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Important Account Information: Niantic Labs is becoming an independent company.  We’ll be taking our unique blend of exploration and fun to even bigger audiences with some amazing new partners joining Google as collaborators and backers. Niantic will be building on the success of +Ingress, which has been downloaded more than 12M times, has attracted more than 250,000 people to live events around the world, and has inspired users to collectively walk the distance from the earth to the sun while playing, exploring and discovering.

Stay tuned at and our social channels for more information.

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Hire more anti-spoofer people!! Congrats
I was wondering what Alphabet would mean for Niantic Labs! Congratulations, guys. :)
Congratulations to the Niantic team! I can't wait to see what you have in store for your loyal fans!
Hmmm I wonder if this will allow the changes that need to happen. 
Uh oh. I suppose you'll somehow have to start making money...
Brought to you by Carls Jr. Brought to you by Carls Jr. Brought to you by Carls Jr.
congratulations! thanks for all the fun and fit... except beer-gressing possibly adds more calories than one walks off!
GIT R DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We like that it's free AND Ad-free. I hope they don't ruin it. 
Best of luck with getting operational side optimized 
I'm hoping that this is good news. But all too often, the source of annoyance.
Whewhooo! New items? Sponsors? Pvp?
Cool... Can we get some new toys now... Lol
Ugh, I guess you'll have to make a profit now.
Shani H
Congratulations and good luck! 
Congrats!  What's our reward? :) 
@Keith Pascal how do you expect them to stay around, if they don't make money?
so can we have a better intel map now? thaaaaaaankkkssssssssss ... send
This is unique and the best...keep it that way...smurf for life!
Does this mean, the new Intell maps will get a revamp, can't wait.
Start charging and I'm sure people will start leaving
Scott W
Sell more advertising? So is that why more businesses are being approved for portals and real dedications made by family members and cities are being snubbed? 
I only hope the game gets turnes into a pay to win version...
ADA dies and Niantic Labs rises from the ashes. Coincidence? I think not.
Who's gonna pay for servers maintainance? Players? What about integration with G+ and Google support? Please, stop cheating us, we've spent a lot of time playing Ingress. Better improve game. Expand inventory or smth else. Do smth. Forget about marketing. Think about players.

+Ingress​​​ I'm excited for you. Where can I apply for open positions at Niantic and be part of this wonderful new company? 👻 
Can't wait to buy stock
Alex bess
"You have exceeded your free xmp limit for the month please pay $.99 for a pack of 5" lets all hope and trust in the shapers that this does not become ingress pay to win 
Congratulations guys, good job!
Sorry, kids... N is for Nest.  
Well done!  I hope to continue on the Niantic journey..
How does an internal start-up become an independent company when that start-up is owned and founded by the parent company? Why is +Niantic Project​​ trying to hide and sever it's tie's with it's parent company?
Alphabet did not "buy" google. It is a restructuring to appease wallstreet
All the best. Just started playing this addicting strategy game. Looking forward to all the new innovations and aspects of the game. If you ever need people for testing for travelling/testing I would strongly consider applying for the position!!! #jobofalifetime
+Ingress​​ Could we get a clearer statement whether you are becoming a separate company in the Alphabet family, or more independent than that? Different people are reading your post different ways on that.
Interesting news. How about adding a few new item types to celebrate? (Hint, hint) ;-)
Are you going to make improvements to IOS (iPhones) that would be awesome if you can. 
I hope this means you finally get adequate funding/staffing for portal reviews and fixing the server issues.
Hire me to review portal submissions.
It's a great game, please don't start charging people!
Gregg G.
+Ingress, why start it with "Important Account information"? Will we finally be able to separate our Ingress accounts from Google accounts?  (...or better yet, switch them to different Google accounts?)
Google to Niantic: we are tired of paying money for your game. You are on your own. 
That sounds like a plan..Maybe they will have more the 2 factions
Now that they're separate they'll have to rely on their players and listen to their player base demands more than ever.

