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Our beautiful National bird !

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a most beautiful bird of India...
The most amazing bird :-)
Jai Hind
My  INDIA  the mor  Beautyfull  jaise  ki ye  Mor.  but  Iski  Sundarta  ko  khatm  karne  wale  aabad  ho rahe  hai.  WHY?
Iski  Sundarta  ko  babaye  rakhne  ki  kirpa  kare.
+India Please display the images with its name so that the world can know about it well
mor mharo pyaro pakshi hai
yes thats beautiful!!!!!!!! india is the best!!!
all ways beautiful India........
ohh a peacock so colorful
We have a beautiful country..beautiful landscape and beutiful animals ...however its always people who make a country and not the country itself..lets project a new india ,this can only be achieved if we do away with the old 
मोरियो आछो बोलिओ रे ढलती रात माँ ,,,,,,,,, 
Our National Bird...............beautiful.....awesome.......
मारा हिवड़ा माँ नाचे मोर ,,, 
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