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Revenge Photos
Because of technology being what it is, new
crimes emerge from time to time, and one of the new crimes that hasn’t been
completely absorbed into the various criminal justice systems around the world
is that of the revenge photo. This is the misuse of nude o...

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Investigating Art Heists
One of the most
perplexing cases to come across the desk of a PI is the theft of valuable
art.   After all, why would anyone steal
fine art, since it’s so difficult to sell?   Not only is it off limits to legitimate art dealers, but the vast
majority of pri...

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Women in Private Investigations: Part IV: The Pros and Cons of Womanly Charm
What are the most commonly used techniques for
delivering investigative services, and what are the pros and cons of using a
female private instigator? Remember that the Private Investigator does not have
police powers and has to rely solely on wits, diligen...

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Car Theft Solved by Investigators
time to time, a private investigator might be asked to track down a missing
car. A car can be stolen from a public place, private residence, or a car
rental agency. Types
of Car Thefts: During
economically challenged times, car thefts increase.   Some ...

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What Documents You Should Secure Now
We all want our lives to be in order, and when we
document the correct bits of information and find the proper storage modality
for them, we create order and peace of mind. Here are some categories of information you’ll need
to store and where. Life Records...

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Trust Your Gut
I was going through some old papers in a
stack of boxes in a warehouse, and found some school notes taken back in the
1960’s in elementary school. The notes were very clear. The elementary school
teacher was teaching the kids about animal instinct, but stat...

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Five Reasons to Share Your Travel Plans
Private Investigators are always thinking about
safety. It’s a big part of the job, and our awareness always has to be taking
safety into consideration. For that reason, I recommend that if you’re going on
a trip, you share the details of your trip with som...

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When Should You Consider Hiring a PI?
There are
times you should consider turning to an investigator for help, and other times
when a private investigator is really not what you need. Here are a few
guidelines for you. Good Indicators that You Can
Use a Private Investigator's Help 1. You're a

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What Your Private Investigator Friend Won’t Tell You
You might think that it would
be exciting to have a friend in the Private Investigations industry. You might
expect stories of dangerous assignments, criminals being taken down, and little
old ladies getting justice after getting ripped off. In reality, you...

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a Private Investigator in some countries we are allowed to carry a weapon
(gun). There are situations where you can carry a weapon, and the rules about
how to go about this change from country to country and even from state to
state in various countries....
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