My three:
1.Intel map API
2. Community based portal approvals
3. Fire Philley
Hmmm! Great! I am not a game person, but time to playing it. Nice game, because there are interactions with real world. Sorry I did not get any invitation for gatherings. I would of be there in that case..
Can we have some more consistent portal monkeys please? ;)
Great, now the real problem BMW already owns a company called alphabet. 
Congrats. And folks independent company means not part of alphabet. 
This sounds exciting! Let's hope it's the good kind!
August 12, 2015...the day Ingress died. 
Good news. Let's all hope that this change leads to further enhancements that will possibly extend new options for higher level players.
+Niantic Project Congratulations and good luck on a challenging but hopefully rewarding transition. Looking forward to your new adventures with +Ingress +Field Trip and other projects from Niantic Labs.
I am starting to think like Adam on this one. What kind of In-Game-Purchases will appear? $2.00/10 L8 XMP?
I was hoping at the "planned end" of Ingress it would become open source so we can continue to pkay. Perhaps this will extend the games lifespan or even make my dream a possibility. 
Sounds good. I hope they don't make it pay to win. I would be quite happy to put in a few dollars for cosmetic things though. Do you think they will sell hats xD 
Congratulations! Very excited for what the future holds! 
Independent Company= They now need to find a way to turn a profit and pay a staff. That does not happen for free.
Wait. This is a game? I was told it was real. ;)
Congrats, hopefully we can minimize the portal approval turnaround lol
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Manny G
Prepare to pay for this now. You just wait. Plus all the data mining already collected. Profit. - 
+laura sue vannoy I just joined the community :) I am on mobile though.. So I could not see any event tab in the community. But I guess I will be receiving invitations through community?
Exciting news! To all employees of Niantic Labs, best of luck in your future. Work hard toward to make Ingress and future products great, and your player base will reward you with undying loyalty.
+Alexey Boyko when they close niantic down because they're making no money & you have no more game, I don't think that'd be very good for the players. 
Please make customer (player) support a priority.
So I can see how this is good for you. At the same time its bad for us users. This is how cash shops and pay to win happens.
I'm confused. An independent company, but joining Google? 
Tripl B
What? No Endgame?
Adding the ability to "pay" for anything material in the game ( resources, etc ) will be the last time I play. I have no issues letting people pay for "eye candy". But if a game turns into " who can spend more money to win " then I lay something else. 
/sub just to find out if +Ingress answers the question of whether they will now be part of Alphabet or not. 😉
+eric Nobel They actually existed prior to being aquired by Google. Hanke and crew developed what became maps and that's what prompted the buy. Admittedly, Ingress didn't exist until after the buy but if he was able to be successful with a half developed g maps, I think he'll do just fine. The question is "How will they monitize?" That will make all the difference. 
Cool! Grats! Now please approve all my portals :) 
I love how people are all afraid that ingress might start to cost money. What game are you guys playing? Ingress is the most expensive free game ever! If Niantic actually got a slice of that, maybe they could implement some of the changes being asked for.
God forbid you spend 1/100th of the amount you already spend on gas, eating out more often, and all the other expenses that occur because you play! :p
Cool! It will be fun to be part of the growth of a whole new entertainment/technology industry.

Way to go, Niantic Labs!!!
Is it really so great for niantic that they did not find a place in the world of alphabet? 
I may be in the minority, but I would support either a pay to play subscription model or one with micro transactions as opposed to ads in game. 
i <3 phat chicks 😂
noooo.... in-game purchases woukd see minted people crushing skint people, and in-game advertising sucks ass. 
+Ingress​​ what does this mean for Proving Ground since I don't see it mentioned with Ingress and Field Trip?
Any way to deal with the bots selling gear? 
"We've got 12 million downloads for a free game that makes us no money, with no advertising and puts load on our servers?! Yeah let's get rid if that!"
we are so screwed :(. the server resources for this thing, are HUGE, even now are straining, are we to believe the some deals with hint water, tea bags, banks and insurance companies are enough to fund all of this? 
this  has to do with the alphabet event, may +John Hanke  didn't like the terms and think he can do on his own. this doesn't look like a planned event at all.
Looking at their Employment Opportunities: 
wait ,NOW  they are hiring a "Global Community Manager" they forgot to mention a key requirement, ability to handle large amounts of hate and frustration. what happened to the guy running the +Ingress  account??

