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If you find a puddle, get down! Lower, much lower

Whenever I wander through the streets, I'm keeping an eye on puddles and here is why:

Take a look at right picture that I took while standing there. You can barely see a reflection in the water, just the tip of the palmtree is visible. I took the left picture from the same location, the only difference was the height from where I shot. The camera was just about 1 inch above the ground giving me much more reflections in the composition and it looks like the entire road was flooded.

The light was not great but I took the shot anyway to demonstrate what difference a simple change of your camera position can do.
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Great Shot! Reflections are simply the best... and if there's no puddle, you can make your own; I did that once in Berlin (Palast der Republik before its demolition) with a plastic bag and a nearby river :-)
Wow, what a difference a little water makes, doesn't it?
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