Strategic Explorations (SE), a black-lab research and intelligence group associated with Hulong Transglobal, has injected a new ‘Storefront’ into the Ingress Scanner. Intel suggests that this ‘Storefront’ will soon roll out to all Agent Scanners.  

SE’s researchers appear to have stabilized Chaotic Matter to forge three new items: Key Lockers, Frackers and Beacons.  SE allegedly plans to offer containers of “Chaotic Matter Units” or CMUs for sale which can be used to obtain these new objects.

Here is what we know so far:

Portal Fracker: A Portal Fracker doubles the Hack Output for a specific portal for 10 Minutes or 150 hacks whichever happens first. All agents hacking the portal get this benefit.

Beacons: The Beacon utilizes frequency modulation to temporarily project holographic imagery above a Portal.  Agents can obtain various kinds of Beacons for several use cases.

Key Locker (limit 5 per Agent): The Key Locker is able to store Portal Keys in a shielded enclosure that prevents these items from impacting the Scanner Inventory limit.  Each Key Locker can hold up to 100 Portal Keys.

This is likely just the beginning of SE’s foray into Chaotic Matter development. Many more items are expected.

Agents, even though these items may be tempting, you should be aware that Chaotic Matter is known to be dangerous.  It has been shown to cause mutations and has unknown effects on human physiology.. Should you choose to experiment with these new constructs, you do so at your own risk.
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