and what the hell would they want with Unity3D (another position they have ) ?
The moment this app asks for a single penny or features an ad is the day me and my family quit playing. Simple as.

Google have benefitted more from us players updating their mapping systems for free and charging us for the benefit of doing so would be taking the pi*s.
The way Ingress has been getting worse NOT better, I cannot see ever paying for it.. and when I see my first add..buh bye Ingress
+Justin Morris​ that may be your question but mine remains unanswered. Since Ingress became popular Niantic has tried to convolute the fact that they are owned by Google. Keyhole was acquired by Google well before Ingress was alive in any variant.

Ingress's ToS even states "2. Use of the Products - Permissions and Restrictions. 
Subject to these Terms, Google grants you a personal, non-commercial, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and use the Ingress mobile application software, to access and use the Ingress website and service, and to access the Content (as defined below) within the Products for your use."

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Congrats! I look forward to not having to share the server space!! Guess this is why Abaddon doesn't start until November. 😏
I hope it won't have in app buys. Pay to win is drat.
I really wish you'd stay under Google. Now I don't trust the software as much :(
Great news! You'll all now have your badges and stats reset. 
Congratulations. Great work
Niantic will be building on the success of Ingress but still didn't understand how this game work ...
Congrats, now when do we get a blimps of End Game
Big step exiting times
from (Badraven )
+Craig Sunderland
"features an ad is the day me and my family quit playing."

You're a little late on quitting. Jamba Juice portals were ads. AXA shields are ads. MUFG capsules are ads. Softbank Ultra Links are ads. I think they recently added a bunch of portals in Japan that were some sort of ad, but I couldn't really follow the details.

"Google have benefitted more from us players updating their mapping systems for free"

There is no evidence they have actually benefited from such a thing - it was proposed as a possible future revenue stream in early articles about Ingress, but a year or two later they still had not even tried to do such a thing. There are serious data quality issues with trying to make use of that data as well, as so much of it is focused on nuances of the game.

Also, the whole point of the post is they are now independent from Google - so the way they support themselves may need to change.
Rob K
Just saying, if this becomes another Gem/Crystal/Whatever you want to call it Buy and Gamble cashflow games I'm out, done, peace.  
And remember the cross promotional deal with Motorola phones where ingress was pre-installed on the phones and Moto owners got exclusive use of ultra strikes? 
For all comments up to here the TL:DR
-I don't wanna pay $0.99 to play a game i spend $100's on gas to play
- What do you guys mean "independent"?
- I hate Staff member X please fire them
- Oh shit change is bad, i don't like change, please don't change #WhyIsThorAGirl  
- Surely this means the end of ingress

My thoughts: Maybe I'll wait more then an hour to spell doom or freak out. Maybe I'll wait for an update or you know any other real info
Does that mean more portal approval quicker
99 cents to fast track portal submissions.... 
+Alexey Boyko Ingress isn't cheating you of anything, you got to play a game FREE. Congrats. You paid nothing, you are owed nothing.
Our data will make you big bucks then, +Ingress
Don't abuse it!
+eric Nobel It's called spinning off a division into its own company. Limits Google risk, provides the chance for capital partnerships in the new company, further limiting google risk on an interesting project that is a money loser so far.
+Richard Klein​​ yeah and I bought every one of those products when I saw them in-game! Yeah, right! I can't imagine any one of those "sponsors" have seen any return for their investment! I don't even know why Google let it happen as there is no measurable way to show what impact the "adverts" create.

