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Formally Introducing, Identity:One
Many of you have asked recently about the current buzz around us in the market; so I wanted to take a moment and personally update you on our progress and some new awesomeness that has found its way into our platform.

First, we are please to announce that the products formerly known as nPowered Parent and nPowered Adult, have converged and are now simply Identity:One. 

Identity:One is a unified platform for social network privacy and personal data control that monitors Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to alert your customers to privacy, security and reputation risks.

All services are delivered via the same API and allow you to choose your own deployment model via an array of custom attributes. Whether you're protecting a minor from cyber bullying or creating a consolidated social identity risk report for an adult, the Identity:One platform puts you in full control of the customer experience.
Meet "Norma", our Social Language Analysis Engine

In the last three years, our platform and analysts have crunched over 50,000,000 million social posts, tweets, comments and interactions. Through that process we tested a number of content filtering products and determined that none of them are dialed-into the way people communicate through social networks and text messaging.

We decided to take control and build our own social language analysis engine. "Norma", as we affectionately refer to it, was over a year in development and gives us full command over our social data processing and alerting. 

Additionally, Norma can process any text or social data that you have as well. We do this directly through our API and can have you up and running in a matter of hours. This is handy if you have data from your own social or mobile apps and want to generate language based alerts to your users.

Can you guess how we came up with the name Norma? Hint, it comes from the phrase Ima Norma Lien. Email me your guesses and we'll post the winner next month.
Why Identity:One for your customers?

Social media poses risks and threats to people of all ages and demographics. Some threats, such as cyber bullying and sexual predation happen directly on sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

More often though, the effects take the form of privacy invasions and identity theft where the victim may not even be aware that social networking contributed to the threat.

According to Javelin Research, Linked users are 106% more likely to be victims of identity theft and social media users that check-in using GPS are 67% more likely. 

And for minors, cyber bullying incidents have tripled in the last year, according to a new report released by McAfee.

Protect your subscribers and increase  your revenue

Did you know that, with Identity:One, you can:
~ Provide a new level of digital identity protection and management for your customers
~ Increase sales of your core identity products by highlighting the risks that social networking creates for consumers.
~ Use social login and authentication to increase your website conversion and lead generation.
~ Create an awesome “Freemium” or “Preview” offering to drive more people to your website.
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Our latest post on privacy implications of sharing geolocation data on Instagram.
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Is it possible for an identity thief to complete a credit application for someone or guess the security questions for their online bank account with just information that’s available on the social web or public websites? Can a marketer really figure out a person’s personality type by what they post on Facebook? Where does the data come from and are there special implications for minors?
In this 30-minute webinar, we will outline the three types of data available about an individual, how hard or easy each it is to find, and most importantly- the potential implications when this information falls into the wrong hands.
The lens for this presentation will be how our upcoming nFerence product correlates an individuals’ information across social and public data sources and can empower your customers to take back control of their online identity.
We will place special emphasis on what inferences can be made by marketers and identity thieves about someone when given enough information.
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