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Google Plus - Simple Guide To Formatting Your Google Plus Posts
If you are looking for lots of engagement to your all your Google Plus social media posts, +1s, comments and re-shares, then its is really important to make your content as interesting as possible to grab the attention of your Google Plus Followers.

We have already spoken about how important it is to use images in a striking, attention grabbing way now it is time to explore how to Format the text you add to you're posts.

We are limited to 3 text formats.


To make your text BOLD you simply use Asterick's either side of the words you want to bold the word BOLD then you add in BOLD

For ITALICS you add in underscores either side of the words so it would look like this ITALICS.

And finally for STRIKETHROUGH you use the - either side, so it looks like STRIKETHROUGH

I have added the above paragraph to my Infobunny page to show the effect of this formatting on a Google Plus post.

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Mobile site load times are becoming increasingly important within Mobile SEO

It strikes me that we are about to head into a period where websites and web pages just become dull and boring because of Mobile SEO requirements. #mobileseo   #seo   #blogging  

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Introducing 31 IFTTT and Zapier

As a digital marketer, you have a ton of tasks to complete, and if you’re anything like me, you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you should be doing, but can’t find the time for.

Enter IFTTT and Zapier; two exceptionally handy tools that automate online applications, making your life more streamlined while stuff happens in the background.

With Zapier, choosing from more than 500 different online applications, you can create “zaps” to automate repetitive tasks between web applications. IFTTT, on the other hand, stands for ‘if this then that’.

If this happens on one web application, then that will happen. #marketing #automation  #contentcreation

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another tsu payment
so i have another problem... what do i spend my Tsu Social rewards on ? another $108 to my account .. Tsu Social Media That Rewards #love #london #socialmedia #contentcreation #photography #mindset #motivation

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if you were sat on a volcano what would you do? would you take action?
the Volcano im talking about is Tsu.... tsu is a new social media site that rewards it's members for the content they produce on the site..... i know it is hard to believe but Tsu actually pays it's members $9 out of every $10 that the site earns in advertising revenue......

now don't go getting excited Tsu won't make you rich but what it will do is to give you something back for using the site and making it a success. It is your content, why should anyone else profit from your images? If i take your picture and use them on my site and make money, well you wouldnt like it would you! but thats what sites like Facebook do everyday, they use our images to make money. now i know it is not as clear cut as that cause we choose to use and add our pics, but you get my point.....

Tsu is different the income generated goes back to the members ..... so if you would like to get involved in something new and refreshing and basically something much fairer then here is a private invite to Tsu .... alternatively go to your App store and download the Tsu app and use invite code Infobunny on signing up .... see you there! #tsu  #socialmedia #branding  #couponing  #india #packistan  #ptc   #surveys   #workfromhome  #paidtoclick

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This month will see the last ever VHS machine roll off the production line #vhs  #tech #technews  #gadgets
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