I see becoming "independent" as "sorry you no longer fit, good bye". This is born out by Google's mission statement.

Only time will tell but I'm sure Google and Alphabet are letting out a huge sigh of relief.
Does this mean the frogs can get someone as one side as JP?
+Craig Sunderland Then why are you playing this game?  It has had embedded ads since early Beta.
Let us know when the IPO occurs. 😁
<-------- Hire me please!!!
Yessss good sound :) congrat Niantic from Tahiti !!!
Omg... If they put a portal on the sun, I quit. 
I assume from the announcement ("taking our unique blend of exploration and fun to even bigger audiences") that there are completely new, separate, augmented reality games on the way, distinct from Ingress but using the same platform?

I'd speculate that any future games will be paid apps or freemium (paying for mods, or game play credits, etc), and we'll not see commercial changes to Ingress beyond sponsored mods. 
I was really enjoying this game. It was more than a game to me: it was a reason to get out of bed and meet people. If they monetize it in a way that ruins it (buy your way to win or play faster ways) it will not just make me quit, I think I will develop trouble with depression and a bad case of Weltschmerz.
Keep at it Niantic! We're behind you 100%.
This is likely part of the Alphabet restructuring. Not surprising honestly.
Alphabet ,N is Niantic Labs?
Yessss good sound :) congrat Niantic from Tahiti !!!
Excelente. Mas items por portal y nuevas armas seria genial. Mas rapidez para habilitar portales. Saludos desde mebdoza argentina
+eric Nobel When the parent company becomes apart of an umbrella company Alphabet. to find out what happened to Google.
Obviously they'll need advertising revenue. My suggestion is to allow it to be hacked like media. Don't allow ads on the scanner.
This game gets me going every day. I have met some really nice people and hopefully this change does not screw up the game. 
The N'zeer ingression is actually ads coming online in the scanner now that you have to have some revenue stream coming in
What is the revenue source for Niantic Labs? I have nightmares about in-game ads or, worse, the option to purchase gear. 
No pay to win please! I'm more than willing to support "free" games with in app purchases, but please make it so they don't give advantage over players that just can't or don't want to. It messes with the balance of it all 
Can we still login with google account in the future?
to those worrying about ads. . they are already here. . AXA shield , MUFG capsule, Softbank ultralink. . you think NIA put these companies' names on the items for free? subtle product placement advertising. . 
Will partners fix server load issues etc? Bring them on
Woot wooot! Congrats. Super stoked about what's to come out of Niantic Labs because the Niantic team is just amazing!
I request in-game coupons for restaurants I am nearby IRL, because then I could play longer, and justify it because I am walking off the calories.

Oh and discounts on gasoline.
Designating in app purchases to support the interface is acceptable. And I stand in accordance with it as well, but it should remain separate from other individuals who are unable to purchase/buy. It's such an advantage over many others. I have some fantastic ideas to compensate and generate new revenue. Great game!

Now its time to partner with Nintendo and create an augmented spin off of the old Pokemon games. Any millennial who grew up with a gameboy would go crazy  
NIA have repeatedly shown their cluelessness. I don't think they're capable of running a profitable business... 
Attract sponsors and offer rewards and prizes to top gamers locally. This would be a boost in game longevity.
ALPHABEEEEEETTTTTT best of luck guys, hoping for great endeavors and adventures! 
"Portal burned out. Reset burnout for 5 Resisto-Gems?" "You need one more Onyx to level up. Unlock an Onyx for 500 ShaperBucks?"
Yay so happy now some real improvements can be had super stoked for yall! you have done a great job time to spread those wings! congrats 
avoid conflict harvest peace
Here come the IAPs

Give us +1000 inventory for 5$
If you really have a million players playing, you make a quick 5 million dollars

I hope this means that I will be able to make use of my invites on non-gmail addresses.

