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We feel we are now cautiously able to discuss an upcoming update to the #Ingress  scanner app. The new release is to contain glitch fixes, updated notification settings, and miscellaneous rendering improvements. We will notify you after we confirm this update is available.
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Can we feel "cautiously optimistic" that we'll see an immediate improvement following the update? 
Well, the scanner might not be perfect, but I'm LOVING the game!
Good.  Getting kind of disinterested with the
game.  Hope this update makes a difference.
My scanner was acting up a little while ago, I think it's ready for this update.
+jeff bob so far I have only used wifi, but I suppose it depends how many hotspots you have around you.
If it stops it from crashing every 30 seconds then it's a cautious +1 from me.  
Yeaaaaay, update, hopefully the items tab gets better sorting options </falsehope>
Zay Inked
If it stops my location from moving while I'm standing still, I'll be happy.
battery consumption optimization? SERVER_ERROR fixes? 
any impruventent is welcome.
Hoping to see a feedback option in the app.
Hope you're going to make more MU = more AP - as it stands it's pointless creating huge CFs at the moment MU have no direct benefit to the player so they're pointless.

Also more weapons would be good - maybe a weapon that lets you remotely defend a portal. Maybe a rare nuke that gives beginners a chance to take a high level portal.

If not those, maybe you could just fix the compass!!! :p
+Zay Inked : it is your GPS moving you, not the app. Between your hardware, firmware, software, the satellites, the clouds, fluctuations in air pressure, topography around you... these are things which affect the stabilization of your GPS fix...
Good ideas on improvements here. Keep them coming.
+ingress That statement does not look like a "discussion", there are a few upgrades required - make it consume less battery, and implement some way to make people able to defend their portals(a lvl 8 can't defend any portal against a lvl5 unless he is present at the attack), somehow stop people from GPS spoofing.... those are just a few issues among many we seem to be experiencing.

+Zay Inked that is your device not the game, happens a lot on my tablet, works perfect on my phone
Feature request: keep the app running and the computer voice giving updates when the screen is turned off.  When I target a portal, I'd like to be able to shut off the screen and put the phone in my pocket but still get distance/direction updates through my BlueTooth headset.
So the only new feature as opposed to fixes and polish is the notification toggle? Kinda disappointing, then again, basics first I guess.
Perhaps something to make it a little less daunting for someone starting up in a faction that's getting dominated in the area.  Something like a shield to protect you while hacking an enemy portal?
The ability to be aware that there are opposite faction members within your area (active map area) 
Remember everyone, this thing is beta! We have the opportunity to really help create something that will change gameplay as we know it. Can't wait to see what the update brings. Cheers!
+Alex Wilson that is because your goals and the game's goals are different. Are there people in your area? You could look at the comms chatter, 20km range, and see if anyone is there who can help you ... just a thought... 
I'd like to see the following.  Allow to see same faction on the scanner, so you can know if there are other resistance/enl members nearby and where they are.  Attack queue -- queue up to four XMP bursters.  Disable email notifications when a resonator is destroyed and you're right on top of the parent portal (or within range).  It's annoying to be in a battle and get a boat load of notifications, even if they are grouped in one conversation.

Expanding on +Michael Gibson's idea, I think allowing fine mapping of opposite faction is too much, but say a popup or audio "Enemy faction is in your area" if you're within 200m of them would be interesting.
What about being able to construct items from XM instead of randomly acquiring them through Portal hacks? Make Portal hacking about getting XM to build stuff. Mark faction members on the map, and allow for directly transferring items to them. Perhaps even add items to attack opposite faction members?
Change the color of the number of items you have in your inventory to something (dark red?) that will stand out even if layered over the description.
I've become somewhat paranoid when farming portals, or going to areas that often flip-flop control.  If you were looking at me, you might think I was a meth user, with my eyes darting around, looking over my shoulder, wondering, "is this guy an enlightened and about to hit my portal?"  

