is not activated to access Ingress.
Users need an invitation to access Ingress."

And everything was working fine about 12 hours ago, then it all shut off.
You've been banned/suspended. Don't worry, you'll most likely get your account back.

Check your email and see if Niantic sent you something. It would be very odd for them not too. I've only ever seen a few people banned who didn't receive an email. That was when they were trying to ban "bots" and lots of people were randomly suspended without any notice or reason.
Other than emails about my portal submissions and my activation code from when I started, I don't have any email from the Niantic Project. That includes looking through all of my folders such as spam, trash, inbox, all of that.
Very sorry to hear that. I don't know anything about Niantics automatic cheat detection systems, but I do know that enemy agents will use mass reporting as a tactic to remove other agents. 

If you didn't receive an email, I would suspect that someone reported you as being an alternative account for someone else. In that case, the primary account holder would have been sent an email, but no emails are sent to the secondaries.

Either that or you were were "detected" using an alternative client like the iOS one or Broot Mod, etc.

This is pure speculation and I'm not going to pass judgement on you. :)

Send Niantic a message and ask for a reason. Be prepared to wait a week or two until you get your account back. Sorry.
Yeah, I have no clue. The only thing I remember about any of that is back a few weeks after I started, I asked the resistance in my area what the "add account" button was for on the log in screen and one of them flipped out about it me asking about the game. Which could be it, I guess. But I would have no idea.

I'll try sending an email to Niantic and see what I can get out of it.

Thank you very much for your help. 
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