And if there were a suggestion box, also make the Ingress account linkable to Facebook.
FIRE JOE PHILEY! enough pics of food.make him work.
This will spawn other ingress games probably ones aimed towards bikers cars etc also I can see sponsored portals 
+Lukas Lentz how much money did you make of.from.that comment? 
+hewig xu what is Alphabet? a new company? 
NIANTIC WILL SELL THE INGRESS IP...they said in one interview that one day they'll sell their code so other people can implement of from their idea and make it better or bad...They HAVE TO MAKE MONEY somehow this is what's going to.happen. Called it 
Hell ya ....only one question tho are you still going to be a free and ad free game?
Just hope it doesn't go pay to win...but then again, I've noticed with any free successful mmo game, it goes the way of frremium, then pay to win, then server shutdown.
Dunno why, but I have a strange feeling...
Time to find a real solution to the "after ingress" problem? 
My health has improved because of this game....congrstulations and msy thos become s blessing for fans and your successful plans.
Lisa S
Ooooh aaaaah fabulous! 
So how much will virus cost?
The idiocy in this post should amaze me, but it doesn't. As usual, there's the usual doomsayers, threats of ragequitting, anger towards the staff and in general, freaking out.

Your playing a free game that can cost whatever you want to put into it. If your casual, have fun walking around capping local portals. Those who are hardcore and put a ton of cash in travel, gas, accommodations, equipment, etc. I personally have been to places I never thought possible because of this game. Do I disagree with some of their decisions? You bet, but do I whine and call for someone's job because they did something I don't like? No, grow up.

Here's hoping that Niantic is still under the Alphabet umbrella. And even if not, I wish them all the best for the future.
Ra g
+PewPew ! "We’ll be taking our unique blend of exploration and fun to even bigger audiences with some amazing new partners joining Google as collaborators and backers."

Doesn't seem to have gotten the axe but like majority of the companies that Google owned now Niantic Labs has become an independent entity under Alphabet. 
?? how is this not going to be 99% blended into some sort of Google Maps tourist overlay? Maybe it still will, but it seems like a strange move to move it further away from Google Maps...
On the one hand, the game is boring, kills battery and I stopped playing forever ago. On the other, I out a lot of work into it so yeah, I'll let you transfer my data :/
The downfall... hope you have enough sponsors...

It's marketing language for Google is dropping Nia Labs and you'll depend on finding new partners, which you say you have (ofc), but have no fixed contracts - otherwhise you'd have announced them.
I am excited to join our new team just erase my info cause its a lot of work to start all over again . They say sometime change for the best . 
My concern here is they are giving us the ultimatum of allow us to share all the data we've collected from you for the past two years or have your account permanently deleted! Really!
Wow Congratulations
Oh I hope this is a good thing and you don't introduce powerful paid items that would make the game have a huge imbalance
Come come come come. Bali island good island to event 
Noo!! How and why did you get kicked out :O !?! I was secretly hoping you would somehow end up in the Google VR department and use Googles 3D mapping from the streetview project to make something incredible at some point~ :(((
Oh well, either way, sorry to hear this happened to you guys and I hope you will somehow survive as a company. 
U would be up for small subscription or one time purchase price, but no in game purchases or intrusive ads please! 
That's amazing!
The second Alphabet was announced, we were waiting for where this fell in.  Leaving "Google" was obvious, but it's still not clear whether they're under Alphabet or not.  The "exciting new partners" was one thing that breaking out into the smaller companies was supposed to be able to enable, and if Hanke is taking his ball all the way home, that's cool too.
Hire me, I will develop faster (less resource hungry) scanner for you.
Micro transactions is where all free to play games are going. Pay to win
Mark Edge ... how have they made money, so far? We like the model they have formed. Maybe more weapons with sponsor names ... The UPS Ultra Strike, The Taco Bell Tamer, etc ...  but if my phone fills with "blatant" ads, I'll cast my vote ... by not playing. 
The way you getting sponsored is good because you even not charge from players to download,buy nessary guys tactically getting money in resonable manner.
Chris S
: keep up the InfoWar :D
Ingress... I do that! Good job.
More levels more goodies more aweosme faction battles!
Ingress was interesting for a few days until I realized that it was built specifically so that it was impossible for any side to have an advantage long enough to make it possible for one team to "win", even within an extremely limited geographic area.  