A fuzzy proximity notification of the enemy faction would ease my paranoia by confirming it.
Keep the phone awake (not turning off the screen).
Keep working in backgroud, getting XM as you move (notification area icon)
Reduce or optimize the network usage (it takes 20-30 seconds to update when you are moving faster than 45 mph)
Update the map in the direction you are moving (not arround, just ahead)
Faction chat by default (to aboid wrong chat messages)

Server side: check "human speed" between interactions: no more than 150mph, to aboid GPS spoofing (bicicle, car, plane speed maximun)

(excuse my bad english)
Not having my GPS location drift by ~100m would be great. It's always perfect in Maps, but Ingress seems to ignore it and start guessing.
Implementing the reward for the #Enlightened for holding the mound?  :-)

But seriously, when are you going to implement the Portals "other" defense/attack mods?  When you go to upgrade a portal, if you look off to the side, you will see the portals current stats.  There are 3 modifiers that I can see and only one is being used - Mitigation, ie shields.  The other two are Absorption and Reflection.  So seems to me there is one more defense mod and one counter attack mod so to speak waiting to be unveiled.  
Change the address of post office keys to have the name of the city in front of the street address.
What's the key code for? I got mine, downloaded the game, and started it, but have yet to be asked to provide the key. 
Andy ABQ
Please oh please add any form of organization to the keys in my inventory! Chronological sort is a terrible way to organize them.
+Paul Watson that's why I say it should be fuzzy proximity.  It doesn't always have to tell you if enemy faction is near.  It could even be a slight hint in the wrong direction and you, as the player, decide whether to react to it.
please make the chat comm buffer bigger, so we can scroll more back and the all/faction/ scale toolbar thinner more real estate for chat/messages
+Mark Shields But fear and paranoia can be a powerful motivator. Interesting suggestion.
In Intel give us the choice for world wide stats and Region (200 km) stats.  And if will not work then divide the world up into regions that we can pick from.
My wishlist: battery optimization, scanner running even when screen times out, notification of nearby portals, defense options when attacking a portal, messaging options with other players with notification, a widget maybe
Cool, maybe now it won't think I'm driving my truck down in reverse.  :v
An easier way to drop items in bulk and a way to use a proper working Intel map in the app itself.
Yeah, 20km here is more like regional, not local.  200km is national.
Separate scanner messages and open COMM.
Andy ABQ
Also, would be fantastic if the control fields did something, especially something beneficial to allies of the field inside the field like maybe a passive XM recharge at a slow rate. I'm sure that is something already on the to-do list, though I still would like to voice my support for that.
sam lewis
For locals with a faction imbalance. The lesser faction should receive more items from enemy portal hacks, if the area is 70% imbalanced...  Or create a new portal entity, call it a Niantic recharging station. This would be a neutral entity that gives out more items to the loosing faction in a locale until a factional portal balance is met.
I would also like to see set location broadcast to friendlyw.
To easy coordinate ... pacification.
@sam: No, the lower-population faction already gets more AP...
Use GPS compass when you are moving... not the internal compass from the phone. It works baddly when I fix the phone at the car holder in almost vertical position. As +Alex Soriano said, it seams you are driving backwards
What about a virus item, that will disable the defenses of resonators at a portal for a few minutes, or for x amount of damage, whichever comes first?
@alex ap does nothing without bursters
Controversial: but older resonators decaying faster would make for a more dynamic field, requiring agents to tactically allow resonators to decay and then replace them or keep topping them up
I do hope you fix the screen freezing issue, the animation issue and the wild gps. But I love love love the game :) Even though I sometimes yell at it for not behaving ;)
Google + is sucking balls right now.  Trying to edit a photo and when I add text it keeps trying to comment here.  Stick to being a search suck
It would be a whole new level of immersion if you could see other players on the scanner :)
@sam: You can out-level the competition, and so use high-level items. That's what's happening where I am. There are a bunch of us ants and a handful of big enemy beetles. It works out to balance itself.
Just updated to 1.2 the compass and map seem more accurate now. Sweet 
Lol +Michael Gibson... Could you look around? We're pretty easy to spot. 
Use XMP by long-click an enemy portal on the map. Deply a resonator or recharg with long-click on friendly one.
I prefer the paranoia of not knowing if any enemies (or allies) are near. Besides, it would be a huge privacy issue, to track other players.
How about a spoofing defense?  Apply an upgrade to a low level resonator that will make it appear to be a higher to the enemy level for a few hours on the intel map?
This may be out of the scope of what the scanner should provide, but I'd like to see more detailed stats on your own portals/links/fields...maybe this is more for the intel page, but some sort of additional stats on the scanner would be neat.  Also, colors are too similar for higher level resonators, I easily mistake them for other ones. 
AR camera, like Layar... so you can see portals over real image, also rsonator or droped items... similar to the Niantic Project videos from Cupid statue
More MU should = more AP.

