EXO5 Primary and Satellite Status

Agents, we can confirm the following status for each city of the #EXO5 XM Anomaly event.

4 NOV 2017
Berlin, Germany: Primary
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK: Satellite
Zagreb, Croatia: Satellite
Osaka, Japan: Primary
Chennai, India: Satellite
Cebu City, Philippines: Satellite
Boulder, CO, USA: Satellite
Houston, TX, USA: Satellite
Panama City, Panama: Satellite

2 DEC 2017
Tallinn, Estonia: Primary
Madrid, Spain: Satellite
Bruges, Belgium: Satellite
Taipei, Taiwan: Primary
TBD, Brunei: Satellite
Perth, Australia: Satellite
San Francisco, CA, USA: Primary
Honolulu, HI, USA: Satellite

Register for an Anomaly event at http://www.ingress.com/events

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