Games without win conditions, and without any way to achieve any kind of win condition on your own, are not fun to me.  GL to everyone.
Since i stoped playing ingress my bill for the Mobil is less then a quarter. And i'm not pissed about cheaters the hole game is lame
+Eric Blade their is a way to win every cycle measures the local and world scores and there are anomlies which have clear wins or loses... And if you successfully cap or defend a portal then you won
Hooray!! Congratulations Niantic!!
no trasladar sus datos. podremos recuperar las cuentas perdidas, preparense para los lags
So.... finally going to register to do business in one of the fifty states, then, +Ingress ? :P
Esse números admiráveis, imprecionantes só existem por causa das inúmeras contas duplas, bots, contas de zoeira, contas spy, etc... Triste de ver, um jogo tão maneiro, com uma ideia tão inovadora e a empresa que o fornece só pensa em números. Números = Patrocínio $$$
What does this mean for endgame? Will it's development continue? I have a feeling the release date has been pushed back
+Bert L. He does work, all you see is his Google profile... are you that ignorant? I met joe at an anomaly great guy, even gave my team tacos, he's a PR rep. That's his job. To mingle with players
First of all Congratulations to all involved in making +Ingress​ such a #beautifully designed game! I would like to mention the NIA operatives such as +Brandon Badger+Brian Rose+Joe Philley+Matilde Tusberti +Linda Besh+November Lima+Stein Lightman+Hank Johnson+John Hanke+NIA Ops​ keep up the good work and collaboration as your new journey continues!

Thank you for your time, Support, and providing such an exciting #social game that has brought so many people together!
Your Regional Enlightened community ​the
Thank you! I am excited to see what happens next!
I'm curious if this will mean better customer service for glitches or lockouts. I am ready to quit playing the next time I'm playing and I get shut down for a week with no warning or stated reason.
Cool, congratulations! Does it mean that you can create a Windows Phone scanner now?
Posalji ti men 100€ i biti cu jako zadovoljan :-D 
Fantastic news, hope Ingress grows bigger and better like it deserves. Enjoying Field Trip too!! 
Good that i made it to L16 in time :)
Holy c**p. We have collectively walked 1 AU ingressing in i bit shy of 3 years :) I wonder how long before we reach the clostest star ;)
What does this mean about endgame +Niantic Project +NIA Ops +Ingress 
Does this mean that soon there will be good game updates?
Oh no - the moment we have been dreading. Independent companies can be sold off - watch this space.
I can see why +Ingress​  has always been separated from Google, but +Field Trip​ should have been part of the +Google Maps​ slash +Waze​ team long ago. There is no synergy between Ingress and Field Trip whatsoever.
Does this mean that Ingress though separate from Google is working under the new company Alphabet
Financing is easy, sell a client without sparkles for $5 at the play store and you will be able to double your team in no time.
I can see this company being BioShock behind the curtains 
"New partners, collaborators and backers"! If that doesn't sound like the kiss of death! Well, it was fun.
+Adithya Manoj No.
They left google and also alphabet!
They are a completely new and indipendent company.
N is not for Niantic.
They also will migrate all your personal data from google to niantic during next month! So all your personal data related to ingress will leave google. Of course, if you like, you can deny this transfer but if you do your account will be terminated.
Congrats to the Niantic lab and any improvement is better than old things. I use field trip. Please keep us updated niantic for things to come. One thing though I hate when I'm up to a certain level and then I get pushed down from the beginning again. What's up with that? I will be looking forward to new things and new projects and any new stories ahead.. I really enjoyk..th8-133game keep up the good work.
Instead of Ingress we all will be playing Field Trip, how Sweet.
I just hope they don't go the way of so many other games and put ads all over the bloody place.
Does it mean that players in China can log in freely without VPN? 
:D well this is a nice surprise to wake up to, been having a bad week seeing that a nearby church that bfuzz5 and I were holding (at least for 30 days and forgetting to take my phone out on a few laundry trips...) was neutralized....we both looked at each other like D:

Doesn't mean we can't try again am I right or am I right?

