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Austin Anomaly recap: Austin (E); Atlanta (E); Medellin (R); Vegas (R). The Enlightened capture #Shonin 02.
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Oh lol, I didn't expect to see myself show up that much in there, cool!
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Join an Ingress: First Saturday event this weekend at Meet Agents face-to-face-to-face, make new friends, and help mentor the new class of recruits.

+cheero USA has also delivered the 12,000mAh Power Cube to select #IngressFS events worldwide. Happy hacking.

Package in. 

Montréal's #IngressFS  Power Cube by +cheero USA promo arrived this afternoon. Win your own at Montréal's next #IngressFS  event on March 7th:

Can't wait? Order the +Ingress Power Cube by +cheero USA  today at:

Edit: I just talked to Daisuke of +cheero USA who explained that you must choose the second option from this link: for orders outside of the USA.
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It doesn't even give you a VRLA? I'll keep my anker.
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Save the date! Meet +Endgame author +James Frey and Niantic Labs' +John Hanke to learn more about the Endgame Closed Beta mobile app, and enjoy a drink with fellow Players and game influencers. Mar 15 at 4PM, location TBD.

#Endgame   #AncSoc   #SXSW  
Save the date! Come meet Endgame author +James Frey and Niantic Labs' +John Hanke to learn more about the Endgame Closed Beta mobile app, and enjoy a drink with fellow Players and game influencers. Mar 15 at 4PM, location TBD.

Attending SXSW Interactive? Before the meetup at 9:30-10:30AM, join James and John's "Worlds Without Boundaries: Books, Games, Films" session at the Austin Convention Center, Room 18ABCD. More details:

#Endgame   #AncSoc   #SXSW  
Endgame Meetup at SXSW, Austin
Sun, March 15, 4:00 PM CDT

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I want an invite too
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Ezekiel Calvin, CEO of +IQTech Research, has disappeared following a massive XM burst in Northern Afghanistan.

The high-level intelligence officer and creator of the NIA's secret +Niantic Project was aboard an AC-130 monitoring a known 13MAGNUS Nest,  the site where +Hank Johnson's body has been preserved for many years. Indian biotech researcher and Anti-Magnus leader, Jahan, was attempting to conduct a N'zeer summoning ritual using an Artifact known as the Shōnin stone when something went very wrong.

A massive burst of uncontrolled XM energy at the site was captured on video and recently made public by an Enlightened leader known as The Acolyte.

Although the plane was able to make a safe emergency landing, Dr. Calvin was not aboard when operatives arrived at the scene. His current status is unknown.

Where's Calvin? The CEO of +IQTech Research has disappeared after a major XM event in Afghanistan.

Based on this recently leaked intel, it appears that the AC-130 monitoring Jahan's N'zeer summoning ritual at the 13MAGNUS nest in Afghanistan made an automatic emergency landing shortly following the massive XM energy burst.

When operatives arrived at the plane, Ezekiel Calvin was not on board...

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Intelligence Officers are a dime a dozen, it's the field agents that keep things up and running.
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I see a grey blue and maybe a dark gold thing
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Want to organize your own Ingress First Saturday for 7-MAR? Meet +Joshua Sallos, a local #FirstSaturday organizer in Montreal, Canada. His pro-tips for future First Saturday organizers are:
1. Make your event your own, the most important thing is that everyone has fun.
2. Promote! I had agents from my third #IngressFS asking me why we haven't started these awesome events sooner.

It's not too late to register your event today:
Once a month, First Saturdays are a get together of the local Ingress family, new and old, to level up new recruits, make new friends, and strengthen Cross-Faction relations. 

Photo credit: +Joshua Sallos and 6-DEC #IngressFS  (
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Public list is out!
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Have them in circles
3,409,209 people
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Florence Anomaly recap: Florence (E); Bilbao (R); Brno (E). The Resistance take ‪#‎Shonin‬ 01.
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+Vicki Ellen​ that's propaganda. In the Austin video they just gave the Austin result, not the overall . Edit:wouldn't have changed a bit, though. 😆
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50 AP for each successful Glyph hack, not Glyph Sequence, plus additional AP for Speed Bonus and perfect Glyph Sequences. Earn AP while working on your next Translator Medal.