Also it would be nice to see more done with the missions tab. 
+Ingress way to update! I like when i'm sitting still and the scanner keeps jumping around indefinately. O wait, i mean i don't like that... 
If you're still seeing glitches like the scanner crashing or animation jitters after the update is live, please let us know via
Optimization for smaller screens would be glorious. I host my scanner on a HTC Explorer, and it works most of the time, if maybe a bit jumbled. Though I can't actually see the button that deploys individual resonators. I just know where to push.
How can I Ingress my way into the game. Patiently waiting but nothing shining on my email... My precious, my precious, I need my precious...
Try like others have done: make some art or poetry or something to show how dedicated you are.
Single resonator target buster instead of pbaoe
Better inventory management is needed. I'd like folders to put my most used portal keys in for fast remote recharges in the different cities I visit. 
+Alex Wilson unless you see them posting at the time on 20km.... they may not see you.
I'm no artist neither a poet, so I will try to use code instead :P

int x = 0;
while (x < 1) 
    printf ("I want to play Ingress");

Will this do it?
I'd like api access to COMM so I can get notification when my screen name is used or my stuff gets destroyed. IFTTT or notifry notification is what I'd like... 
Item crafting: 8x lvl1 resonator + 1000XM = 1x lvl2 resonator, 8x shield=rare shield, and so on
I also have double the Resonators and nothing I can really do with them. It would be nice to be able to re/forge them - perhaps break them into XM like mentioned and then have an XM "price" to create the more desired object.

This could be done so that it would be inefficient (so that you can't just swap items back and forth - you'd lose net XM each time) - still giving players a way to make some use of things that they otherwise wouldn't have a use for.

I don't know how much of a pain it would be, but it would be nice to be able to manage (organise) items/etc on the Intel page. A 4x4 or 4x6 view would be nice, too - for on the app. Recharging portals that you have the key to would be nice as well - I've heard others complain that it's not fast to sync, but I just re-charged on my phone and the difference in XM has already showed up the Intel page.

Also, +jeff bob , while I get 4g in the city I have only 2g in the country near my house - however, I have not had a problem with Ingress on 2g it still works fine it can just take a little longer to start up and to update.
Themap is off by 500 meters in Beijing. Please fix that in a update. 

- Improve AP for lower level players using lower level XMP's to take out higher level resonators, kind of a bonus for taking out something higher. Give lower AP for a Lvl 6, 7, 8 taking out a Lvl 1, 2 portal for instance since it really takes no effort for them. Or just make each level resonator a set amount of AP instead of basing it on attackers level, so higher level resonators net you higher AP for taking it out.

- Make the aura around you grow or shrink depending on speed of movement - make it smaller for driving speeds to promote stopping or getting out of your car to hack or collect XM, instead of drive-by or red light hacking. Slower speed = more aware of your surroundings = larger area to gather XM and hack.

- Show details in scanner when a resonator is first being attacked, not when it's destroyed. Often due to the lag in the scanner the portal has been captured before you have a chance to defend it.

I'm sure I've thought of more, but can't recall them right now...
There is something you can do with resonators that you cant use if there are other players... Pass them along. If there is not enough opposition that the portals in your area stay your color, let them deteriorate and build again, gets you more ap. Also gives them a chance to claim it if they are lvl 1 and youve made lvl4 portals... Which means you can blow them up and use xmps and... Resonators again ;-)
Make Passcodes tied to the possession of found documents; you can't cash in the passcode without also possessing the document it is tied to.  Documents would have to be way more common (though I currently have something like 50 of them), but as soon as you redeemed a passcode the document would automatically drop from your inventory to some random distance away.  This way it would not be a race to see who can Twitter or Reddit the passcodes the fastest....
Update doesn't sound like much. glitch fixes might only be bugs with various devices, notification settings sounds like "turn email notification on or off" when someone destroys one of your assets, render improvements sounds the most promising, hopefully making the game run smoother.

it would be good to have an "agents list" so you can add other, more localized, agents to your buddy list and send message directly to them or to a group of agents. this would make coordination a lot easier.

hopefully they fix the comms bug where it switches you back to public from faction chat.
+Nikolas Moore Fixes for glitches; toggle email notifications via OPS > DEVICE; rendering improvements.
Change the introduction to the game to default you being part of the Enlightened.  Then have the breakin comm be for the Resistance.  In the list of Missions, have the last one be the ability to change sides to whatever side is losing at the time you sign up, maybe put a timer on it for two weeks and then it goes away. Maybe this will help with the balance of sides in the game.
Is the Intel map in the gamedisplaying the control field colours backwards? There is a whole lot of green on the world and Enlightened only shows 10M MUs while Resistance has 24M.

