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Duane Reade Dominance Challenge: Enlightened

Congratulations, Enlightened Agents. Great work. Agent Bergloff has not been sighted. More details to follow.

Final count:
Enlightened with 150 portals (59.1%)
Resistance with 104 portals (40.9%)
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Boy, I wasn't sure how this one was going to turn out. Can't wait for the opportunity to take part in one of these live events. +The Enlightened will be pleased.
The Enlightened always win the important battles... but somehow the sheer number of Resistance make it tough to capture all the mind units. Open up, human race.
Some interesting tactics used in the final few minutes. Several E portals had a single L7 resonator. It didn't appear to be from decay or R Agents attacking, but from high-level E Agents targeting DR portals specifically.
I'm pretty sure #vivalaresistenc  are like the Republicans opposing Obama's progressive agenda.  Good work Enlightened.
+Ingress I only see a few portals like that specifically, but the victory certainly involved the careful targeting of portals and locations.
There's something delightfully silly about the Resistance argument that if you don't agree with them, you've obviously been brainwashed.
" Now the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is foreknowledge." Sun Tzu
Like those working for a shady government organization in the name of "resistance" to something that's been here for as long as we have been.  How foolish it is to resist the who we are.
+Alex Yuan The brainwashed often don't look into what they're doing for whom they're doing.  It's no surprise they continue their ignorant discourse even after being given to choice to learn.  Free your mind become #enlightened  

+Aaron Smit We are Shapers.  It's blatantly obvious if you could break your mind free.  You will be welcomed when you do.
 I think the one L7 portal trick is so that it is less that level one on the intel map and harder to find.
The global score is mostly secured by a combination of fields I Russia. I am sure +Aaron Smit that you yourself cannot account for, nor city account for, the current lead in something that currently doesn't even matter.

+Aaron Smit sorry to burst your bubble but the resistance current state won't last, the enlightened were on top for months the resistance has only been on top for a few weeks. The enlightened will win the war no doubt about it.
Don't worry, Resistance.  The Enlightenment know you've been led astray, and we don't hold it against you.  Enlightenment is for ALL of humanity, including you.
You'll understand once we've won.
(...says someone who wasn't anywhere near Cahokia nor Duane Reade stores, as though he had anything to do with it...)
Loved to have been a part of it. This Challenge was just the start I know we will have multiple challenges this summer. #resistanceisfutile  
Wow... impressive comeback.
What is this anyway? I see it all over, looks fun...
I know this is invite only but does anyone know if its still open? 
Results vary.. I had to wait for a month and a  half, one of my friends got in in a week.. may be by location density, perhaps.
i got TWO in a week ! thing is .. I am not getting shit in India!
nothing on map x-(
Have you submitted anything for consideration as a portal? You can take a pic and send it in for them to add.
Bring a challenge to the SF Bay Area.
Let's hope the Enlightenment gets something better from this than a discount at Duane Reade stores...

I have a theory that people who actually follow the story are more likely to pick Enlightenment, and vice versa. This would give us an edge in story-related quests, as we are more interested in winning them :)

About the lvl 7 resonators, I wasn't involved but I have a theory: it was for recharging defense. Portals with a single high-level resonator, or a few, are far easier to defend with recharging, since XMPs tend to damage multiple resonators, and key recharging (as opposed to local recharging) can't target individual resonators. Defending portals with key recharging is a way even low-level agents can make a difference.
Please dont conflate political alignment with choice of faction. Someone who believes in the future and in cosmic order can be either liberal or conservative.
+Aaron Smit The clip never stated the green ones were doing damage.  It was the NIA that wanted to take control of these minds forcibly.
Come to Brescia, Italy, if you're brave!
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