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+Julia Jucico and all the other adventures, there may be less than a few hours in the #LuxAdventure campaign but we still want to see your adventures. Please continue to post using the hashtag. Who knows, you might even get a surprise code via a private message.
#LuxAdventure day 30 -17upv. Today is the last day of unique portal visits marathon. My total portals count from 1st September: 4009. 3 countries and more than 15 cities visited! Thank you #ingress for being my stimulus to travel more!

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The badge most likely will be appearing in a week or two max ( I wouldn't be surprised if they were pushed on Monday or Tuesday). 
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Establishing Portal Link. Portal Link established. Field established. Excellent work.

Street lighting in Reykjavik was switched off for an hour on Wednesday evening to give residents of the Icelandic capital a better view of the Aurora Borealis.
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Looks nice 
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Thank you for sharing your #LuxAdventure story +Elizabeth Hickernell. We have enjoyed reading these stories all month. Please keep submitting them.
#ingress thanks to our quest for our Via Lux Adventurer we have discovered 4 new playspaces for my kids, 2 new science themed visitors centers where the kids get to look at live animals and have park rangers tell them about them, an adorable little library with a children's area that is just the right size that I can let my 2 boys have the freedom to explore, play, and plop down in the cushy beanbag chairs to look at books without them getting too far from me, and gotten this picture of my kids on the same Gettysburg cannon that my parents posed my siblings and I on some 25 years ago. We've only been playing a few months but it's been wonderful for our whole family. (New photos on the left, original photos on the right)
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Congratulations to the Agents that completed the +GORUCK​ Stealth and Urban Ops. If you are one of them, please read the GORUCK post for some important information.
Congratulations on your past weekend's events everyone. Some amazing pictures and stories are spreading. #ViaLux  was a hard-fought anomaly and we have many new classmates in the GORUCK community from new cities around the world.

Participation Ingress Badges will be pushed to scanners in the next day. If any players have badge or patch issues, please contact your event's Point of Contact, and they will help square the issue away.

If you did not receive your metallic Bronze/Silver/Gold patch, please send an email to:
Please include your Ingress Name, address, and patch level.

#TipoftheSpear   #DFQ  
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ADA has fully returned to the Resistance after being reactivated through their Via Lux victory. Was it a pyrrhic victory or will she turn the tide in the battle between the Factions? Only time will reveal the answer.

What is known, is that another XM Anomaly event will occur on November 12th, 2016. The stakes are unknown at this point. It will be the only major XM Anomaly event that is being measured prior to the end of the year. Small localized XM flare-ups, while unlikely, could occur prior to the New Year. However, nothing on the scale of a major XM Anomaly event is being predicted beyond the November 12th XM Anomaly event.

As our researchers learn more, they will provide additional details.

November 12
Seoul, Korea [P]
Melbourne, Australia
Surabaya, Indonesia

Rome, Italy [P]
Vilnius, Lithuania
Sofia, Bulgaria

New Orleans, LA USA [P]
Chicago, IL, USA
Miami, FL, USA
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+Andrew Cyvas there have always been 3 series since 2014.
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#IngressMissionDay #Cologne started!
Have fun agents and happy #ViaLuxAdventure'ing

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I wish I was there, like fun.
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Agents, regardless of the final outcome, today once again proved why the Ingress community is and remains the premier group of AR gamers in the world. Each event, you continue to break ground and establish new ways to play, interact and share with one another. We are tabulating the scores now and will have the final results for you soon. Congratulations to all who participated in making Via Lux a success. #Ingress #ViaLux #ItsTimeToMove
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+Ingress​ thank you for your respons. Im very happy to hear that you will continue to stay here on G+. ☺☺
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Agents, we have received intelligence regarding new Portals emerging into the XM network. They are associated with the company Circle K, which helped sustain Agents in the Phoenix, Arizona area during the Abaddon Anomaly.

It now appears that all 4,700 Circle K locations in the U.S. are, in fact, Portals. Circle K is known publicly as the largest independent convenience-store operator in the United States. But below the surface, it may support a global network of archeologists who are pursuing an ancient Prime Artifact. It is rumored that further expansion will occur in Canada and other countries around the world.

Agents who use the Circle K app may soon be able to unlock powerful tools in their quest that can be redeemed within the Ingress Scanner or the Intel Map for Ingress items. Explore the world and happy hacking Agents!
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Selling out is what commercial companies do... 😁
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Festival of Light Mission Update

Agents, next week we are launching several Festival of Light Missions that will guide you to the most beautiful illuminated sights in Berlin, Germany. Below you find a sneak preview of the Mission Badges.

Missions will go live on Saturday, Oct. 8th after the official Berlin Mission Day and will be available until the end of the festival on Oct. 16th.

Sign up for the Berlin Mission Day here:

Stay tuned for more details and check out

We will randomly select Agents who share their experience and the amazing displays on social media using the hashtags #FoL #Ingress and send those Agents a passcode. Remember to follow or like the official Ingress account in order to receive the passcode on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. 
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U n minimize in n m my life Bonn nmg bjnmn
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With the Resistance win of #ViaLux. ADA Refactors appear to now be hackable once again.
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ENL actually won Via Lux, but it didn't fit with Ingress' narrative. ENL scored more globally through the series. The more you know. 
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It was a great series overall. Agents all over the world were activated with special field operations, global portal clues, the Anomaly events themselves and all of the remote support required. Well done Agent +Sam Wilson. Who else did both the Stealth and Urban operations?
Good weekend in Toronto for the #ViaLux anomaly and a great time doing +GORUCK​ stealth ops and urban ops
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#Ingress #ViaLux Finale Series Five: Toronto, St. Louis, and Santiago Final Measurement Score Update

This has been one of the most dramatic Anomaly series in recent history.

Day one ended in a tie, and to the very end, Agents continued to push forward with every ounce they had.

The Anomaly efforts involved tens of thousands of Agents on the ground in the Anomaly Zones and just as many helping remotely with Key distribution, remote recharging, Field operations and more. Operators from around world worked sleepless nights to keep their Faction’s edge as sharp as humanly possible. A brave few pushed themselves across their limits to meet GORUCK challenges. Decoders and Investigators wrestled with complex mysteries to help gain valuable intel, and massive networks of Agents helped locate hidden Portals around the world and claim their valuable rewards.

A list of cities, though important, cannot do the justice to the scale of these efforts.

Here are the results of today’s Anomalies:

Macau, 1227 to 516: Resistance
Mumbai, 358 to 306: Resistance
Singapore, 1796 to 365: Resistance
Setouchi, 3403 to 1227: Enlightened
Budapest, 803 to 791: Resistance
Granada, 544 to 115: Resistance
Cologne, 2845 to 1890: Resistance
Santiago, 689 to 196: Enlightened
St. Louis, 821 to 622: Enlightened
Toronto, 1024 to 480: Enlightened

The winners of the Via Lux Series and the masters of ADA's fate, with 20 to 19, are the Resistance.

See detailed scores at

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Oh yeah!
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