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New #ingress scanner technology is leaking today. Keep an eye out for it. Many good agents were lost getting this into your hands.

Version 1.26

+ Portal health and faction control info on Portal Keys in the Inventory carousel.
+ Android Notifications for "Portal under attack," "Portal neutralized," and "@<codename>" messages.
+ Support for Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor objects.
+ New Recycle visual animation.
+ Bug fixes

v1.26 should start showing up in the Play Store in an hour or two.
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and where is the galaxy s4 bugfix? We s4 users don't see XM on Map and have some UI Problems... (Link confirm buttons is half in comm... )
what if the portals are linked? will it flip the whole chain or just the portal itself? 
Please don't tell me ingress is going IOS... It was the one thing that my android's different in an awesome way to apple game wise.
Please, for the love of God, bring back sorting keys by name, not distance.
Wait, what? How did the agents get lost? Were they using Apple Maps?
+brian catly I actually hope it goes to iOS because one of my best friends has an iPhone and can't play. But he is extremely excited for it.
I am not trying to say that I do not want your friend to play but this game is one of android's main attraction. Like how ps3 has its exclusive games and how xbox360 also has its own.
Hope this update fixes my compass.
I agree with +Terry Wrennall . Key sort method should be top priority after the recent "default sort by distance" change.

These changes are great, but key management is a nightmare for any player that hacks 10+ portals on a daily basis (which I assume Niantic wants... more hacks = more data to work with)

New stuff is awesome, but solidify the basics, first, please!
+Umbreon Just tether to an Android tablet.
+Rene Welbers we HTC Droid DNA users have had that link problem for a long time now. The problem is that the aspect ratio isn't compatible with 1080p screens. I've sent an email and several g + requests to +Ingress for some time now. Hopefully this problem will change as more and more phones come out with 1080p screens than just 3.
Really hope they fixed the resolution issues on phones such as my HTC One!
I'd like to have the possibility to store my keys in different folders that I could create by cities or different areas. It's a pain when you have keys from 200+ different portals in different parts of the world.
+Rene Welbers The Confirm and Cancel buttons should be updated in v1.26.0. Other issues are still being investigated.
Please do NOT move back to by-name key sorting. When you have 80+ locations worth of keys distance is the only sane way to sort them by.
Massive thanks to Niantic - this update sounds like it will address quite a few pain points!
Now you know why ingress isn't avail on wouldn't want to loose your most prized agent now ,would you?
+Brian Wolfe  Distance is nice only when sharing keys with somebody. Recharge is a nightmare, even slightest GPS drift while sitting still will reorder them. An opinion from 500+ keys owner.
I use Tasker to keep my screen on any time I have Ingress open.  Great for driving around.
It was previously mentioned that a future update to the scanner will allow you to choose to sort keys by distance or by name.
+Don Riley what device? What symptoms? My Xperia Z (Snapdragon S4 Pro) is off by usually 45-180°, in a varying fashion. According to the game I usually approach portals either sideways or backwards :-P
+Ingress  [Edit - Just got the update: COMM notifications and Portals under attack ARE separate. Thank You!]

Also, a suggestion if I may:
XM Bar showing when in inventory and when deploying would be unbelievably useful, considering the game is now very XM-oriented, and knowing when you're low when trying to deploy, or how much it's going up when recycling items so you don't waste items over-recycling.

Please tell me you can turn off the notifications for portal losses, but keep the @ mention notifications?

If not, please, please implement it. <3
You should better think about the huge amount of xm needed tonkeep a portal alive. As it is now, I rather leave a portal to decay rather then recharge it.
Keep in mind that interest in ingress is diluted as less and less players appear. You will see more and more uncaptured portals. 
Notifications don't work. They are on but don't work. Crap. 
Amazing and Scary Things we'll discover in field or +Ingress  will enlightening us:
- Does virus affect links? 
- Links will be broken or it'll be a way to infect linked portals? 
- It affect fields too? 
- one will got AP for that? 
- it'll consume AP?
- could we use in a player to zombie it (kkk) ?
- we could control it remotely ?

Could you lends us a tip here? +Brandon Badger 
The ability to display how many of each key you have when creating a link would be nice (and an option to turn off that god-awful sort by distance feature), but otherwise still looking good!

And I add my vote to the 'no fanbois' camp ;-)
Number of keys shown when linking please! And key sort order toggle would be amazing
+Alan Sneath sums up the two main features I think I'd like to see. (Well, at least a sort toggle, if we can't get some sort of search/organize feature)
Add me people I talk sports 
What is this... can someone explain this to me? Lol
+Ingress "support for Javis Virus and ADA Refactor" means that the scanner is ready for the item and just isn't out yet, or it is out?
With all this technology, one would think we could have a simple timer telling us how long since we last hacked a portal.
Non-iso-8859-1 (non-western-Europe) characters still broken… :-(
E.g.  'Łódź' (a Polish city name)  in any portal name or address is shown a 'ód' in the scanner app… I have reported this bug long time ago and it was acknowledged by Ingress support… and yet, it is still broken, like large part of the World being ignored…
Portal health & faction is nice. Compass still broke. :-/
+Ingress +Joe Philley Scanner Update feedback: Can you <please> move the Recycle button away from the Drop button? </please>  It's way too close to each other. Many high level items or valuable keys could (and will) be sent into oblivion on key moments. I believe we should be able to use our scanners as efficiently as possible. 
+Ingress As I am the person using the single oldest phone to access Ingress (HTC Droid Incredible [original, Apr2010] running CM7) I want to give a huge "thank you" to the coders who made this release launch more than twice as fast as before! Thanks!!!
Is there anyone from NH that wouldn't mine messaging me or posting a screen shot of the NH map to help me decide which faction to join please and thank you 
Yes, even though XM is still invisible on the Galaxy S4, Link buttons and others are now perfectly clickable! :) I do appreciate your efforts, keep up the good work!!! :)
Recycle effect takes way to long. Please add an option to turn it off.
New recharge visual animation should be new recycle animation. And seen it enough now. Would love to turn it off again.
+Brian Wolfe
I sure dont agree with that.
Distance only makes sense if your linking to close portals, if i want to find a key to give to someone or i want to make long links then distance is a pain in the arse, I have to know how far away the location is or scroll through ALLL my keys till i find it.

