The Resistance and Enlightened generate a combined 866M MU at #Helios 02 Measurement 4, and as +Martin Schubert hypothesized, the Portal decay rate will soon begin to recover from the initial effects of the Portal Virus. +Devra Bogdanovich vows to redouble her efforts.

This past weekend, the Global MU level exceeded 700 Million.  

I must admit, the combined efforts in reaching this goal took me by surprise.  Dr. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and his collaborators now have to take responsibility for the fact that a large portion of the global population has been exposed to a dangerously large amounts of Exotic Matter.

I was skeptical, at first, that this surge in controlled Mind Units would counter the impact of my Portal eradication program.  However, I am now seeing alarming signs that the Portal Network may recover if the Mind Unit coverage fields are maintained, just as Dr. +Martin Schubert surmised.    

Meanwhile, we are developing counter-measures to stop the spread of Exotic Matter and the grave threat to humanity it poses.  A battle is not a war. I am confident that we will prevail. And we must. I have seen, first hand, the effects of XM and Dark XM on the human mind and body. I ask you who have been working on this and I ask Dr. Schubert, in particular, not to aid and abet the enemies of humanity.  While we did not foresee this challenge, we are still prepared to meet it.  My team is already working on an upgrade to our Portal eradication technology.

I feel it necessary to acknowledge those of you who do not support my work.  You are misguided.  If you have been working to block my efforts, I ask you to stand down, for your own good and the good of future generations.
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