Most of USA and Europe are covered in green on my Intel globe.
What about Ingress for iPhone/iPod?
tried to play ingress for a gets kind of unfunny if every portal is lvl4/5 and i'm stuck on lvl1...
+Ingress  Why don't create a ingress map app ? All players want it.
It's impossible to have a clear view of where a portal is, while you are on the way.. You know, there is nothing worse then intel map on smartphone browser !
You need to team up!!!  Find a higher level to work with, and they will help level you up, it's no good for any side to have a bunch of level ones running around that can't do anything.  It doesnt take long I went from 1 to 3 in a week.  And that was only playing a few hours of a couple days
Top-down view on the scanner, same as Maps. If you're in a place with 4+ portals near each other, it's really hard to tap the right one
+James Coffey I really don't see this going to the Apple products anytime soon. 

The ridiculous popularity and the exclusive "invite only" are driving this game. I believe that you'll see an Ingress version Android phone (probably motorola) before you see it go to Apple. I could definitely be wrong, but they have a lot of money to make if they keep it Android only.

If the game is that much fun and you NEED an Android operating system to play it you're going to get converts. I'll say from personal experience that although the game needs some tweaks done to it it is HIGHLY addictive once you start wreaking some havoc. I'm less than a month in and it's not all consuming....but close.
The Intel map needs to be viewable within the app itself. I shouldn't have to go to a browser to view the area map looking for portals, especially since the map doesn't even show up on my device. +Ingress
One of my biggest gripes with the game is that the notification emails don't tell you which portal is under attack. If the portal has no associated photo, I need to click the link, wait for my phone to load the intel map, and then hope that the game loads quickly enough for me to accomplish anything useful.
+Ingress A friends list would be a bonus. I love g+ communities and all but trying to explain 1. How to play the game and 2. To join a community/use g+ can be a nightmare to a new user. Maybe even a private comms for groups/players? 
Portal mod: xm "battery" breaks upon discharge, no capacity for recharges, resonators and other mods draw from it as needed 
Johnathon Thompson, make discussions in your G+ group and have newbies go there so you don't have to explain it again and again.
I love that we can now switch off email notifications, but it would be even better if we could get app notifications instead. Preferably when someone first attacks instead of when the first resonator is destroyed.
Let me get an invite.. 
+Ingress : could you provide more details about the email toggle? Does it refer to Entities Destroyed messages, or is there some other notification upcoming? Thx
It would be good to ecpand the scanner range. I take the bus and pass portals but they are just outside the range of the street 
+Adam Rocca : as you level up you get extra range... not huge, but quite often makes the difference between just out of range and... oooh I just got some bursters ... 
Adric M
Portal submission should be part of the game, snap a photo, wander to the center of the potential portal to be made, drop a "marker"(which uploads the photo/name/info).  fixes the gps is where the photographer was problem, and gives better info about where it is and that its truly accessible!! 
I think what could help is modifying the AP received to a scale when doing actions. Currently it doesn't matter if you are level 8 and take a level 1 portal, you get the same AP. In addition It's discouraging for lower level players like myself when I take a portal with resonators 1-2 levels above my level I get the same AP. Or my portal with only level 2 resonators gets destroyed by a traveling level 6+ player. Picking on the little guys shouldn't be so lucrative.
Why cautious. It's mostly back-end stuff that nobody will even notice. In fact, why mention it at all? Trying to stay relevant after being in beta so long?
+Ingress My wishlist of improvements:
- Sortable inventory
- Drop multiple items at once
- Option to disable the long press attack menu
- Configurable default XMP/Resonator level to use
- Integrate map into app
- Display filters:
-- show only green/blue/neutral portals
-- show only portals of a certain level
-- show only target portal
-- mask links/fields

- Flares: temporarily show position to all players in range
- Tripwire: send an alert when enemy enters zone
- Scanner Busting landmines: enemy losses XM when in trigger zone.
- Detector: activate to temporarily reveal Tripwires & Mines
- Defusing Kit: remove revealed Tripwires & Mines
- XM storage: stores XM equal to a player of same level as item. To store, must visit 8 portals of at least the item's level and charge. Each charge consumes XM = to final yield. When done, can be activated to 'drop' XM on ground. Ex: lvl 1 item; visit 8 lvl 1+ portals and charge each time with 4000XM (total 32000XM); when activated, 'drops' 4000 XM around player.
- Portal offensive mod (increase damage dealt to enemy)

Other idea: ability to send items through a portal link.
Longer range on the scanner and/or access to the intel map from inside the app, especially since it doesn't ever load for me with Chrome on Android.

The app could use some bigger touch controls that are easier to manipulate when driving, walking, or riding.

