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Photography Tip: Your main subject needs to be sharp - really?

I'm pretty sure almost everybody can tell what kind of building I photographed despite the fact that I totally screwed up setting the focus on it.

Oh and as +Rick Sammon likes to say: "One blurry picture is a mistake, 10 are a style...". just saying...

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Love it. Fantstic light falling on the telescope. 
Nice picture and good saying, I'll remember that for the future :-)
Thanks for being open about screwing up the focus... the photo itself simply works, and works well, but it's just so human to say "whoops, but hey that works!"

I have one or two images from my day at a car festival where for me it was a complete mistake, but hey they work well.
+Peter Lavender I'm sorry but I was just kidding, I screwed it up on purpose.. :) I don't think the other way around would have worked -> ESB in focus and telescope blurred
I am pretty sure that you did not screw up the focus here, but that you've focused on the googles by intention. Otherwise these wouldn't be part of the composition. No one would recognize these in case the building would be in focus and they look too nice for not putting them into focus.

Sorry, I just can't believe that an +Ingo Meckmann does such a great shot by accident.
Have you tried to turn the knob? :)
+Jan Havrda yes, but it didn't make things any clearer for some reason...
I actually would like such a knob on my 5DII to clear the sensor.
I happen to like this picture. And the tip. :)
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