On Thurs, Nov 6 starting 9AM PT, tweet #Ingress in 7 words. For example, what does Ingress mean to you? What was your favorite Operation or Anomaly? How many kilometers have you walked? Exceed 1,000 tweets in an hour as a global Agent community (not per-Agent) to unlock new Gold, Platinum, and Onyx Innovator Medals as well as extend 2X AP rewards for an additional week beyond Fri, Nov 7.

Reach the following Access Levels by Sat, Nov 15 at 11:59:59PM PT to earn your Innovator Medal:

L3 - Bronze
L9 - Silver

If this goal is successfully achieved by Ingress Agents on Thurs, Nov 6 starting 9AM PT, the following Medal tiers will also be added for all L11+ Agents:

L11 - Gold
L13 - Platinum
L15 - Onyx

Note these Medals can be used to level up. 7 words not including the #Ingress hashtag. And your Level will be checked once, midnight on Nov 15. Good luck, Agents.

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