Maybe in areas with miles between each portal, the portals could be accessible from a wider area? One of my closest is at a closed gas station and you have to nearly stand at the fence to reach it. The other is at the wrong address for the library and you have to walk through the library construction to reach it. Or start moving each portal towards the location most users are in when they hack it?
Just updated Ingress. Previously I wasn't able to communicate with anyone, I'd send the message but it wouldn't appear. Now its working fine. Nothing else immediately pops out. I had no other probs with it before.
I've had an activation code, I've had a scanner, but I just CANNOT play because there're no portals in my city.
A Chinese player 
I've had an activation code, I've had a scanner, but I just CANNOT play because there're no portals in my city.
A Chinese player 
How about being able to XMP someone who is attacking YOUR portal and it depletes their XM?
I live in a republic, we are like 37 people here, and I was in front of them when Ingress worked for the first time, and then you had 20 people running and screaming in the middle of São Paulo's streets, at 3am. Amazing! #ingress 
-folders to group portal keys
-portal keys sorted by area not alpha
-"give" item to close player instead of dropping
-"group" function to give synergy to player attacks on resonators
-regulatory monitoring to prevent: 1) GPS spoofing 2) multi-account single-users
-ability to drop a friendly link in favor of another (AP expenditure?) 
+Ingress What I'd like is a way to attack other players. Like an XM powered zapper that has the same effects as hostile portals.
Antialiasing? I'd love me some antialiasing...
Me:  Knock knock
Ingress:  Who's there?
Me:  Game balance
Ingress:  Game balance who?
Me:  Exactly

Seriously, the Austin metro area looks like the ocean, or the sky, or whatever is the most blue to you.  You don't give out enough XMP's to be able to do anything when your whole area is controlled by the other faction.  I've been farming blue portals twice a day and can't even get close to enough supplies to even make a dent when every thirty seconds the other factions roles through and charges it up to full.  This is extreeeemely demoralizing after blowing your entire inventory of XMP and wasting 20-30 minutes of your life.
People want to work on teams with people they know. The lack of ability to invite friends is a showstopper.
No need for an update when I don't even have an invite yet. Hint, hint
This is the übergeek in me speaking, but the picture looks like a fiber optic cable that needs more polishing.
Maybe some kind of PvP action, either opposed, or joint coop, some kind of way to play with friends in another area, player links to attack higher portals

+Alex Wilson Don't give up! I've noticed that sometimes comm entries are not displayed.. (it's a beta) ...and even some comm entries I've seen have disappeared leaving pieces of a conversation.  It might also be worth looking to see if there's a google page for your area - or perhaps create one if there isn't - to meet-up with other players and swap tactics or go after higher-level portals.
That's great! Really it is! Now WHERE'S MY F*#KING INVITE????
How about ingress running in the Background ??
I guess you are right but sounds like a good idea
Yes, very good idea because most of the time I forget to turn it on while I'm out but that would be horrible for my battery.
I presume this is an addition to the 1.18.1 update that i received...

Im sorry, my sources are terribly outdated, can someone fill me in on what this scanner app is? (I have ingress plus access code and im already using it, i just have no idea what this scanner app is :/)
I just wanna play...still waiting on key :(
+Ingress please add a item count to the items tab....since you guys decided to cap the amount of items it would only be common sense to let us know what we have , having to add up all your stuff before going farming really blows.....
If there is anything easy to fix that should have already been on the scanners THAT IS IT!!!
+Leo V  tho I do agree with you (and this really isnt the place for this discussion -- however) if you have reached the limit cap.. do you really need to know what you have? I would say .. by that time.. you have enough and should probably use some items up - this isnt hordergress
Don't mind me ill just keep waiting for a key.
I am hoping that they will update the map capability to view new or existing portals easier, & faster.
+Ingress Please Add in the ability to see dots where other players are in close proximity. It's a social game, this would give us a chance to meet other players.
What +David Safar said. When turning off screen, the game should still operate. Highly useful also when gathering XM. People tend to stare when seing me with my nose in my phone, when I walk trying to harvest XM.
I asked for the invite. I am well aware of the long wait so hopefully by then +Ingress comes to Apple. And to think I don't much care for Apple products. I only got this phone because it was a free upgrade!
Remember, Ingress is leaked technology from the NIA labs. We were never suppose to get our hands on it. But we'll try to get more leaks and improvements to aid #ingress agents.
Im really interested in this game but I think it's one of those things you have to experience to appreciate. I signed up and I've been waiting for an invite, but maybe one of you is feeling generous and will let me in on the fun?
I love playing, but a choice of what level of xmp to deploy would be great. And the compass is garbage it always says I am moving backwards.
Can someone please explain why the game requires access to my contacts? I can't allow access to that kind of information. My info yes because I'm the user of the product but my contacts would have no choice in the matter. Please revise what kinds of permissions this games requires 
Yes but doesn't the app itself require permissions to your phone's contacts list? That was the impression I got from reading the permissions in Play store...
I appreciate any help. :-)
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I do not discuss the game, which itself is very much beta.
But display is still not fixed: With XMP Bursters the numbers still overlap with the last letters of "Burster" and make it very hard to read. This bug seems to be there since the beginning of the app. Very strange. Also a simple list of items would be less fancy, but much more useful ...
Still waiting to join ,i can wait till you fix all glitches....don't forget to send me invite when finish. I'm in Sydney if you care to have some aussies
Adric M
the ability to see your keys/inventory via the intel app! also the ability to jump to the attack notification location in the scanner app if the link is opened on the phone
My wishlist
- No crashes (I have 2GB ram quadcore and it crashes often)
- + or @ mentions notifications
- Portal name in email notification
-inventory management (sorting keys, favorites etc)
- mobile friendly intel map
- MU stats per region or zone
- better refresh/sync rate when there is an ongoing battle

