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Project .44 - Revolution new single

Invisible Records will release the newest single by industrial rock supergroup project .44 entitled 'Revolution' on 12/15/2015. The single which includes 'Revolution' song and its 2 remixes by Hate Dept. and Sony will be available as vinyl, CD & digital download.

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The Seas - interview 2015

Michael Sliter:  It's a type of therapy. I’ve always believed that you must have an honest, emotional connection to the music in order for the listener to get that same emotional connection. But at the same time, I think it’s important to leave room for interpretation.
Source & full interview:

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Paul Barker's Lead Into Gold returns with a new Low & Slow EP

Wax Trax! Records is releasing a new Lead Into Gold four song EP by artist, Paul Barker (bass, vocals). As co-creator of Ministry, he is also best known from playing in bands such as Revolting Cocks, Pailhead, Acid Horse, PTP, and 1000 Homo DJs.
The release contains three songs from the band's unreleased 1991 Wax Trax! single, as well as a newly uncovered track from Barker's original master tapes. A limited gold vinyl pressing of 500 will be available for a short time.

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Horifice - Stitched EP ready for streaming

Australian industrial-electronic-experimental project Horifice added a few new songs to their Stitched EP available on SoundCloud.

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New Breed Invasion is the new musical project of Daniel, the founder of Sekten7 and Tribeleader. Akin to Sekten7's music, the new track brings a rough, rhythmic, and industrialized vibe filled with chunky, vibrating guitar riffs and predatory vocals. #industrialmetal #metalbrazil #brazilianindustrial #newmusic2015  

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From Unit:187

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have learned of the passing of our friend and band mate Tod Law last evening (June 21st, at 10:10pm) after an extended battle with Leukemia. He wanted us to keep everything private, and we were optimistic that he was going to pull through and come back as strong as he always was, but sadly this was not the case. Tod was the the driving force behind Unit:187 for over 20 years and loved industrial music and being a voice and presence on stage, always making our shows great. We ask that you take a moment to put on a 187 track in his Honour. He will be truly missed.
Johnny, Chris, and Ross.
Source: Facebook

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The Seas - Give Up The Ghost album review 2015 rock/metal/electronic

It's been 4 years now since The Seas released their debut album, A Separation. The musicians of this American electronic-rock quartet have a special creative bond that has naturally grown throughout those years. This has resulted in putting out another well-thought, arranged and composed album, Give Up The Ghost, offering 13 brand new songs. The music on the new release is mostly guitar driven, but all compositions offer a variety of flavors and contrasts - either tense or uplifting, and always touching.
Source & full review:

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Ubikande - a new band of Erwan Ropars ex-Dexy Corp.

Dexy Corp. was a French industrial rock/metal band who split after releasing their last Uchronopolis album in 2010. However, life goes on and there are artistic needs still to be expressed. Therefore, one of former Dexy Corp. musicians - Erwan Ropars (also known as Ersatz) has lately released a debut UBIKANDE EP which is also the project's name. There are 6 songs on the EP acoustically kept in vein of Godflesh, Siouxie Sioux and Salem amongst others. You can download it from Bandcamp and like the band on Facebook.

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K.P. Riot Brigade is an American Alternative/Industrial super-collaboration. Founded by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dana James; KPRB features Industrial legends Mike Riggs (Rob Zombie, Scum of The Earth, Skrew), two-time Grammy nominated guitarist Sin Quirin (Ministry, RevCo, AmeriCon), Grammy nominated drummer Aaron Rossi (Ministry, Prong), Jared Louche (Chemlab, Prude), Mandi Martyr (Yoshiki) and others, many performing for their first time together for the K.P. Riot Brigade debut album.
Source: Click Extended News for more info & a video teaser:

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Horifice is a new project from Australia. They've recently released a brand new track called "Supermarket DJ", inspired by, guessing right, specials announcement in a local supermarket. This hooky song will be released on War Against All Odds album and is kept in vein of industrial vibe as best known from KMFDM and older Ministry tracks.
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Interview with In Virgo (2015)

NINa: Despite the high energy and high tempo arrangements, the lyrics are not that positive. There is a lot about the suffering of the heart and mind due to a loss/a break-up, second-guessing, blaming, bullying, a suicide, but also awakening to the new and an emotional detox. Would you say that it’s co-dependency, selfishness, and weak willpower or rather one's wounded inner child’s unresolved issues that deteriorate all kinds of relationships between people?

Chris Egert: Although many of the songs are musically very high energy, they all echo the lyrical themes very closely. Once we figured out what a particular song was about, we worked very consciously at keeping that emotion running throughout the arrangement. It was a very organic process for us. As a result, the album undulates between light and dark, and the songs evoke a wide range of emotions and feelings, from hauntingly beautiful to dripping with anger and animosity… all the while being driven by a huge rock sound.

Full interview at

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