A share about what i learned from Japan recently (after watching now boarding Japan) and found http://www.youtube.com/user/liveworshipjapan on youtube. So here they are, I DIDN'T OWN THE SONG, so the copyright still belong to it's owner true worshippers :D

A little share about JAPAN:
Well i knew Japan since i was kid... well who doen't know Samurai and Doraemon?
Okay, well... i wanna share 3 things that i learned from Japan recently... here they are:

1. Japan RESPECT NATURE a lot.
Well it's mostly Asian culture to understand nature's behavior and respect them. That's why we found out Eastern old paintings are mostly about scenery. There is a fun thing that i got from "Now Boarding Japan" TV Programme: Cherry Blossom (or known as Sakura); when the leaves are on its peak, people on Japan gather beneath the Sakura tree and held a hanami (it's a sort of relaxing and enjoying time around the Sakura trees). Well they learn from the Sakura as Sakura don't have a long lifetime... and so do us, human, someday we will face death and that's why, use your time wisely. And when Sakura tells about short life-time, they also have Mount Fuji where they learn about being tough, strong, eternal... it means that we may have short-life but if we put our life in a strong fondation and life it to the fullest, we may have a strong and eternal impact in the world. It's just a little example of their way of learning from nature. Interesting isn't it?

2. They have great ART and TECHNOLOGY.
Not just that doraemon things, well... they have a great fantasy and they share it to others by animes, mangas, films. It's just a wonderful art for me since i was kid. Well they don't just put ART but they also put LIFE VALUE on it. And interestingly, do you know that have made a wide-variety stories of just sports? Soccer - Captain Tsubasa/Shoot, Basketball - Slam Dunk/Harlem Beat, Tennis - Prince of Tennis, Golf - Dandoh, Bowling, Boxing and many more. It's just great to see they share and teach sports in an interesting way.

And for TECHNOLOGY? don't doubt it... that's why i love the word "YUME" (japanese word of "dream") because they have big dreams and they commit to make it real. Thanks to their "yume", we now get Japanese cars, electronics, video games, films, animation and robots? :D

3. Tsunami
Well... a disaster can happen anytime. What happened if you get rich, you can have all things but one day you get sick? You invest a factory and it's burned? Problems can happen anytime, small or big or even we think it's too big to be handled.
Well... even though Japan get a big slap by the tsunami, but they're recovering pretty well. That's why we should do the same... Small problems, big problems... when we're struck down, recover well friends!

~It's okay to fall ten times; if you can rise up eleven times~

Shu Yo Tataemasu -- Be Glorified and Magnified
True Worshippers' "Glory To Glory"
written by Andre Hermanto.

Inspired by a video on http://www.youtube.com/user/liveworshipjapan, a worship led by Jun Sakakiyama and the Live Church Worship Team.
The Japanese lyrics are officially authorized by True Worshippers.

Shu ni eikou are
idai na Shu no mina
anata wo agamemasu
Shu wo takaku age

Kami no ko Shu Iesu
Ou naru Shu kohitsuji
sei naru yuiitsu no
Shu wo takaku age

Shu yo tataemasu
Shu yo tataemasu
eikou Shu ni are
Shu yo tataemasu

O God we worship You
O God we worship You
Be glorified and magnified
O God we worship You

i found out the Japanese lyrics is more enjoyable to be sung (personal preferences) :D haha... thanks True Worshipper and thanks Japan Worship Team.
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