From Enlightened members
L3 - indyana8965
L2 - bfuzz5
I wouldn't mind traveling to events for a living... and I hold a CDL... Do you have any job openings for the XMDV?
Does Google giving Niantic the axe have to do with the concentration camp fiasco?
I don't think it's 100% independent. Google just completely redid their corporate structure. Many projects and companies owned by Google became subsidiaries of large parent company called Alphabet. Google itself is now a much smaller company underneath Alphabet. 
They did it to start in app purchases selling Xmps and other items. Game is gonna be stupid now. Plus you got the losers who play while driving or cops playing on duty be old joke of the game it has become
Reed is right on. This has to do strictly with the Google re-org....nothing more.
I guarantee they won't start doing iap for least not as a result of this.
Are you all blindly willing to share your data with a company that is not Google?! If they are under the Alphabet umbrella not so bad, but if they are completely independent that it's a big risk.
Too many spoofers ......
Congrats, I think, as long as the funding keeps flowing and you're in control.
How about charging around a $9 annual charge, first year free? Who wouldn't pay that after a year of free play. Be nice to know my favourite game is sustainable. Thanks for much fun.
It's all speculation at present. We know there will almost certainly be changes but let's not condem them for things we don't know will happen. I'm concerned for the future but waitng to see what hapens. They know if they do anything too drastic and lose too many players they will kill the game.
Yay :) congratulations ***go green team***
Good Luck!!! Please develop Ingress for Windows Phone!!!
I would like to actually back Julio's comment about Ingress for Windows Phone here!
I cant sign in to my ingress game. Why?
I agree with Julio re windows phone. I know a number of people who would play if their devices could run Ingress. 
Niantic can make money, just follow Valve business model on Dota2, I am sure it will works on Ingress based on Ingress own community behavior.
Please don't be creativ and start selling items. We must move, not buy a way to higher levels.
My account has been deleted, after following instruction by email, please activate my account, i wanna play it again :(
+cletus melvin NIA has anti-spoofer people?  I'm shocked.  When do they return from their two year vacation?
Pass, Uninstalled. Screw up my account with your crappy autoban system = I have no faith or patience for stupidity fixes. 
Now that you've broken from Google and need to start making money, couple of ideas that will do that but not ruin ingress... You need to put all your eggs in separate baskets now, which means more apps, you can't rely on one game anymore. What happened to end game? Another idea, fitness tracker app perhaps based on ingress, free+ subscription for added features.(Maybe walk/run/cycle to a chain of portals in a set time, or something bad happens. All walking/running/cycling recorded also added to the trekker badge in ingress itself...
An obvious tie in is some way to run Ingress in the background while using Google maps. I'm sure many players use Google maps to navigate to new portals anyway. Make the whole process easier. By having a passive mode overlay local Ingress info into google maps. You could even include sponsored businesses in the overlay. This allows a player easier navigation combined with xm gathering. It also encourages them to visit suitable sponsors nearby.
I'm sure there are a lot of unscrupulous players dual accounting. It would be a good idea if you could spot people using two accounts from the same device using both at a portal in a short space of time and kick them back to l1
If not why not take away the problem by allowing only one account per device 
Maybe there will be some adds to blast to get god offers. :-D
I hope I'm still interested in playing when portal submissions are enabled once again. I've been going new places and submitting them since before badges. It is one of the more enjoyable parts of the game for me, and the one that has made me look anew at the world around me.
What about portal removal and location change submissions. They should be addressed a lot more. I know many agents who have reported the same issues with some portals but nothing has been done. 
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