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" Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo & Piercing "

Joy Tattoo Studio , Indore is going to clear them all...
Here we go....

Q. Is it safe to get a tattoo or piercing ?
Yes, now there is increased awareness about infection control in the tattoo studio environment , both artists and consumers are changing to adapt to today's standards of health and safety. There are a number of items to look for to ensure your peace of mind and understanding that your chosen studio is performing basic standards. Is there an autoclave on site ? Is single service of materials and equipment provided ? Are gloves being worn ? Is the environment clean ? Are contaminated materials properly disposed of ?

Q. What is an autoclave ?
An autoclave is a machine that will kill any known living organism. This is not to be confused with toaster ovens , dry heat units , boiling of needles or soaking equipment in alcohol. Autoclaves use heat , steam and pressure at temperatures above 270 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes from a cold start.

Q. What does the term "single service" mean ?
This means that each needle and tube set is individually packaged , dated and sealed , then autoclaved. There is a small icon on the bag that will change color when proper sterilization has occurred. Use of dated "spore indicators", as part of the sterilization routine ensures microbial death and is an added measure of assurance. What about the material?  Any ointment , pigments , gloves , ink , ink caps , needles etc. used in applying your new tattoo are discarded after use. NOTHING is re-used !

Q. Does it hurt ?
Yes , tattooing hurts and everyone that says otherwise is just showing off ! Tattooing is an unpleasant but bearable treatment which mostly everyone endures without any problems. Many people get scared or panic when they hear the sound of a tattooing machine and automatically are reminded of the sound they hear at the dentist. The treatment with or without anesthetic done on a tooth infected by cavities is far more painful than the most painful spot on the body to tattoo. Everybody experiences tattooing differently. Some hardly notice , and most find it tolerable , while a few find it painful. And remember , almost everyone who gets one tattoo comes back for more ! The pain comes from the needle group in the tattoo machine hitting your skin very rapidly. This sensation , however , doesn't feel like the pain of an injection it's more of a constant irritation.

Q. How do I know if a tattoo is right for me ?
First , let us start by saying there is no right or wrong tattoos. Over the years , we have seen many people upset because they wanted a tattoo with meaning but couldn't find one , or they didn't know what others will think about their tattoo. We say , who cares ? The only person that matters is you. Now , we strongly encourage you to think hard about what you want because this is something that's going to stay with you for life. Our opinion is that tattoos can be meaningful or it can simply exist for the purpose of "looking good". Either will work as long as it works for you. The hard part is trying to come up with the design yourself , but that's why we are here. Tell us what you like and let our artists do what they do best.
There are several resources that people looking to get a tattoo can take advantage of. When trying to decide a design that's right for you the internet is one of the best places to start looking for ideas, designs and inspiration for the style of the tattoo.

Q. How much will my tattoo cost ?
We generally charge by the piece. The price of a piece is determined by subject , style , placement , colors , detail , and size. However , if we feel we cannot figure out the price accurately because the piece is very large and complex , we will charge by the hour. The hourly rates of our artists do differ , call us or come in for a consultation to find out. We don't mind trying to give quotes online or by phone , however please understand that it's most accurate to get quotes in person. All quotes not done in person are estimates and we reserve the right to change them if necessary.

Q. How should I prepare for my tattoo session ?
We recommend that you wear loose , comfortable clothing to make sure that nothing will be rubbing against your fresh tattoo. Make sure you have plenty of time, and don't have to rush off to do something after your session. The artist will take whatever time is needed to bring your tattoo to life on your body. You certainly don't want him to rush that process.

Q. Is it possible to cover up an old tattoo with something new ?
Yes , most tattoos can be covered up with something new. We have done a lot of cover ups and it's great to see clients ecstatic with their new pieces. That being said, every tattoo is different and we really need to see the piece before we can give a definitive answer. Don't guess , give us a call or come by one of our locations and we can discuss the possibilities.

Q. Do I have to make an appointment ?
Yes , you have to make an appointment , but sometimes you can get tattooed on the spot if it is a smaller tattoo from a catalog and if we have enough free time to do the tattoo. Walk in appointments are on a first come first serve basis and are subject to artist availability and design.  We recommend calling before you come so that you are not disappointed !

Q. Which styles exist in tattooing ?
In tattooing ,which is also one of many art forms that consist of drawing, various drawing styles also exist. I will refer to them as styles of tattoo motifs , not tattoo or tattooing styles because a tattoo is just an application on the skin that consists of a motif , and tattooing is the process of putting ink into the skin using a needle.
Most popular styles of tattoo motifs are :
Tribal , Fantasy , Gothic , Japanese , Traditional Maori , New School , Bio-mechanical etc.

Q. What am I forbidden to do before getting tattooed ?
You are not supposed to have any alcohol , take any drugs or most medicine at least 24 hours before you get tattooed. You have to show up to the appointment well rested , and with a full stomach. Don't eat right before the tattoo appointment , rather eat 2-3 hours before it. In case you feel tired or exhausted you won't be able to sit still , be concentrated or stay calm. Exhaustion and fatigue causes an increased sensitivity level and it may even cause fainting.

