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The A.L. Central-leading +Cleveland Indians head out on the road for a three-game series with divison-rivals, the Chicago White Sox. Ubaldo Jimenez takes this hill in the series opener at 8:10 pm ET. Series preview:

+1 if you think the Indians stay atop the Central after this division-rival square-off.
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BOOOOOOOO Grady Sizemore. He's wasting $5 million of the Tribes money. He's always getting hurt, and when he's not hurt he's hurting the team.
Asdrubal Cabrera baby!!!!! Oh YEAH!!!!!
Can anyone else make a diving stop, flip it behind their back straight from the glove, and get the double play? I don't call that "O.K." I call that amazing
I know, but he's just not that good anymore. And Asdrubal Cabrera is just my personal opinion. I also like Jack Hanahan.
there's no need to be sorry
Why do I like Jack Hanahan or why is there no need to be sorry?
Jack is beast. It seems like in every game he makes that signiture move where he barehands it to first!
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