+Visur Technology has uncovered a change to the Ingress Scanner that rewards Agents with 50 AP for each successful Glyph hack, with additional AP for Speed Bonus and perfect Glyph hacks. It appears that a high-powered Washington D.C. political operator leveraged technical expertise from +IQTech Research in order to bring about these changes, although their motive is currently unclear.

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Love it! I'm a language major so the glyph hack is my most favorite part of the game! I've already made silver and I've noticed the rewards are greater and well worth the effort!
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Agents have confirmed Portals at +schuh stores across the UK and Ireland are now live.

MI20, a secret British Intelligence Agency, uncovered a series of XM Powerspots across the UK.

It is unknown if the Agency still exists, but it seems that part of their database of Portals fell into the hands of a Bristol-based Creative Agency, which exploited the knowledge for the benefit of their clients, including a high-fashion footwear vendor known as Schuh.

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Coming soon to a wrist near you: Ingress on Android Wear.

Remember Ingress, the Google-developed project that entices you to get outside with the promise of some light gaming? On top of iOS and Android, it'll so
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ryan r
+laura sue vannoy stylus
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One of the top requested Medals by Agents, the Illuminator Medal recognizes Mind Units captured, with credit for all MU captured listed on the Agent Profile:

Bronze: 5,000 Mind Units captured
Silver: 50,000
Gold: 250,000
Platinum: 1,000,000
Onyx: 4,000,000

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for me the most interesting part on this badage was how long the data got back into the past, somehow fearsome if u think about, datasavety ^^
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Announcing the Illuminator Medal to recognize Agents' fielding achievements and Mind Units captured.

Over 6,000 Agents battled to capture the #Shonin Anomalies across Florence, IT and Austin, TX, US Primary Sites. With heightened intensity surrounding global Field Ops, Resistance secured #Shonin 01 R:2,062 - E:2,059 and Enlightened captured #Shonin 02 E:2,926 - R:2,230.

The final #Shonin Anomalies are set to occur on Sat, Mar 28 in Kyoto, JP; Hanover, DE; Pasadena, CA, US. See for more details.

Finally, the Enlightened's new Acolyte claims +Roland Jarvis has passed, but she is ready to carry the torch and continue working to evolve humanity. Surveillance footage seems to indicate Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich has disappeared in an apparent flash of XM.

Share your SITREPs with the #IngressReport hashtag, then sign the video release at

#IngressBulletin #IngressReport
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The world around you is not what it seems.
The official Google+ page for Ingress. It's time to move.

Subscribe to new Ingress Report episodes, released every Thursday at

Read New York Times Bestselling Novelist Thomas Greanias' Alignment: Ingress, and Felicia Hajra-Lee's The Niantic Project: Ingress, now available on Google Play.

Free Agent Events: For a full list of all events, visit

Jan 3: 
Global Agent-organized events 
#IngressFS 3-January

Feb 7: 
Global Agent-organized events 
#IngressFS 7-February

*Find local leaders for the #Shonin anomalies here*: 

Feb 21
Primary: Florence, IT 
Primary: Austin, TX, US
Remote: Las Vegas, NV, US
Remote: Atlanta, GA, US
Remote: Medellin, CO
Remote: Brno, CZ
Remote: Alexandria, EG
Remote: Bilbao, ES

March 28:
Primary: Kyoto, JP
Primary: Hanover, DE 
Primary: Pasadena, CA, US 
Remote: Adelaide, AU
Remote: Christchurch, NZ
Remote: Guangzhou, CN
Remote: Cardiff, UK
Remote: Reykjavik, IS
Remote: Yekaterinburg, RU
Remote: Denver, CO, US
Remote: Lima, PE
Remote: Orlando, FL, US

Follow the US tour of XM detection vehicle NL-1331 on their official Google+ page. For a full list of the US NL-1331 meetups, check visit
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