Q. How to take care of my tattoo until it heals?
After getting tattooed the tattooist did 50% of work , the other 50% is upto you with the correct care for the tattoo by following the instructions you will be given at the tattoo studio. The healing time for a tattoo is about a week. During that week you will have to rinse the tattoo, clean it and put an ointment on it that will speed up the epithelialization of the skin and will cause the skin to heal. Also if you do any activities that cause you to sweat a lot you will have to minimize those. The instructions vary for one person to another , depending which part of body the tattoo is placed on , and what the surroundings of that person are , for example does this person work or spend a lot of time in a very dusty or moist place , or a place where the temperature of air is higher than normal etc. You have to follow the instructions very carefully , otherwise the quality of the tattoo will be visibly lessened.

Q. How do I know my tattoo is healed ?
The best answer is you body will tell you. You will instinctively know. Your tattoo will be a part of your skin and you will no longer "feel" that it's healing. If you are unsure , give it a few extra days before you resume all the activities you held off during healing.

Q. How to take care of my tattoo after it heals ?
After a tattoo heals it is not supposed to be exposed to the sun, and it is advisable to put body lotion on it once a day until the new skin regains elasticity and moisture. After approximately 3 months you don't need to pay it any special attention and care of the tattooed part of the skin that would be any different than before the tattooing.

Q. Where on my body can I get a tattoo ?
You can get a tattoo anywhere on the body. You may want to keep in mind a few things though. First , do you want your tattoo to be seen when you go to work ? You might want to make sure the tattoo is in an area that you will not have to put extra thought into making sure it is always covered up for work. Second , if you are planning to have more tattoo work done later try to have at least a rough idea of the complete plan for the area. This way you will prevent future design problems. Third , larger tattoos are usually better as you will avoid having a lot of small stuff that eventually will be a problem to incorporate into a larger theme. Finally , hands and feet are unique as the ink tends to wear off these areas easier.

Q. Can I get AIDS by tattoo?
It takes 100 micro liters of blood and a deep intramuscular puncture to transmit the HIV virus. This is equivalent to 10 drops of blood. Since needles used for tattooing are "solid core" (not hollow like syringe) and HIV does not live outside the human body too long , it is unlikely. There has never been a documented case of "getting AIDS" from a tattoo.

Q. I've heard that tattoos don't look so good once you start to age. Is that true ? Are there any places where you should avoid getting a tattoo ?
It's true that skin and flesh may sag in some places as you age , but that doesn't necessarily mean your tattoo will look bad. Just use your common sense. You know roughly where skin tends to sag as you get older , so don't get a large tattoo in those areas. A small one is usually okay , though , and there are several places where you can get a tattoo that won't change substantially over the years - such as your ankle , shoulder or upper arm. These are the most popular tattoo locations at any rate. Keep in mind that any tattoo may fade over time though , and you may need to get it re-inked. Colors tend to fade faster than black.

Q. Can I get tattoo over a scar ?
Yes , though there are a few things to consider when getting a tattoo over a scar. First , the scar must be at least 2 years old before you get the tattoo. This will give the scar enough time to have completely healed and regenerated before attempting to cover it. Second , to hide a scar it is better to have a busy pattern covering the scar than a solid color. For example , a wing design over a scar will hide the outline of the scar by detracting the eye from the scar. However , a solid tribal piece will let the scar show through and will not accomplish the goal to hide the scar. Finally , a scar may not take the ink as well as normal skin. You might need to come back for another session to get a solid color saturation over the scar. As a result we do not guarantee scar cover-up tattoos , meaning , any necessary touch-ups will be at the client's expense.

Q. How can I make my tattoo color last longer ?
Conscientious aftercare is the first step to long lasting color. One of the surest ways to fade color is to expose your tattoo to the sun. The powerful rays of the sun will lighten the colors of posters in windows , photos on sunny walls , clothing and tattoos. A fresh tattoo should be kept form direct sun for as long as possible , 3-4 weeks is best. After healing , your tattoo should always be protected from the sun with clothing or a strong sun block. The best inked , most cared for tattoo will fade with sun exposure.
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" 7 Things NOT to say to your tattoo artist "

1.      “I want a tattoo but I have no idea what I want”
If you’re not sure what you want, don’t expect us to tell you what to get.  It’s your tattoo after all. We can point you in the right direction and offer some ideas and inspiration, but if you haven’t given any thought to what you want tattooed, then chances are you’re not ready.

2.     ‘Can you copy this design and do a tattoo exactly like this other artist”
We’re happy to take inspiration from other tattoos and styles of work, but don’t expect us to COPY a design exactly from another artist. We are all our own artists with our own style and area of specialty. If there is a particular style that you want we encourage you to see an artist that does that kind of work.