Have nearby portals owned by your faction announce to you when they are defending themselves (with lightning). This is a bit more logical than having some disembodied omnipotent computer tell you there is enemy in the area.
- hearts, flowers within chat
- To be able to change my portals' colour in pink
- Facebook login
- Flooding my Facebook timeline with my Ingress activity (if Facebook can manage that load)
- to be able to print stickers with portal name, stickers I would place on field
- To be able to activate a portal on my dog
- To have invites for all policemen we meet/encounter with while playing
- to have an iOS version that will just have a splash screen: "Wanna play? Get Android"
- to sync app with traffic lights ("redlight alert! Stooop!")
- To have a built-in wild dog reppeler (sorry, only for Romania)
- To be able to store enemies' pictures and make funny drawings (moustache etc)
- to have Google's top management always clearly displayed on Intel map

Can you fix the compassion calibration & GPS? Google maps always seems to be more accurate than Ingress, but I would assume that you are using the same data. 
+Ingress How long do I have to wait for an invite before I just don't care anymore? I requested an invite since November and still nothing. 
+Johan Marais I suggest requesting another AND look for the community in your area, mention where you are and what faction you plan on playing. Perhaps someone in your area has a code and wants another player of said faction in their location.
Thanks +Zay Inked I will look into that. But if any one here would be near me. I don't know what team I will choose but I am in Durbanville near Cape Town South Africa and I work all around in South Africa. 
+Johan Marais I'm sure you'd look good in... green. :: grins :: Regardless, do some reading on the storyline itself. Might help you decide. As for no one in your area, you might be Very surprised.
Some confirmation and/or notification of new portal submissions. Submitting potential new locations is like sending photos into a black hole. No portals remotely near me (nearest is about an hour away). Hard to play and enjoy the game without them.

The suggestions for increased scanner map viewing range would be great.

The suggestion about augmented reality via the camera is fantastic too, but I'd bet it's too big an ask.
+Ingress  some suggestions on email notifications:

1.) Name the portal attacked and include its address. Normally, you receive this kind of messages on your phone and my mobile browser takes minutes to display the intel-map so that I know which portal is attacked.

2.) Don't include the time which you include in the emails now. I don't know what timezone it is, but it will be wrong for most people all over the world. So, don't include any time at all, as all emails already have (correct!) timestamps.

Do you think these changes are possible / reasonable? Lost 2 Portals yesterday because my phone was too slow for loading the intel mal in time...
let me scroll the map.
Auto tag portal locations within scanner range and REMEMBER them.
Save/export portal locations to a Google map so I can plan the evenings festivities.
Let me long press on a portal and route me to it.
Let me filter the portals on the map by level.
Long press "show items" which hides the portal info so I can see and select items within my circle of influence.
After hacking a portal DON'T pop the menu back up as it makes it difficult to hack multiple portals while driving by.
Allow us to submit corrections. Some portals need to be moved N meters in a direction so they can be hacked from public property.

