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You have our attention, +Aretanomicon - Seattle. We'd appreciate your sharing your source of inspiration for these so-called Shaper glyphs. Agents spotted a similar symbol in a field in Cross Plains, TX, and after #TimeZero Enlightened Agents have made references to securing 20 glyphs or images in a botched dead drop. But your post is dated June 14. Very strange.

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I thought I was onto something here but now I'm not sure anymore... where did all this come from?
Righteousness and defiance seem to be related glyphs. Resistance and defiance are related concepts. It looks like evidence to support Resistance. Perhaps there is discord among the shapers regarding their actions.
But isn't liberation the antithesis of the Shapers and the Enlightened?
Also, it looks like +Aretanomicon - Seattle replied on their page...
_The master said, "All things that are real have shape. Thus it is with virtue, for what can be more real than righteousness justly earned?"

From the want of virtue, we experience loss. From the experience of loss, we are moved to discover. Armed with discovery, we see the marks of in heaven and earth, writ in green ink.

And thus, the student was enlightened._
The inspiration of the Shapers shows itself in many ways, seen through many eyes, expressed through many voices, writ by many hands.  
these are symbols fused to make the "ABUNDANCE SEAL" as i call it
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