Ingress’ Unusual Beginnings

Timely that during the 5 Year Anniversary of Ingress, we started to receive questions about how it all began. What follows is a quick look back at Year One.

Ingress began with someone shouting, begging others to pay attention to the obvious. An artist at Comic-Con sparked the ‘Sphere of Weirdness’, promoting XM to a broader audience.

Sometime in 2012, Richard Loeb (also known as the sleuth P.A.Chapeau) accepted an assignment to ‘tune a sentient algorithm’ by the seemingly defunct National Intelligence Agency. Loeb ran an investigation board that revealed the NIA enlisted Yuen Ni and Ezekiel Calvin to hire both scientists and sensitives and open the ‘Niantic Project’ to study XM (exotic matter) at CERN.

The ‘Niantic Project’ is abruptly halted on what comes to be called Epiphany Night. A lab experiment goes disastrously awry when an explosion covers the researchers with unprecedented amounts of XM. Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis are saved (possibly by ADA, the sentient algorithm Loeb worked with). Bogdanovich joins Visur, one of the private companies studying XM. Jarvis is soon killed and mysteriously connects to the XM substrate. He later emerges out of the Cupid’s Span portal.

A little before the Niantic Project shut down, one of its scientists, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, created an XM Scanner which leaked to the public November 15th. Agents around the world begin attending anomalies. The first was at Cahokia Mounds, where the faction alignment of certain persons of interest was decided. The factions represented two groups: The Enlightened and The Resistance. At another event, Misty Hannah revealed ancient glyphs left behind by transdimensional intelligence ‘Shapers’. Archeologist Hank Johnson delivered a package to the London ENL at #TimeZero, which ended in a global glyph hunt.

In the aftermath of the anomaly Cassandra, Johnson and Bogdanovich debate how glyphs can support or destroy civilizations. But for Loeb, things get personal. Dr. Carrie Campbell sacrifices herself and ADA merges with Loeb’s romantic partner, Klue. These losses lead P.A. Chapeau to step away from his investigation board.

But the investigation continued... more tomorrow with a look back at year two.
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