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Good news. A leaked document says that Scientists have updated the technology that refines XM and extracts Power Cubes from Portals. Starting now, Power Cubes should be found twice as often from Portal hacks.
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Does recycling a Power Cube yield the same XM as using a Power Cube?
I would rather have better weapons
+Andy Cheung so after the update we should still expect inefficiency? 
Can scientists get my scanner working so I can test this? lol j/k
+Ingress Given the rarity of these cubes (at around 4%, according to +Brandon Badger), will the "common" label be changed to "rare" or "very rare," accordingly? Or is 4% a low estimate?
Does their tweaking the system have anything to do with the glitches today?
+Jonathan Killops It has everything to do with it...disappearing XM, Recharge & Hack failures...I had one Portal decay twice in 4 hours...Beta boarding on Alpha!
#ingress :found twice..good, but is it enough? It was funny the first times to use them for remote regharging portals under attack. Their only funny use i think! But now i only have to keep them to use when i attack a portal. 2-3 days ago, it took 4 Power cubes (the ones collected in about 100hack?) to destroy a l7 portal. I'm a L8! We don't always play toghether with other player. But i think Xm lost with a single xmp is too much..i think that's the point.
Awesome! Been burning a ton of them lately. I was wondering why they were called common
I have already noticed more power cubes, has anyone noticed sheilds are super rare now? Yesterday 100 hacks yields 2 sheilds, 6 cubes, 24ish keys (I lost track of those).
+Lorenzo Liverani change your strategy. Recycle just enough to fire a single burster at a time. Cubes are waisted in an attack.

Will this bring Robb Stark back to life? 
+Darold Dickey
Witty idea. Thanks!
/me going to calculate how many 7lvl bursters need to be recycled to fire single 8lvl burster
I will gladly take these glitches today in exchange for a friend list
I hacked a blue L7 portal bout 30 mins ago and received two L7 power cubes, awesomeness! 
Kind of lame. That means faster inventory cap rates, when dropping xm drain for building/destroying would have the same result.
Have not got a single one today key were almost not existent as well
how can i GET a Activation code?
0 x 2 is still 0... I swear it's been nearly impossible to get them. More than 100 hacks in a day and not a single cube. The only one's I've had have been from codes.
Maybe +Klue S. could tell the coders from her first hand experience at The Magic Castle.  A magic trick indistinguishable from reality in it's self to the observer is reality.  And just the same, Any coding made to appear as a major glitch is a major screw up.

Ingress, I hope your servers are broken, cause if it's intended, someone in charge needs their contract with Google employment broken
Twice as often? Every second Hack would be better. XM is realy rare this times. Its frustrating to play the game at the moment. You need 3 to 4 Powercubes to destroy an enemy Portal. Keys should be droped more often also. Portals don't give me a key when i need them :'( 
In general, Portals could drop more items for each hack. I often get one Resonator only. 
Beg on your knees for invites all you masses. Beg with all you got and maybe just maybe the gods of Google will take pity on you and grant you an invite so grovel for all your worth and cry with a loud cry up to heaven so that one may be sent from on high down to this earth for you ingressing enjoyment. 
Ever since that XMP burster range downgrade, attacking a portal have been getting more and more difficult. Power cubes can only help so much considering how rare they drop. Heck more often than not I only get a one-reso drop. XMP bursters need to drop more often too.
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Lies. I burnt out a 50 RP8 farm and got 2 L8 cubes. 
Looks bad or good I do not understand
That will be very helpful. XM is always seems to be in short supply. :)
That a good news, but I hope there will be other changes to make our lifes easier.
+ Dustin Eward : go to the app manager - Ingress - and delete the "Data" and if necessary the cache. In my case the XM was back than :-). 
Decrease the XM penalties instead of clogging up already full inventories perhaps, especially with the increased XMP drop rate.. and maybe people will be able to afford to attack more?
+Dustin Eward They're blaming that on solar flares, I was unable to see xm, portals and couldn't access inventory for 8 hours. Then I farmed L8s and got 4 power cubes...
That is nice, strange, and it will not help with the new portal defense rules, since well, it makes sofa recharging an even more efficient weapons. I am going take a last ride to get rid of XM, then farm for cubes and keys, recycling everything else and concentrate on remote recharing for the rest of my Ingress live.
+Darold Dickey haven't hacked so much for a bunch of days. But rarer shields would be required in times where portals last much longer, to avoid that all portals end up with 4 VR. Noting that you have much more time to add or upgrade (destroy, replug) shields now and once every portal is on 3 links and 4 VR the game is ... well ... over.
Around 4% is common? Why do i get as much rare shields but less common cubes? Pleas relabel at least one of them..
+Ingress How about making them chargeable? Some times, there's an abundance of XM available, but once you're at 100% capacity, that's it. How about being able to move some of that into a power cube (maybe at a small cost, say 10% loss). Then more xm can be harvested...
#ingress I have the same problem of Lorenzo Liverani. I'm L8 and now alone is very strong and hard destroy a portal L7. I need more time and XM than before and sometimes I can't destroy any resonator with 18 xmp buster L8 !!!! :-(
Other problems the energy of a portal now seems have less duration.
Recharge a portal now is like a work . I don't have all this time. I have just a work and Ingress is a game and I want play not working on it.
In one day it seems lost 15% of energy or more.
Recharge 20 portals is very hard to do alone.

+Nicola Ragno Ingress is supposed to be a social game, so yes, destroying an L7 portal on your own is supposed to be hard. Get a friend or two with you and it becomes less hard.

Also to people saying it takes multiple power cubes to destroy a portal, perhaps you aren't approaching it right. You used to be able to stand in the middle and fire off a burst of high level xmps, but now perhaps you want a different strategy: use lower level xmps to save your XM, and fire them from outside the resonator ring to minimise damage. Watch for when the shields break and only then move in for the kill.

Unless you're a smurf, in which case please stand right in the middle and use the highest level xmps you can.
Is it bad that I have a higher virus/defector ratio than cubes? I have only gotten about 3 cubes since their launch and I've already got a refactor
+Jason Rogers are we talking about 8 cubes? I never got one, but I still have 20+ of all other kinds, though I've used a few lately, but I have never ever got any alignment weapon.
Is it just here in Cape Town or do portals no longer give out shields when hacking?
This is a tiny step in a very good direction, but there are bigger issues:
A single L8 right now has minimal ability to kill even a relatively low-level portal that's even moderately shielded. Lower level players have no hope. We worked hard for the 1.2M AP, it should come with some offensive power.

I think better defense in general is a great way to encourage offensive teamwork, but leave the teamwork for heavily defended fielded regions; let us solo a few stragglers and outliers without breaking the XM bank.
+Josh Symonds Agreed. Been having to use power cubes to take down an L4 portal. I was like whaaaaat?! Not to mention, do you know how hard it is to get a lot of peeps together for an attack?
+Gary P. What a vivacious view! After all the boring re-charging without enough XM around to make it viable, I have to release tension by  banging off some enemy entities.
Found one
.. but I'm not sure about how it functions
What is this about, I have no idea what any of you are talking about. But I want to learn, I want to be an agent and create portals. Use power cubes and hack portals. Somebody help me out to understand please...
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