ADA has fully returned to the Resistance after being reactivated through their Via Lux victory. Was it a pyrrhic victory or will she turn the tide in the battle between the Factions? Only time will reveal the answer.

What is known, is that another XM Anomaly event will occur on November 12th, 2016. The stakes are unknown at this point. It will be the only major XM Anomaly event that is being measured prior to the end of the year. Small localized XM flare-ups, while unlikely, could occur prior to the New Year. However, nothing on the scale of a major XM Anomaly event is being predicted beyond the November 12th XM Anomaly event.

As our researchers learn more, they will provide additional details.

November 12
Seoul, Korea [P]
Melbourne, Australia
Surabaya, Indonesia

Rome, Italy [P]
Vilnius, Lithuania
Sofia, Bulgaria

New Orleans, LA USA [P]
Chicago, IL, USA
Miami, FL, USA
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