Agents.  We are pleased to announce a new type of Niantic event - "Ingress: First Saturday."

Part social, part competitive, Ingress: First Saturday is an Agent-organized meetup that happens on the first Saturday of the month.  The very first #IngressFS meetup will happen on November 1, 2014; and 24 cities will be selected to receive Niantic Labs' official "Ingress: First Saturday Kits (IFSK-100)".  The select 24 cities will be chosen on October 20, 2014 from those communities/cities that register at

Ingress:  First Saturday Schedule:

10:00 AM  Cross-Faction Coffee:  Join or invite new and seasoned Enlightened and Resistance Agents in this purely social Cross-Faction meetup. All Levels are encouraged to join.  Grab a cup of coffee, meet local Agents face-to-face-to-face, learn how to play Ingress or teach a new Agent the ins and outs of Ingress and share Ingress stories.

12:00 PM  Level-Up Bootcamp (Start):  Register your level and AP with the opposing Faction lead.  HiLVL Agents will pair with newer Agents working to level up.  Note that the official Visur game mechanic will reward AP gained among low level Agents during #IngressFS most handsomely.

2:00 PM  Level-Up Bootcamp (End):  Agents will check back in with the opposing Faction Lead to record their final AP.  Individual Faction prizes are included in IFSK-100's.  Communities are encouraged to develop their own Faction prize/trophies.

Can Austin take Portland?  Will Sydney top Aukland? Shall Buenos Aires rise above Rio?  City v. city total Cross-Faction AP gain will be measured and reported back to #IngressFS for bragging rights and possible awarding of the next set of IFSK-100's for December 6, 2014 (48 cities).

Register your November 1 #IngressFS event via On October 20, Niantic Labs will poll all registered Google+ event pages for RSVP "Yes" attendance and other factors.  24 selected cities will be shipped an IFSK-100 - designed to supply a total of 100 Agents.  

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