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Why I abandoned Flickr after almost 7 years

I've uploaded my first set of pictures to Flickr on December 30, 2004 and became a very active user in 2008 with almost daily uploads. I've had 495 people who called me a contact after all those years and my most viewed picture got 1700 views.

I've uploaded my first picture to Google+ 3 months ago and have been a very active user with daily uploads since then. I now have a little bit over 12300 people that have added me to their circles. My most viewed picture got over 20,000 views in just 1 month.
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Yep, that'll do it! I loved Flickr, but somehow I don't miss it all that much.
whoa big difference... I am really glad of discovering you. I am so glad everyday when I open G+ and I can get mesmerized by your photographs. Please keep the great work.
Vive la différence !

I think its time to close my flickr account and transfer my photos here.

I found you on google plus not on Flickr too. 
I disagree; there are two worlds... this is a Social Network, where you can ALSO share photos, Flickr is a great Photo network, where you can ALSO be social. Try to perform a tag search on photo in G+ ;) Oh, and i love G+!
If I am just out for viewers or contacts, I personllay would stay with flickr..but I hate the anonymity there and that is why I am here.
I still prefer Flickr. I have got more views on Flickr than here. I only lost interest in the Explore.
+Stefan Reiß I second that. The G+ stats for pictures suck big time but I'm sure they're working on it.
you must know how to use Google+ my photos get more veiws on flickr.
+Stefan Reiß to see the number of views on one of your Google+ photo, you need to go to Picasa (if it hasn't changed).
+Patrick Mayon that's true but there is no general view count of all your pictures.
Most of my G+ pictures are in the "Photos from Post" album which is split up into sub-albums, each containing one picture. Google needs to fix that and I'm sure they will.
Maybe it's not the kind of place for you and your photographic art ;) Anyway, as soon as FB has broken every record on dimension of image db, i think G+ will beat the same record in 1 year. ;)
+Ingo Meckmann I agree. Stats are better on Flickr for "pro user". I miss the stats on Google+. I also don't like the way I can add a caption underneath a photo. I can understand why you prefer G+ : here you're " a star".
amazing its like looking into another universe
Your own site is the best place for your photography. Putting it on the social networks is digital sharecropping
+Lucio Virzi' I don't completely agree with you on Flickr. It is true G+ is more of a social network site than Flickr, however with the features Flickr provides, I would say they wanted it to be a social network for people interested in photography. Their contacts, comments, discussions, groups are all for people to be social. It never took off for me, probably because I started it too late (2 years ago) and I think I never learned very well how to use it. I know that there are still some photographers that gets more views there, I wonder how are they doing that?

+Teresa Boardman I agree, own site is best place to have your content the way you want it, it is true not just for photography.
The engagement at G+ is much better than the engagement at flickr.

Google will promote the Google+ much more in the future than Yahoo will promote flickr. Google+ was the number one word used in +Larry Page's comments to analysts on Google's recent earnings call. Flickr is not even mentioned on Yahoo earnings conference calls. Carol Bartz didn't even have an account when she was CEO there. Google is investing in innovation in G+. Yahoo is laying off people at flickr.

G+ is the future social network for photographers. I'll still maintain a flickr account, but 95% of my online attention has moved from Flickr to G+.

The Google Photos team is vibrant and working on making the product better and better for us in the future.
Ha ha, yeah, I joined flickr about a year ago now, I worked hard to upload one a day and still find time for my job and to go on photoshoots and shoot for myself at the weekends, and I only ever got about 200 views a photo, max of about 500, and about 8 favourites. I think the standard of photography shared on flickr just dropped so far that it was just a massive waste of time, with as much talent going unnoticed. I'm using a mix of G+, a facebook page and 500px as my promotional/sharing tools, and it's so much more satisfying.
+Lucio Virzi' Albums here are directly connected with picasa web albums were one can see picture tags, although for now here you can not see them, maybe in the future.
+Ingo Meckmann where did you saw the access numbers? Here on G+ (can't find anywhere) or on picasa web albums page?
+Nuno Cruz You have to view the numbers in the Picasa Webalbums but it's rather painful as you have to open every individual picture to see its view count. A summary statistics of all your pictures is what's missing here and I would guess it's just a switch Google would have to turn on because they have those numbers for sure. It'll come, I'm sure...
+Thomas Hawk I also noticed that your blog updates over at have been decreased since Google+ started in June/July. Your last update was 7 days ago but I have to admit that I reduced my daily RSS feed reading as well. Is Google+ also killing the blogs?
I blogged a daily picture on but have stopped as it's much more convenient and pleasing to do it here since the interaction with the community is just awesome.

A Big Thanks to the Google+ team and the community!
+Ingo Meckmann yeah, my blogging has gone down too. I may have to work on that. I'm more sentimentally attached to my blog than flickr. But the engagement at G+ for stuff just can't be beat.
your numbers are impressive, so if i comment here i get more views and people add me to their circles? ;-}
+Mo Tabesh It depends on your comments. You might get more views but I'm not sure if they add you to their circles :-P
Same story here... 4 years on Flickr, a few hundred contacts and a handful of views per day. A few months on G+, a few thousand circles and daily engagement. How do you get the view count on your G+ photos?
+Tom Harrison see above. Go to your Picasaweb page. You will find the view count for each individual picture just underneath that photo.
I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall with Flickr at the moment. My subscription is up for renewal in January, perhaps my time would be better spent sharing here instead.

I really like the ease of uploading to Flickr directly from Lightroom though, it'd be wonderful to have the same thing for this.

I think the only group I'd miss would be 100 Strangers, but there's nothing to stop me finishing the project without the group.
IMHO, i still believe that Flickr is a different concept, it's a place for sharing pics. dot. I cannot focus G+ on photography, because when i look at my stream i can find politics, friends, AND photographs, when i open flickr i always get pics and only pics, from my contacts or from a selection of authors.
I still use Flickr. Thanks to Flickr I've made money with my photos. That hasn't happened with G+
Reminds me of a pier at Wilmington Beach, NC. Nice shot.
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