Agents.  The 6-December Ingress First Saturday event submissions continue to stream in.  Globally, as of November 13, we are up over 150 cities that will be holding an #IngressFS

The full list of worldwide #IngressFS events can be found here. ( *.  And if your city is not yet represented, we encourage you to consider organizing an event for your community and submitting the event via the registration form (  

We will continue to update all public lists with the most current information of #IngressFS events.

Today, we are announcing the subset of the cities and events registered that will receive the Ingress First Saturday Kits (IFSK-100).  The 48 cities for the 6-Dec #IngressFS will be:

Guadalajara, Mexico
Spokane, WA, USA
Milan, Italy
Orlando, FL, USA
Bonn, Germany
Singapore, Singapore
Izhevsk, Russia
Kansas City, MO, USA
Boac, Marinduque, Philippines
The Hague, The Netherlands
Sioux Falls, SD USA
Sherman, TX USA
Victoria, Canada
Medellín, Colombia
Curitiba, Brazil
Asunción, Paraguay
San Diego, CA, USA
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Córdoba, Argentina
Lima,  Perú
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lausanne, Switzerland
Jakarta, Indonesia
Kolkata, India
Guatemala, Guatemala
Norwich, United Kingdom
Maracay, Venezuela
Union City, CA, USA
Hachinohe, Japan
Berlin, Germany
Málaga, Spain 
Riga, Latvia
Sydney, Australia
Hong Kong, China
Viña Del Mar, Chile
Vienna, Austria
Mumbai, India
CHIBA, Japan
Krakow, Poland
Salmiya, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Bratislava, Slovakia
Johannesburg, South Africa
Cordoba, Spain 
Lisboa, Portugal
Monterrey,  México

*If there are edits to the public spreadsheet, please tag +Olga Garcia in the comments below.
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