Can you explain why you like it distance based?
Isn't neo supposed to be with the enlightened? You know, open your eyes and stuff?
I need an invite activation code
+Terry Wrennall Because making long links is the rarity in a city. They end up getting in the way of other links and are a real nuisance.  When you have 100+ (or even just 30+) location keys having them sort by distance means that the ones you want to link to are right at the start. Especially when you're linking up a farm of 11+ that are all within 500 feet of each other.  If you went by name then your local keys would be scattered all over the alphabet. Distance keeps them grouped nicely no matter where you end up linking from.
+Tejas Nadkarni Android notifications should now be enabled. Can you try now? Thanks, Agent.
This update seems to work really well so far. But what I Want know, is to sort by Portal level. make it easier to find a farm to go burn out, or take out as it were.
When can we expect a bug fix for the Galaxy S4? I got my invite today but feel like I'm missing out.
Want to sort keys by distance or alphabetically.
Want to know how many keys I have before I make that link.
Want to create protected folder to prevent vaporizing valuable keys.
Want to know how much xm I have on all screens.
Hate the whole idea of ADA Refactor/Jarvis Virus since it subverts the whole game. But if you must, then there should be a low probability of it working at all and just making the attempt should be so costly as to make one think twice before trying.
I don't think it's Jarvis virus, but be warned.. when you reach L7 you'll be compelled to play more and harder than ever before to reach L8. Ingress = Life Virus at that stage. 
Look to see if you can update your portal resonators first before you recharge unless you are remotely recharging, thwn it takes a lot of xm to charge
I'm at a portal in my town, and it says it's 75m north, but when I walk in that direction even 40m, it'll change to being 80m south. If I go back, the portal returns to its original position 
+Tabarnak Hosti  Because Enlightened will over run the world. Apple people are people who like to be mind control and told what they can, and cannot do with their devices.  We don't need more people who won't think for themselves. That goes for RL as well. 
Would be cool to somehow un-link portals (if you are the link creator).. and possibly get the key back when doing so.  Would be cool for field defensive strategies and also offensively, if you accidentally block yourself or link to the wrong portal by mistake.  Thoughts?
please split the portal under attack-notifications from faction chat, it's like spam and hard to follow my fellow resistance players. thank you!
Awesome update!!! And nice surprise in seeing new portals released today!!! (^_^)!
I would also like to see how many keys to a specific portal I have when linking. That way I dont lose an important key by accident. I would also like to see my xm bar when in my items and stuff so I know how much I need to recycle.
I fixed my gps issues myself. If anyone is willing to listen to me then awesome. If you are having gps issues, it could be due to the fact that your location is fighting. Go into your location settings and see how many GPS location trackings you have on? I found out that my phone provider had a location tracking as well as google maps/google, had a location tracker. I found out that when I turned off my phone provider location tracker, then cleared the cache for google location tracker, then restarted my phone, my gps scanner is spot on. I have not had drifting issues at all since I did this.
+chris humphries no not that kind of virus, its an item you collect in the game called a virus, you use it to infect another factions portal, what the virus does is flips the portal color to the planters color. Its a different way of taking over a portal in the game
Can't seem to get past the "tutorial" phase of this game. It looks boring.
+Brian Wolfe When linking, after hitting the link  portals button, the keys have always been shown in distance order....  you are worried with 30+ keys? try finding a specific key to either recharge, drop for a teammate or just check on a portal when you have 400-500 keys in your inventory.... the promised toggle between sorting order would keep everyone happy...

Another good one would be to make the scroll bar at the bottom of the inventory active so you could scroll faster...
What's the eta on galaxy s4 fixes? My confirm buttons are too far down my screen so it ends up launching the comm which is wicked frustrating and I can't see xm either. I can't play without my boyfriend and his s3 bc of it. 
looking forward to using ADA to break my own links!  
Hi hi to everyone who has been here
+Rene Welbers The confirm buttons half way in the communications doesn't seem to be localized to just the S4. It's doing the same thing on the HTC One. Sucks about the XM issue. Are you still able to pick them up or are they simply just not there?
Omg this guy have the same level like I have now with the same AP :)
To those saying that the aspect ratio isnt compatible with 1080p are wrong. I use a Xperia Z and it is perfect. You just need to buy Japanese quality, and not Korean or American plastic. ;-)
I would help you but tell me what NH means..we are not all americans you know...
Grey H
Many Bothans died to bring this screenshot to us...
+Derik DaSilva play with the new setup when you go to link portals.. It's pretty cool. Name organization is useless when you have 20 named "US Post Office". A toggle might be intensive on the database.
I hope I can get an invite this looks fun.
HELP! "Your portal is under attack" messages flood my both comm windows! A really good release otherwise. Thanks +Ingress 
I was waiting something like this! This is the best release yet. It makes portal keys more helpful than ever!
thanks + ingress :)
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