If they could fix whatever makes the difference in 'my position' maps returns vs the scanner. Maps is way more accurate in determining my real position, and often enough faster too!
Also 50km and 100km range comm would be very handy for us in holland!
+Tom Zoon correct, seems like the Maps people at Google should give the Ingress people a hand.
Using automated compass does not really work on my S2 either. Map orientation gets very shaky when I stand still and redrawing this eats lots of CPU and probably batteries. Please apply smoothing wisdom, like in Google Maps too.
Dav Bob
I have to giggle at all the people complaining about inbalance. Just keep playing and you will get there. It took me about 2 months to level up to level two, this was done by using hit and run tactics, I don't think I ever destroyed a resonator while I was level one never mind took a portal. Lots of hacking and remote recharging got me to level two and now I am there I can start to make a dent. Also use G+ to make a faction community, work with others in your area. Find a higher level player in your faction and meet up with them, let them knock a res down and you can move in for the kill, share planting of resonators so you can level up. It isn't rocket surgery........
+Dav Bob it takes a lot of hype to subdue smart Android geeks for weeks to a play which is boring routine like a tax form. 2 months of play, approaching L4, still no gameplay at all within 10km of my home: Portals either lack or are way too high. It would really be annoying if the basical good approach is spoiled by strange rule decisions.
Since this has turned into a suggestion thread (and why not):

- When linking portals, only show a portal key in the list once with the (X) indicator to show the number of keys. There's no reason to show 5 keys to the same portal, it just makes me scroll more.
- Also, when linking portals, only show keys for portals controlled by my faction.
- When dropping items, allow me to select the quantity to drop. If I drop more than 1, spread them out appropriately.
- Searchable lists are needed wherever lists of Portal Keys are in the UI. (Ops > Items > Portal Keys, Portal > Link > Key List)
- When deploying or upgrading resonators, don't show items that are above my level. I can't use them, so why display them?
- Ops > Items > Media should show the name of the media item in this view (a la Portal Keys) instead of making me look at every item to find its name.
- When selecting resonators or shields to deploy or upgrade, allow me to double-tap on the item instead of single-tap-deploy. It's faster and more intuitive.
- Send push notifications to my device when resonators, links and fields get destroyed. Send them when a portal for which I have a key is under attack, so I can go from my notification shade straight into Ingress and recharge resonators before it's too late.
- Do something about the GPS drift, if possible. Maps doesn't seem to drift so badly, and since it's running on the same device I assume there's some software trickery going on to stabilise the location there...

I am just hoping you find a way to stop spoofing. This game will go nowhere if you don't.
Also, a more "out there" suggestion:

Give me a feed of my activity in some format I can regularly download and parse (an RSS feed would do it, I guess). It'd be fun to correlate some of the information with data from other sources (GPS tracker, FitBit, Google Latitude, etc).
Confirm is still blocked by Comm with regard to linking on an HTC DNA.

But, it is a non-standard screen size so, whatevs. 
I agree with many others... Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a very bad spoofing problem on the side of the resistance we would all hope you can fix that somehow. We the enlightened here are battling portals and we take them..... All of a sudden they are flipped and resonatored within literally SECONDS.
Please help us niantic!
+Ingress : Are the email notifications for portal submissions sent as confirmations of receipt, or as confirmation of creation, etc? Just not sure my submissions (done using Drive instead of email) were even received correctly. Eager to play and contribute!

+Mark Boyd no offence, but the mechanics you suggest to remember portals are gamebreakers to me. This is partially what keys now are usefull for.

Nice suggestion would be the option to filter portal levels on the intel map (in a deselective manner!) So you can exclude I.e. lvl 5 and 6 portals
A basic element: better and more XM distribution! And show XM concentrations on the Intel map maybe? 
to be suported devices with les than 480x800 pixels resolution!!!
+Dieter Seymus XM concentrates around portals.  At level 5, I can hit one portal that is surrounded by XM and fill up.  XM can also often be found at busy intersections. What's the problem, then?
+Mark Shields The problem is that here in Kathmandu XM can only be found at portals. So can only replenish there and a few actions drain my reserves quickly. At intersections I don't see any XM here. If concentrations show on the intel map I could coordinate my travels better for XM farming. Maybe the situation is different in other metropols... 
+Dieter Seymus , +Mark Shields does anyone happen to know how the xm spread outside the range of portals is determined? I'm actually curious since xm is now slowly more regularly starting to show up near where I live.
Here in Belgium, I can see XM at bus stop, for example. I presume XM "pops" where people use to use their Android Phone (with GPS) at a particular place
Piggy backing on the suggestion for 50km and 100km comm ranges.  I live about 30km from work (where I'm most active) and having to use the 200km option makes things difficult to sort through.
XM definitely follows the concentrations of the masses.  If you look at the map you'll see if follows roads, especially highways and major thoroughfares, and places where the public gathers, like public transport stations, etc.  I think +Laurent Bartholomé is probably right about it following "phone trails."  

It makes you wonder why Google is running Ingress, doesn't it?  :)
- Smooth the GPS.  This is probably the game's biggest flaw right now.

