Ingress Google+ Community Guidelines Update:
- This community is for Ingress only. While a certain amount of subjectiveness is applied to memes and artwork, posts deemed off-topic will be removed. All posts should be related to Niantic Inc.'s Ingress game or service.
- The same image or post re-shared multiple times, or spamming the community in general, will result in a removal of the post(s) and a potential ban from the community.
- Posting inappropriate and offensive content that includes but is not limited to sexual or pornographic content, obscenity, or hate speech will result in the removal of the post and a potential ban from the community.
- Any type of abusive behavior will not be allowed. Harassment towards other community members, Niantic Inc., or its employees will not be tolerated.
- Do not attempt to buy, sell, trade, offer or beg for an Ingress account. Do not post links to websites that buy or sell accounts.
- No witch hunts. Riling up the community will not be tolerated. Be conscious of your message if your post includes account names. Any post that could be perceived to call out individuals is covered by this rule.
- Do not share tips on how to cheat. Just don't do it.

Violations of these guidelines may result in a post/comment being deleted or an account being banned from the community.

We want Ingress to be a fun and safe experience for all players, and for everyone out in the real world and within our online community.
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