Reaching Level 8 is based on AP gained, while reaching Level 9 and higher requires a combination of both AP and Agent Medals. To recognize the incredible achievements of Agents around the world and to help Agents as they work to level up, we recently introduced three new Medals:

Trekker: Kilometers walked
Engineer: Portal Mods deployed
SpecOps: Missions completed

Both Trekker and SpecOps Medals account for historical data starting from your first day as an Ingress Agent; however, the Engineer Medal is based on a new statistic of Mods deployed starting for all Agents in early Dec 2014 (Mods deployed prior to early Dec 2014 aren’t accounted for).

Additionally, we’re working to reduce the time needed to process the thousands of new Portal submissions and edits we receive every day. In order to help us address our growing queue of new Portal submissions, starting Dec 31, 2014 we will temporarily suspend the Seer Medal. You will maintain your current Seer Medal status, but new Portals submitted after Dec 31, 2014 will not be counted towards the Seer Medal. Portals submitted on Dec 31 and earlier will be counted.

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