- Give us a better way (than sending you an email) to correct portal errors, including gibberish names, location errors (some portals are off by tens of meters), public accessibility, and multiple portals for the same object.

- Bring us back to the map, not the portal page after hacking, but do bring us back to the portal page and not the map after linking.  These two are clearly backwards right now and it's probably the most annoying thing about the UI.

- Start a site where we can submit and vote on the best features/change suggestions.
+Mark Shields +Ingress
Suggestion for player vs player action:
New item : "XMJ" - XM Jammer
This item is used much like an XMP - select and fire.
What it does is generate a pulse like those that an enemy Portal does when the portal attacks a player who is hacking or attacking it.

Software/server side:
1) execute the code currently used for item drops to place an XMJ with a lifespan of 1 minute per level of the item.
2) Modify to clean up code to remove it at end of life span. If running this often is a bad thing, then allow XMJ deploys for the normal 12 hours of deployed objects, but put in some other kind of limiting on number deployable

Software/ client side:
When the client first detects and displays an XMJ, run the same routine used to for portals attacking players, with the effective portal level equal to that of the XMJ. (This may require a message going back up to the server to trigger it)
Add the ID of the XMJ to an "ignore" list in the client, with the date/time of the addition. Clear the list as needed to match the XMJ clean up cycle. (depending on architecture, this may end up being server side too)
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+Ingress , I dont know if it was mentioned, but being able to drop a group of items at once (instead of constantly hitting drop, have a slider bar or something) would be really helpful when it comes to spreading around supplies. Also, maybe create something like XMM (Xotic Material Mines) that when used, has a proximity when someone enters and saps a good bit of their XM. Just a thought. :D
As someone noted above, getting the basics down is important at this point.

I haven't been downtown since I made the update so I haven't really stress tested this, but I'm seeing a major increase in reliability since 1.20 was pushed out.  On 1.18, I'd force close every few minutes, as often a every 30 seconds when only in range of one portal.  In downtown Madison, I was lucky if the app even finished loading. 

I haven't crashed once since updating.  The difference is like night and day, and it's a promising step forward for a beta app.

All the intriguing ideas/speculations above are still interesting, but definite props for the improvements to core features.  Now, about those hypothetical additional portal mods...
I'm having an intermittent problem - roll up to a portal, hit hack... and "no items" comes back immediately. Try to recharge, and it says recharge successful, but no increase in portal strength.

Hit "force sync", same.

Logout of Ingress, log back in... and things work fine.
For about 5 minutes.

Seems to happen more often between 6:30AM and 8:00AM eastern
Happened much less on 1.18, and is happening again on 1.20
I am just wondering when they are going to deal with the rampant cheating occurring.  We ave people who have been boasting how they are flaunting the rules and not getting caught... even after they have been reported.

How long does it take to get GPS spoofers and people holding dual and straw man accounts off the system?  And what is going to be done about the fact that they have helped others get to level 7 or 8?
With the large increase of inventory this weekend and the maxing out our storage space it has become obvious that you know our inventory numbers but we do not unless we go through everything counting. It should be easy for you to find a way to provide us with a total count of our inventory and this will help us better manage it. 
+Bruce Erickson Actually, I'm not sure they DO know, at least not in the way you mean.

It seems clear they keep some sort of running total, since they know when you top out.  But passcodes can allow you to exceed this limit (clearly) which is where the wierdness starts.

Paging through the items tabs, you can get the number of each item that you have as well, and you can interact with them in any ways available from these screens (drop anything, or fire an XMP, basically).  Dropped items can't be retrieved, however, since you're already full.

However, while over 2000 items, some things seem to periodically go missing.  I currently have about 2500 total items... but periodically some (mostly resonators) go missing in contexts outside the item list.

Resonators can't be deployed, etc., because the app believes I don't have them... even though I can pull up the OPS screen and drop them.

My theory is that the 2000 item limit, while not enforced when passcodes are applied, is hardcoded into some other locations, such that if you do have 2000+ items, the game will still stop looping through your inventory after the 2000th item whenever it's checking to see if you have something that you can use in a given context.  The only way I've found to nudge this lose is to exit. force stop, clear cache, and wait a bit, then try deploying again without going into OPS.  This will bring a few new "missing" items in range.  This has been pretty consistent (though I suspect that "wait a bit" may be the only really efficacious part).

The inventory screens presumably use different sorting methods, most likly sorting on item type before counting up total available, making the 2000 limit irrelevent.  I'm not an expert, but depending on how the data is stored I can think of a couple of ways they might be handling things that could result in this setup.
I really need an invite pls,i want to play,please let the journy begin
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