3.     ‘Will getting a tattoo hurt?’
Yes. All tattoos will hurt, some more than others – but not unbearably so. You need to be prepared for this and be able to deal with a bit of discomfort in the tattoo chair. We’re not sure why this still comes as such a surprise to some.

4.     “How much longer is this going to take…I have somewhere I need to be”
Tattoo artists don’t like to feel like they are being rushed – we take pride in our work. Don’t schedule a tattoo appointment within a tight timeframe. Some tattoos take a few hours to complete and trying to put time constraints on the work does not help your cause. Being impatient in the chair is not only slightly disrespectful to the artist. To ensure the best result and finished product wouldn’t you rather we took our time, took care, and not rushed the process?

5.     “What do you think I should get?”
Similar to point one, a tattoo should be your own decision and one that you’ve put at least some thought into. You wouldn’t ask your plastic surgeon what kind of surgery you should get, and neither will your tattoo artist tell you what design you should go for.

6.     ‘Why are you doing it like that? Are you sure that’s right?’
Second guessing your tattoo artist is another thing not to do in the tattoo chair. If you’re stressed and doubting everything that is being done this is not going mean you’re going to get a better tattoo, it will just be distracting and off putting to the tattoo artist.
Trust in your artist’s abilities, we’ve been doing this for many years and have spent a lot of time perfecting our craft. This is what we do for a living after all.

7. ‘This person does tattoos at much cheaper prices. Can you do it cheaper?’
Good tattoos don’t come cheap and it’s not good practice to haggle over pricing when it comes to tattoos. Most often people who ask for cheaper prices are not comparing apples with apples in terms of quality, experience of the artist and the detail of the tattoo. Like we often say good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.

With this said, all our tattoo artists here at Joy's Indore Tattoo Studio are happy to explain the process of tattooing inform you as much as possible. We are actually really nice!

We also know that getting inked is an important decision and we only want you to be happy with the end result!
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Best Tattoo Artist in Indore

"We are artist's that create art on your skin with the most modern techniques and artistic talent" , says Owner and Artist Joy.

After spending his many years as a professional tattoo artist , he decided to pass his experience and knowledge to the new comers to this industry. Finally he started tattoo studios in different cities of India like Indore , Bhopal , Ujjain , Gwalior , Manali.

with over 6 years of practical experience in the area of tattooing, people of all ages and races have trusted his designing skills and technical expertise in coming up with the most creative and wonderful tattoos to adorn their body with. With his particular techniques he can make any tattoo on your body. Regardless of what you want in black / grey or color tattoo ! 

He is master of all styles of tattooing , from freehand work to portraits , new tattoos to cover ups and anything in between. He loves to laugh and joke while  tattooing , He believes it makes you as the client relax and you can really enjoy the experience of getting tattooed by him.
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Tattoo Cover Ups in Indore
There are several reasons why you might want to cover up the ink you have. Perhaps you have fallen out of love with your tattoo , or maybe you weren't sure when you decided to have it done. For many , permanently tattooing a girlfriend's or boyfriend's name on your skin seemed like a great idea at the time. Whatever the reason, you just want it gone. We get it.
Our talented tattoo artists will provide you with a consultation to discuss the best tattoo options available for your cover up. Once you take into consideration our advice on size , color and design ideas, go away and think about it. When you're ready , we're here and we'll take your existing ink and turn it into a work of art that you will be excited to show off. We'll cover it up so you don't have to.
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Getting a tattoo is about both , the journey and the destination. We here at Joy Tattoo Studio want you to have the best tattoo experience possible. Owned and run  by professional tattooist Joy , who is also the founder and owner of the brand Joy Tattoo Studio. We've evolved more as a brand recognized by style , than as a tattoo studio , pointing to those that prefer unique design (custom tattoo).

There are no limits of tattoo inks and an end number of people you look around wear it. Looking around you can easily find many people having a nice tattoo on their bodies. We know that body art is an expression of who you are , and we are as passionate about tattoos and piercings as you are.

Some of the designs you might want to consider :
Tribal Tattoos , Fantasy , Gothic , Japanese , Traditional Maori , New School , Bio mechanical , Western tattoos , Horror & Fantasy tattoos , Super Hero Tattoos , Color tattoos , Asian tattoos - dragon tattoos,  tigers , phoenix , Cartoon characters , Full-body or half-sleeve tattoos And many more.  Whatever design you choose , we have a talented team of tattoo artists who can create it for you.
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Get 3d tattoos in indore only at Joy Tattoo Studio Indore.
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Do you want to learn tattooing in the most professional way ?  If yes then you are here at the right place.
Now with the help of Joy Tattoo Studio you can start learning tattooing with a number of techniques that would allow you have tattooing with a very high standard that too in a very short span of time.
The best part of our tattoo  training courses is that it contains training courses that are designed by the experts who have years of experience in this art. We understand in order to become a good tattoo artist , the learning needs to be intense , result oriented and full proof.
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Tattoo Studio Indore
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