Over the weekend, during the Szczecin XM Anomaly event, an error occurred that caused a target Portal to appear as both Enlightened and Resistance aligned. Because the final score was separated by less than a point, and due to the circumstances surrounding the scoring of a shard on the dual aligned target Portal, we felt it best to call the event a tie and awarded each faction .5 points.

After the Szczecin event had ended, we put forth an idea of a tiebreaker event. The POCs for Szczecin have met and discussed their path forward collectively. Their decision is to finalize the battle as a tie and forego the tiebreaker event. We respect their decision and will be withdrawing the tiebreaker event. Szczecin will officially be considered a tie with each faction earning .5 points.

As it relates to the error that occurred, we are deeply regretful that the outcome of the Anomaly could not come to a natural and satisfactory conclusion dictated solely by the play of the Agents on the day. We apologize for this and are researching the cause of the issue to ensure it doesn’t occur at future events. Thank you for your understanding and for all of the Agents who participated in events on August 26th.

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